Why We Cut the Cord

Save $ Without Compromising Entertainment!

Do you love it when a friend calls you with some scuttlebutt?  Personally, I love to get in on a deal.  When someone finds something wonderful, I want to know about it…when they found it, where they found it, how they found it…all the details, because I want to find it, myself.

In the past, I have shared deals with you mostly on Saturdays.  That’s because many of the deals I share go live on Saturday and Sunday.  So, maybe this will become a somewhat regular thing.  Any ideas for what a Saturday “deal” series should be titled?

Getting back to the deal for today, HH and I canceled our satellite service (no cable TV in The Land of Making Do).  With a recent high-speed internet capability in our area, we haven chosen to “cut the cord”, as they say.  (That usually means cable TV, but the dish has a cord into the house, as well.)

Talk about a minor DIY project with a major impact on our TV viewing! 

We have renovated our entertainment options!

I dug this picture out of the archives to show you the unavoidable dish with satellite service.  (Click here to visit post.)

Side Yard Before

We now have an antenna on the side of the house (good-bye satellite dish!), through which our local channels are regularly available.  We have more of them than we realized!

Antenna Side of House

We purchased a Roku box for each TV (as simple as attaching any other electronic device to your TV).  For your convenience, here is the link* for the Roku device.


We signed up for a couple of services for multiple viewing options – Amazon Prime and Netflix.  The combined cost is minimal compared to our monthly satellite bill.

Ready for the big money-saver news?

By cutting the cord, we are saving over $1,100 a year!

Amazon Prime instant video and Netflix provide us with movies, television series viewing, national news programs, sports, and so many choices that we will never see them all.  They update and add to the list regularly, too.

While there are all types of shows, there are countless options for wholesome TV viewing.   This has opened up a whole new TV world for us – with good choices available.  (Roku settings may provide blocking for kids when desired.)

There is a slight delay, since it is streaming rather than live streaming.  We have access to the morning news later in the day through streaming.  (Remember, we have local channels for news programs, too.)  With computers, we can get news quickly when we need it – without waiting for a local report or streaming.  Trust me – we feel no deficiency there.

Why We Cut the Cord - $1,100/year savings with wonderful viewing choices.  We're happy we did it! @ CurtainQueenCreates.com

An Added Bonus

The Amazon Prime account includes 2-day delivery free shipping on items you order through Amazon.com.  I order a lot of books, and I never knew that you get better pricing sometimes with Amazon Prime.  I’m thrilled to have it now, but boy, I wish I’d known about that sooner!

The free 2-day shipping is worth the Amazon Prime price, even without the TV streaming.  (But, I wouldn’t give that up, either.)

Of course, I want to share this benefit with you!  It is very easy to sign up for this free trial.  Follow this link* to take a look.

You will not regret it.

If you have cable TV, cut the cord!  If you have satellite TV, tear down that dish!  Go antenna!  Go streaming!

Would you like to save money on your home entertainment budget?  Are you like me – dissatisfied with mainstream cable and satellite options?

I’m partying at Metamorphosis Monday, so join us, y’all.

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  1. Libba Criddle says

    This sounds good. Will have to show it to my HH. Our Direct TV, phones and internet are all combined. Will this do the same?

    • says

      If you have high-speed internet available, it can replace the other two, as well – TV through streaming, phones through Voice-over IP. We’ll talk tomorrow, OK?

  2. Elaine says

    Interesting….my daughter has limited cable (basic) but she does have a Roku…..what kind of antenna and where did you get it? thanks for any info, Elaine

    • says

      We have a Winegard brand directional antenna. Different situations call for different types, so your daughter can do a little research by doing a Google search on “Cut the Cord”. She’ll find loads of information about it all. Winegard is a good brand, and we have had no trouble with our antenna. Thanks, Elaine.

  3. Tricia says

    We have cable TV but when we move (Lord willing next year), we are getting rid of it. I have taped over 2500 old movies on DVD over 15-20 years . My husband & I don’t watch modern movies & usually watch old TV series, old movies, news, & a few other programs. We have to keep our telephone because it has our internet. Later we’ll get rid of the home line & just have the cell phone. We are looking for ways to cut our costs, since we are both retired & believe me we will not miss it. Our daughter & sil , who live in Lynchburg, VA canceled their cable TV two years ago & purchased an antennae which receives about 18 free stations. Programs that their family can watch together.

    • says

      It is becoming increasingly popular to do what your daughter and sil did. When you Google search “cut the cord”, you really see how popular. That is a LOT of movies you have saved for later! 🙂

    • says

      Liz, it took a couple of weeks to get used to the change, but I’ve adjusted to the point that I watch TV more than before the change. I’ve found cleaner and more interesting shows are available. Let me know if you change and how you like it, OK?

  4. maaike says

    I was wondering how it works with sports, I am a big fan of sporting events like the olympics and world cup soccer.. do you know if those will be available on these devices.. its funny I came across this blog today because yesterday my husband and I were talking about doing it.. we are under contract at the moment but next July we are going to give it a try..

    • says

      We watch the olympics through local channels. Also, some sporting events are on local channels. Through the Roku device, there is a free ESPN network available as an ap called Watch ESPN, which offers some free content. Missing the sports channels made it a huge decision for my husband, too. So far, he has been satisfied. My advice is to research the ap to see what is included before making major decisions. You’ve got plenty of time, and things are constantly changing for the better.

  5. says

    We cut our cable and got a converter box for our old TV antenna. We get 25 local channels for no cost. We do have Netflix but find we don’t use it very often. I found our box on Craigslist for $15.
    Peggy recently posted…Not Keeping UpMy Profile

  6. says

    I was wondering about the antenna-i dont live in the city so the closest broadcasting network near me is 75 miles away. I know in the past if you didn’t live close enough, an antenna would be useless. What kind of antenna did you get and are they capable of reaching further?

    • says

      We live out in the country, too, but we’re closer than 75 miles from a tower. My husband bought an antenna with the reach necessary for our needs. I’d do an internet search to see what’s available. It’s always worth checking into.

  7. Mary says

    we are moving to Cambridge maine in December. We are buying our first home and need to save money. Where can I find a antenna that will work for that area? Will also need to find cheap high speed internet and phone service over there.

    • says

      Ooh, I know nothing about that area, Mary. Can your realtor provide some information? When we moved here, we had a land line only. No internet except satellite or dial-up. Now, we have access to high speed internet through the phone lines. Things change quickly and vary greatly with locations, so make a few calls to all the service providers before picking and choosing the best deals. Information is key! Good luck, and congratulations on your first home! 🙂