The Blogland Tour Continues…

Welcome!  I’m honored to be included in the Behind the Scenes Blog Tour that’s going around Blogland.  It’s so nice to have you along for the tour pause here today!

Blogland Tour


Last Monday, Diane at An Extraordinary Day participated in the blog tour by answering the required four questions and then introducing three other blogs, one of which was mine.  (See Diane’s Blog Tour post here.)  I was surprised (and a little intimidated) when Diane asked me to participate…but I accepted the challenge to bare my soul to you today (gulp) and then to shine the light on others and show off their blogs.

Diane is a very supportive fellow blogger, who has also become a very good friend.  She is extremely talented and creative!  Thank you, Diane!

Let’s begin with the four questions, shall we?

What am I working on?

Several rooms upstairs are in transformation mode, and I formulated a workable plan for kids’ college years of furniture out…and furniture back in.   If you’ve had kids in college, you know what I’m talking about.  I’ll share that plan with you soon, along with room changes and updates.

A highly functional project studio/woman cave is in the works upstairs.  No new furnishings, just fresh paint, furniture placement maximized and things organized for function galore.

Here’s a peek into the new studio, a thread storage solution that’s decorative and fun while functional at the same time.  Don’t you love this mixture of colors?

Thread Bowl

You will see the entire studio soon.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

When I started this blog, I knew nothing about “DIY blogging” (and barely knew my way around the internet).  I felt God leading me toward a blog as a platform to share Him with others but not solely a blog of Christian writings.  God inspires me in creating a comfortable home with maximized function for our family, not a show place.  We don’t have the perfect house, perfect furniture or decorations.  I don’t take the perfect project pictures.  But, it’s my charge to share my life and the creativity God gives me through cooking, sewing, painting, gardening, tablescaping, and a few other types of projects.

Most blogs are either a lifestyle type of blog or they cater to a niche market.  Curtain Queen Creates is more of a combo.  Along with sharing DIY life here in The Land of Making Do, my niche topic is sewing construction of window treatments and home decor.

Each page on my blog shares a Bible verse related to the topic.  Everything about my life is based on my faith in God, and that trickles down through my posts.  That’s not always discussed openly, just occasionally, and especially on Sundays.

Why do I write/create what I do?

Our home decor isn’t new off-the-shelf stuff.  HH and I occasionally buy new when necessary, but we make the most of things we already have in our home or on the farm.  I buy new fabric for sewing decor items, of course, but always on sale.  Always. (Can we say bargain fiend?)

I mostly accessorize with items found at antique and thrift shops (my DIY victims) or things we receive as gifts…items linked to memories…things we inherited…special (or humorous) in some way.  Every decorative item in our homes should have meaning attached to it.  Otherwise, it’s just a bunch of stuff.

As our room functions change over time, they become DIY subjects, too.  Again, function is high on my priority list, but I also have a desire for pretty.  HH doesn’t share that, but he tolerates my obsession.  We women need pretty!

I’d like to inspire creativity in others, to pass along ideas, as well as the process to achieve the end result.  You know, have fun with things.  We can appreciate our possessions in fresh, new ways (and pretty!) and be good stewards of what God provides.  There’s a huge value in being content, and most of us have plenty of reasons for contentment without additional spending.

This antique swinging door project was inspired by a combination of several things:  a childhood memory (my inheritance), my love for antiques, a $25 (yes!) antique door discovery (remember, bargain fiend), the stained glass artistry of a friend (the pretty), my love of flowers, and a little elbow grease.  No other project in our home encompasses as many different aspects compiled into one!

Door from HallwayMy favorite DIY project – Home Jewelry

.How does my writing/creating process work?

People often ask me how I come up with ideas.  That makes me laugh!  I think I have ADD – or ADHD.  If I had time to actually do all the projects on my brain’s bucket list, I’d publish several posts every day.  I’d be such a pest!

I never sit and think of things to blog about.  But, the ideas for ways to improve our home do usually become blog posts.  My camera is by my side constantly, and I take pictures of most everything.  (If I don’t, I regret it later.)  Although, there are many projects and recipes that have never made it into a post – due to lack of time.

Do I schedule posts on a blogging calendar?  Sorry…tried it, wore the paper thin by erasing and re-arranging.  I change my mind way too much for that.  Call me spontaneous, but I think impulsive is a better fit.  My creativity is fluid, constantly in motion and changing (which must drive engineer-brain HH crazy).

I try to keep a bank of posts written ahead of time, but that varies greatly from month to month.  Sunday posts are written on Saturday, so those topics are fresh from something God has revealed to me that week.

Well, now y’all know way too much about me!

Let’s move on to the three blogs lined up for the blog tour spotlight.

——————–Debi and Charly at Adorned From Above———————–

Debi and Charly are a mother / daughter blogger team. Debi was the original creator of Adorned From Above, and about a year and a half ago Charly came to work with her mom.

debi and charly 4 (1 of 1)

Debi is a wife and mom of grown children and loves cooking, crafting, designing jewelry and knit accessories, and sharing her faith with her Monday Bible Verses. She also likes to make her own beauty products and happily shares her recipes with everyone.

Debi's Favorite DIY ProjectDebi’s favorite project is the Mia Grace Baby Blanket.

Charly is an amazing and creative cook who comes up with the most delicious takes on old recipes, like her bacon wrapped meatloaf. Charly also helps with a lot of the behind the scenes work that has to be done with a blog. Together they make a great blogging team.

Charly's FavoriteCharly’s favorite recipe is their Cream Filled Donuts.

 —————————-Sheila at My Kentucky Living—————————–

Sheila is a former high school French and English teacher who is now teaching college French classes. She dropped out for a number of years to be a stay at home mom and run a larger house on their farm. She and her husband are empty nesters, except for their eleven-year-old golden retriever, Mikey.


A couple of years ago, Sheila and her husband purchased their downsized home, and Sheila has been learning to live in less space while at the same time making the smaller house a stylish southern home. Before moving in, they painted every piece of sheet-rock and wood trim…and the rest of the story can be seen on My Kentucky Living.

Sheila’s kitchen remodel is another project they completed, and I personally loved seeing her window treatments!  (Anyone surprised?)  The picture below is from her favorite post.

Sheila's Favorite PostSheila’s favorite post is My Blue & White China Addiction.

—————–Emily, who informs us and writes Prayers for Meredith——————

Emily is Meredith’s sister.  Meredith is the daughter-in-law of our dear friends.  Their oldest son, Vic, is Meredith’s husband.  This beautiful couple has two completely gorgeous and adventurous little girls, ages 1 and 4.  Meredith was recently diagnosed with Metastatic Melanoma.

I stopped typing just now and stared at those words.  So many of us have been affected in some way by this terrible disease!  Meredith is the most kind and caring woman you could ever meet.  She is beautiful, inside and out.  It is a true joy to know her.  (I could gush just as much about Vic, by the way.)

Meredith and Vic

I realize this is sort of a Blog Tour side track.  It’s probably against some kind of Blog Tour rule or something.  Emily isn’t a blogger in the same sense that we other three are bloggers.  But, Emily is using the blog as a tool to communicate specific prayer needs for her beloved sister.

Please pray for Meredith, Vic, their girls, and their extended families.  They seek God’s wisdom and strength in this, and He will give it.  It is our privilege to pray for them…to partner with them in this battle.  God works miracles, and we trust Him.  Here’s the link again so you can visit, read, and sign up for posts by email to get updates for prayers.  Thank you all, and feel free to share the prayer need with your friends!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour pausing through my blog today.  If you’re new here, I invite you to sign up to receive my posts by email.  You can do that in the upper right section of the page.  I’d love to have you along!

See y’all tomorrow with a revamped bathroom reveal!




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      Thanks, Liz! Probably the first piece of advice I received with I started blogging was “be yourself”. Thank you for visiting regularly and encouraging me. It means a lot. 🙂

  1. says

    What a beautiful post Kim!! Thank you so much for joining me on the tour. I am so blessed by reading more about you today. You are so creative. I always look forward to your posts and I often learn new sewing “tricks” through your wonderful tutorials. You have such depth in your soul and have inspired me in your writing.

    I’m looking forward to meeting those that you introduced us to today. Prayers going up right now for Meredith and her family. [hugs]
    Diane | An Extraordinary Day recently posted…What Do You See in the Mirror? :: Vanity Fair :: Women Who DoMy Profile

  2. says

    This is one of the best of the best I have read to date, Kim. You put it all out there on the table, sister.

    I love it that you’re a bargain fiend. I am, too. Have to be. Would be even if I didn’t have to be. Waste is one thing I find it very difficult to tolerate in this life. Waste of money, waste of resources, waste of time, waste of energy, waster of education, waste of humanity….you name it! In this throw away society in which we live, it is always refreshing to know someone else who wants very much to “make do” and be grateful for everything they have. I think we often find that “making do” is the way to not waste our creativity.

    I love the spools in the glass bowl! Very pretty display! I’m going to copy that in some way, shape or form with stuff in my dressing room. (Remember that thing I said about waste? No need in wasting my time reinventing the wheel when you are a treasure trove of ideas for me! 😉 )I’m always looking for ways to make it more inviting, more girly and more accessible.

    If only Ramon and I were more handy people! I love that swinging door and have longed for one off our dining room. Maybe someday I’ll run into someone who is willing to trade services.

    Like you, I don’t schedule my blog posts. I tend to create a bunch of tablescapes when the creativity is flowing and the weather is cooperating, and then I go into drought mode on that. I post when I feel like it. Lately I’ve not felt like it, and that’s why I’ve been out of the loop for a couple of weeks. I’m glad to come back to a post like this one, though. You scored a solid 3-pointer with this one, gal! Swish!!! 🙂
    Alycia Nichols recently posted…Hometown Pride: Kansas City Chiefs vs. Denver Broncos Football TablescapeMy Profile

    • says

      Awe, thanks. Yes, we would have too much fun scoping out some deals together! I love your take on not wasting creativity. That’s a really good way to look at it. The glass bowl is an extra cake plate and dome I had in a cabinet taking up too much valuable space. Mom 2 gave me her cake plate and dome, so I no longer need mine. I’ll enjoy using it this way. As far as creativity, I have a painting spurt, and then a sewing spurt, and then spurts with other things. So, I totally get what you’re saying here. 🙂 Thank you for encouraging me with your kind words, Alycia. You’re a gem!