Writing Desk Becomes Dressing Table

Desk Becomes Dressing Table
I bought this desk at a garage sale about twelve years ago.  It was in fairly good shape.  But, it’s transformed into not fairly good shape any more.  Spunky daughter has added a collection of her treasured pictures under the glass.

I’ll eventually paint the desk, have been planning my strategy for it.

Old Desk

But not the top, ’cause look at the leather inlay!

Writing Desk Inlay

The glass top tabs have marred the finish in spots, but it’s easy to repair.

This desk brings many memories of my daughter’s growing years.  At five, she loved to wear frilly stuff while wielding her brother’s sword – an eclectic pretender.  I made the covering for the desk to make a dressing table – to fit her love of pretending.

How did I do it?  I’m so glad you asked.  Because if you didn’t ask, I would have wasted time today ironing those fabrics, placing them, and taking photos.  (Well…not really wasted, ’cause I enjoyed it so much!)

For the top,  cut a piece of fabric 1″ larger on all sides of the desk.  Sew Velcro© around the edge, right along the edge sticking out from under the glass top.

Velcro on Top

Measure around the glass for your skirting strip length.  After sewing side hems, gather strip along the edge and sew it to the cording seam allowance.

Sewing Gathers

Sew Velcro to the opposite side of the seam allowance.

Cording At Edge

After hemming, you’re ready to attach.  Begin pressing Velcro together at the center front.

Attaching Skirt

Continue wrapping skirt around entire desk edge, sticking to the Velcro, smoothing as you go, and meeting around at the starting point.  You want the opening at the front to access the desk drawers.

Dressing Table Complete

So many years of sweet pretending, y’all!  As Spunky Daughter grew, she started collecting some antiques.  (Sooo like someone else… in the family…of the female persuasion….)  The Princess phone was her favorite (after I taught her about dialing!).  The jewelry box is still packed with gems.

Also, like someone else…in the family…, she was DIY-ing in her room at the young age of 7 or 8, hammering on that glass top.  Guess you know I was shelling out some big bucks for that new glass!  Cost me way more than the desk, y’all!  Oh, well, I guess memory lane needs to dead-end right there.

I’ve enjoyed it, and thank you for traveling with me today through those precious years (sniff).

You’ll see this desk again, at some point, when I get good weather for painting.  Too cold today.  So much fun being inside, organizing, and digging through stored linens, finding old dressing table fabrics.

Thank you, Lord, for these blessings, old treasures for reminiscing!