D and the Shoo-Bop Girls

I have a friend in Georgia who says that after we die, it’ll be easy to find her in Heaven.  She’ll be standing beside Mark Schultz’s piano, singing.  I love the thought of that.  As a matter of fact, I believe it will happen!

Over these twenty plus years that I’ve known D, she has encouraged me, celebrated with me, cried with me, prayed with me and for me, along with our other friend, G.

D named the three of us “the birthday club”, as we always met for lunch to celebrate each of our birthdays.  Sadly, I don’t normally get to participate in those lunches anymore since I moved to The Land of Making Do.

G and I don’t sing in a choir like D does, but we’ll be her “shoo-bop, shoo-bop” girls, backing her up while she belts out those praise songs.

Psalm of Music

I want to share Mark Schultz with you today…so you’ll understand why D will be singing his songs.  His songs tell such wonderful stories about life and God, our Father Who cares so much for us!

Have a spectacular Sunday, y’all!


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    Hi Kim,
    I love this post. I don’t sing well in this life, and I love to sing (off tune and all), but in heaven I know I will have a voice that can make beautiful music for God’s ears. I think even in this life it is beautiful to Him.

    P.S. Great song!