Are you content?  In our society, it seems there are few people who are really satisfied.  We work, work, work.  Why?

Desiring more.

More money.

Larger house.

Nicer car.

More of everything.

What if we decided to focus on the blessings we currently have and stopped focusing on what we don’t yet have?  Do you think you could do it?

What is contentment?

It’s the balance between the enjoyment of life today and the anticipation of things to come in the future.

Let’s think about our blessings for a minute.  Can you give yourself permission to completely enjoy your blessings?  I often write about using what we already have in decorating – and enjoying those things.  It applies to things other than possessions, as well.

Enjoy the person you are – the person God created – YOU.

Enjoy the life you’re living – the blessings of your home, your job, your family…everything that makes up your life.

We get to enjoy all of those things while we anticipate what tomorrow will bring.  A controlled type of anticipation, without involving yearning.

The type of anticipation I’m talking about is a quiet assurance that God is going to bring new adventures for you tomorrow.  Good stuff.  Special stuff.

Satisfied with today and anticipating the good stuff of tomorrow.  It is quiet, reserved, peaceful, and settled.

C o n t e n t m e n t

It’s Sunday, y’all.  Spectacular Sunday.

Let’s enjoy the blessings of this day – the Lord’s day – and quietly anticipate His handiwork of our future.