How to Compute Drapery Pleats

Do you get confused when trying to compute your drapery pleats?  Between the spacing for each pleat and the spacing between, it can get pretty confusing sometimes.


And, I don’t know anyone who can explain it as well as HomeDecGal, who is a whiz at window treatments.  Actually, her name is Susan Woodcock, and she’s the instructor of the Sewing Custom Curtains and Draperies* class (that I reviewed here) at Craftsy, among others.

Craftsy Custom Draperies

Susan’s class is so helpful.  Every time I plan to sew together a set of draperies, I quickly review her Sewing Custom Curtains and Draperies* class.

I reviewed everything again during my family room panel construction, and she put me at ease over a few things.  She helped me get the most out of my limited yardage of fabric I had purchased months before.   (Yikes!)

New Panel Positioning

I was comfortably able to stretch my goblet pleat dimensions over “the norm” by following some hints Susan shared.

Goblet Pleats

Back when I signed up for the class, it was on sale for $19.99.  Come on, you know I couldn’t pass up that deal!

Even if I’d paid full price, this class is so worth the investment.  (Honestly, though, I’d say that about all my classes at Craftsy.)

HomeDecGal is Susan’s handle on social media.  Once I found her on G+, I enjoyed watching her videos.

Besides offering her professional techniques at Craftsy, Susan shares much of her knowledge for free, as well.  Nothing to the depth of the class information, but she is very giving with her knowledge.

Recently, I watched a few of her videos on YouTube.  HomeDecGal’s  YouTube channel is full of helpful videos, so follow that link and check them out when you have time to view a few.

It struck me last week that I should share one of her videos as a way of introducing you to Susan on YouTube.  She and her husband run a professional workroom in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Her video below has wonderful information about computing drapery pleats.

Thankfully, we don’t need that information every day of the week, but when we need it, we need  it.

Hey, don’t forget classes at Craftsy are still 50% off through 11:59 tonight!  Now would be a great time to get in on Susan’s wonderful custom drapery class*.  If I were you, I wouldn’t pass it up. 🙂


Are you sewing anything this week?  What projects are you working on?


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  1. teresa says

    WOW! That was great video. I might just take the class now. I’ve been going back and forth about it. Her other videos are great as well.

    • says

      Yes! There’s something about her voice and organized way of doing things that calms me. You’ll love her class, too. 🙂