Combination Thanksgiving and Egg Bowl – a Tablescape

Combination Thanksgiving and Egg Bowl Game Table

We’re taking a brief detour from the turkey leftovers feature this week.  I realized this table couldn’t wait until next week – Thanksgiving is upon us!

Every year at Thanksgiving, the big game happens – the fight between two rivals.  Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss.

Why not incorporate HH’s (and now Fun Son’s, too) Mississippi State colors into our Thanksgiving table?

Maroon, white, and gray.  I bought two yards of this flannel at Silly Whispers Quilt Shop last week to make pillows or something.  I’m crazy about flannel this year!

Plaid Flannel Table Cloth

I didn’t finish the edges of the fabric piece (gasp!).  It won’t hurt to use the fabric as a table topper – to add color – before deciding for sure what it will become.  Doesn’t it remind you of a warm cozy winter shirt?

The gray tablecloth under the topper has been on my table all during Fall.  I found it on the clearance shelf at Kohl’s and thought I’d probably not like the color in the room.  Sometimes color can totally surprise you.  If you find a deal, it’s worth a try.

I decided to use our original China for the place settings.  It’s Cambridge by Royal Doulton – and Maroon, White, and Gray (and a tiny bit of gold).  Are the colors a coincidence?  Nah.

Cambridge by Royal Doulton China

HH – the Mississippi State grad – chose this pattern when we were getting married.  (What can I say?  The man has good taste in china.)  The pattern has remained a classic through the years.  I added silver chargers to coordinate with the gray in the flannel cloth.

The silverware came from PAM.  It matches her Meadow Breeze pattern by Syracuse that she gave me this year.  Actually, Spunky Daughter will get it, and we’re in the process of adding to the collection.


I think the leafy stems add another natural element to this table.

The stemware is our original from the beginning, as well.  I don’t remember the pattern name or company or whether they are still in business.   At the time, the manufacturer wasn’t a big name, but they were making quality glass wear.  I like the diamond-shaped cuts – always have.


An old decorating trick is to repeat elements.  The stemware cuts are a repeat of the diamond shape – to accentuate that aspect of the table.  It’s subtle, so you may not have noticed.  The table cover print runs on the diagonal, which turns the plaid into diamond shapes.   Since I angled the cloth, the pattern becomes a plaid when looking from table edge.

What is Thanksgiving without turkeys?  I found these napkin rings in an antique booth earlier this year.  They were made by the booth owner, so they aren’t antique.  But, I love new stuff, too.  Don’t you?  Gobble, gobble.

Turkey Napkin Rings

In the centerpiece, I’ve added pine cones that feel so wintery, since it is so wintery outside here already.  I added a little frost to a few with a can of silver spray paint.

Frosted Pinecone

The pine cones tie in with the pumpkins I have sitting on the piano.  I bought these several years ago at Micheal’s, I believe.  Or, maybe it was T J Maxx.  I love the natural elements of these pumpkins – even though they are aging and losing tiny pine cones to be re-attached with hot-glue.

Pine Cone Pumpkins

I’ve never actually discussed the piano aspect with you, the fact that we have it in our dining room.  Who does that?

I snapped this picture during the shoot for my Green Apple Tablescape, thinking I might come clean about the piano during that post.  Obviously, that didn’t happen.  Notice the stained glass panel on the easel.  We were waiting for Muscadine Margaret to return from her long, lavish cruise and finish the final two panels so we could install our Home Jewelry.

Piano in Dining Room

PAM (Painter Artist Mom) painted the portraits above the piano.  HH and I are each holding an infant FS or SD.  What a treasure!  Thank you, PAM!

Back to the piano story, we’ve had a piano in our dining room twice since buying our first home.  In the first house, it was from lack of space in any other room.  During the move into this house, I hadn’t figured out furniture arrangement for our awkward family room space, and HH was taking in the living room as his office.  On the first floor, that left the dining room.

Now that we’ve re-arranged the family room, I have a perfect spot for the piano.  Have you ever been successful at sweet-talking your man to move a piano?  I must be doing something wrong, because it’s not going anywhere any time soon, I fear.  Perhaps when one of the kids takes HH’s grandparents’ antique dining table and chairs to their first home, we can talk them into taking the piano with them. 😉

OK, I feel better now that you know the truth about the piano.  Back to the pine cones, I turned a few into place card holders.

Pine Cone Place Card Holder

These are scented pine cones I bought at Wal-Mart last year.  The scent isn’t as strong now, and it gives a nice hint of cinnamon without overpowering the room.

Our trees are beautiful here, finally.  Our coloring is much later than you Northern readers experience.  I wanted to incorporate some fake leaves at the table, so I wrote names on them with chalk and stuck them into the pine cones.

Chalk on Leaves

The chalk rubs off easily, so I can use them later for other decorations.

The wooden candelabra was painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Primer Red and finished off with clear wax.  I thought it would be a versatile color because we have deep barn-red tones in several rooms.

Center Arrangement

The chair welting reminds us to Give Thanks (after using a few of my stencils).

Stencil in Place

Sticky-back Fabric StencilsStencil Ready to PaintStencil Complete

On the opposite side of the centerpiece, we’re reminded about our American heritage – the Pilgrims.


The scripture reminds us again to Give Thanks.  Spunky Daughter made this in Sunday School when she was a little girl.  I bring it out every Thanksgiving because it is very special to us.  She wishes I wouldn’t.  She can get over it. 😉

And, the reason for giving thanks is sitting on top of the sign.  The cross – commemorating our Savior, Jesus Christ, our main focus of Thanksgiving and during life in general.

The Cross

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.  Joshua 24:15

After giving thanks, and following the meal, it will be time for the big game between rivals.  I’m thankful not to be a part of this battle, as I went to the university at the other end of the state.  But it will be fun to watch these two teams battle it out. 😉

Do you have big plans for Thanksgiving Day?  If you’ve missed my posts this week, I’ve shared a few recipes for leftover turkey.  If you’d like to see them, go HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Please join me tomorrow for one more recipe for those leftovers.

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  1. Rhonda Allred says

    Hotty Toddy!! or is it Hail State this year??? I’m telling everyone my heart may be in Starkville, but my allegiance is still in Oxford. LOL. My one and only sister has 5 children, the oldest two graduated from MSU, the middle one from Southern, the 4th from Ole Miss and the 5th from a small school in Virginia but is now in grad school at Southern. (I am an extremely proud aunt of all of them.) Three of them along w/ their spouses are planning on going to the game with us sporting our colors—-red/blue; maroon/white or black/gold. I can’t tell you how excited that makes me. I anticipate lots of good natured family rivalry and of course, good eats!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as well!!!!

    • Kim Hood says

      Your family sounds wonderfully fun! You’re right that our rivalry is all in good fun. We have no family members who went to Ole Miss but many friends who did. Our family members mostly went to State and Southern, and that makes for fun rivalry, too. Have fun at the game! I hope you and your family have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving. 🙂

  2. says

    Love all the elegance in your tablescape with the Royal Doulton china and crystal. Your flannel tablecloth gives warmth and color. The Give Thanks banner is the perfect way to add to the centerpiece. Have a great week!


  3. says

    Hey there, Miss Kim!!!!!!! First, I gotta tell you how much I love that plaid covering for your table!! My high school colors were maroon, grey & white. I hated it back then (uniforms and all, y’know), but have since come to enjoy and appreciate the color combo. I have several outfits for my body that consist of those colors, and I’ve started doing the same around the house. Love it!

    NO KIDDING your husband had good taste in china!!! WOW!!! Tell dude he’s rockin’ it with this pattern!!!

    I TOTALLY recognized the repeat of the diamond shape on your table!!! I’ve got an eye for that kind of thing and try to utilize that technique all the time. It’s the little things like that that count when setting a beautiful table, and you nailed it.

    EXCELLENT centerpiece!!! You really know how to do those kinds of things with ease! I admire that.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Kim!!!!

    • Kim Hood says

      Thanks, Alycia! You always make me feel so special. 🙂 Yes, you do have an eye – and a load of experience with tables! I’ll pass along your compliment to HH, as well. His high school and college colors were maroon, white, and gray. Mine were black and gold. Not just gold – ole gold! Ewe! 8 long years with that greenish gold. I hated it. Yes, maroon, white, and grey has a sharp and somewhat snazzy look – especially the marching band. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving week. 🙂

  4. says

    Looks great Kim! We will be watching the Egg Bowl too, my daughter went to Ole Miss! Great idea to tie your teams colors into your table~great colors for this time of year too. Good luck on the piano thing, and those portraits are indeed special!
    Happy Thanksgiving,

    • Kim Hood says

      Thank you, Jenna! Our son and daughter will be freezing at the Egg Bowl tonight. HH and I will watch the game at home by the fire. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! I know you’ll be serving some delicious food! 🙂