How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier

Happy New Year!

I’ve been visiting PAM (Painter Artist Mom) and HBD (Handy Builder Dad) this week.  I’ll be going home later this afternoon, so I thought I’d take a few minutes to show you a little of what PAM and I have been doing these last three days.

When we visited for Christmas, PAM mentioned that she needed to do some deep cleaning.  I decided it was time to volunteer to do the ladder-climbing, light-fixture cleaning, baseboard wiping, and anything else she needed done.

These two people have done countless things for me, continuing into adulthood.  It’s my turn to do a few small things for them.  Besides, things get harder as we get older, so I’d better do things while I still can!  I don’t get the opportunity to do much for my parents, because they are very self-sufficient.

Just this very moment while writing this post, HBD brought me my morning cup of hot coffee!  He has done that every morning I’ve been here, and I feel spoiled.   (Thanks, Dad…it’s been a real treat!)

I normally don’t blog about cleaning, y’all.  But, since chandeliers are so popular these days, I thought maybe I could help motivate you to clean yours. Ha!  Just what you wanted to do on New Year’s Day, right? 😉

I’m sure there are many ways to clean a chandelier, but this is how PAM instructed me to do it.  I personally don’t have a chandelier, so I’m not experienced at cleaning them.  As in all things, there are many ways it can be done.  But when you’re cleaning for someone who has done it many times before, they probably know a thing or two.

How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier

The chandelier at my parents’ house came from my grandparents home.  I’ll need to share with you at some point the history of their dining room furniture that came from a tree on my grandparents’ farm.

The chandelier was so much a part of my grandparents’ dining room that it had to come to my parents’ house with the dining room furniture.  But, cleaning it requires a 2-hour time investment.  We moved the table out of the way and spread a drop cloth on the floor.

I cleaned the glass crystals with Clean & Bright spray cleaner.  The directions say you can spray it on the light fixture and let it air dry.  If you don’t wipe it, where do the dust particles go?  I opted to wipe the dust off – just to be sure it was clean.

Glass Cleaner

I sprayed it on my soft cloth and wiped the crystals carefully, just as PAM had instructed.  To clean the long strips of connected crystals, I unhooked each crystal at the end to swing it out from the chandelier.  That made it easier to clean all the way up the strand and on the back side, as well.

Unhooking Chandelier Strand

In the picture above, you can see the difference between the clean strand to the right and the strand I’m holding to clean next.

While holding the detached strand with a cloth, I sprayed it lightly and rubbed each individual jewel along the strand.

Cleaning Crystals

You can see the difference cleaning makes in this next picture.   Wow, what a difference!

Clean Strand

One strand clean, many more to go…

I turned on my laptop to watch my Craftsy class I enrolled in – a photography class.  What a wonderful way to listen and watch as I did the mundane cleaning.  I love that you can watch the Craftsy lessons over and over.  I’m really enjoying the class, and I plan to sign up for others.

Watching Craftsy Class

(You can find Craftsy’s link in my side-bar if you’re interested in checking out the classes offered on their site.)

Finally, I reached the end.  Well, for the upper section, anyway.

One STrand Remaining

After cleaning all the crystals, we were excited to see the finished product.  We placed the shades back on the bulbs and set the furniture back in place.

Clean Chandelier

Monday, we took down all the lace sheers in the entire house and washed them.  They are hung by tension rods.  After spending ten minutes threading the clean lace back onto the first rod, I decided to find a better way.  Lace tends to snag so easily!  Scotch tape came to mind.

I pulled the rod apart and put tape over one sharp end to keep it from snagging the lace.  After threading it onto one rod section, I removed the tape and inserted the other end and adjusted the sheer.  Since each end of the rod has a rubber stop, you could remove the rubber part and tape the end.  I opted to pull it apart and work from the middle.

Tape over Rod End

As you thread the rod, if you’ll point the rod and lace pocket toward the floor, the rod slides easily through there.

Threading Rod Through Pocket

After cleaning the windows, it was time to re-hang the lace sheers, all nice and clean. 🙂

Clean Lace Panels

We feel much better when our home is clean, don’t we?  This is a nice way to start the new year – all clean and fresh!

When you start a cleaning project, are you motivated to keep cleaning?  Maybe I’m weird, but (OK, I know I am) that’s what happens to me when I clean.  I love having a clean house, so doing a little motivates me to do more.  We’re supposed to take care of our homes, maintaining them, and making them liveable…and clean.

Look out, HH!  I’m headed home in a cleaning state of mind.

Happy Clean New Year, everyone! 🙂

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  1. Sheryll & Critters. says

    I am so in love with your parents Chandelier. I have always had a ‘thing’ for big, ornate ones. And I have those same lace sheers in my linen closet, brought from my previous home. I have really heavy lace ones up for now, but they are soon to be gone for good in my bedroom. My kitty kats (one little momma in particular) destroyed them when she was still a baby.

    IF I EVER get a gorgeous Chandy now I know the trick to cleaning them. And where does your mom buy the Clean & Bright? I mean just in case and all that.

  2. says

    Cleaning all the chandeliers is (unfortunately!) on my “List of Mundane Tasks for January”. I know it will be worth it when I’m finished, but I’m sure I’ll be cussin’ the things the whole way through and wondering what on earth possessed me to buy them in the first place! 🙂

    Good tips on cleaning! I won’t be able to move our dining room table, so it looks like I’ll be standing 30″ above ground for 2 hours. Whoopee.

    Happy New Year!

    • Kim Hood says

      Oh, I’m sorry to hear you’ll be leaning over your table!! Ouch! Put on some good music. Maybe that will help. 🙂
      Your chandeliers will be beautiful when you’re finished!

  3. mrsben says

    Gorgeous chandelier! FY readers another alternative for cleaning them is: the application of ‘dust destroyer’ (in other words compressed air used for cleaning computer processors ) and the use of good old fashion white vinegar as a cleaner. I guaranty the combination of the two works great. ☺ HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU! -Brenda-