You’ve probably read somewhere on my blog about frogs – our frogs in The Land of Making Do.  If you have frogs, you don’t have snakes.

We have seen a few snakes over the years but not often and not every year.

Can I tell you how much snakes scare me?  In my view, the only good snake is a dead snake!

So, when I’m watering flowers or digging around a flower bed and something moves to catch my eye, I feel such relief when it’s a frog!  Not only that, but seeing that frog assures me that we don’t have snakes (or very few, at least).

Frogs are food for snakes.  Their very existence around our home and barn gives me faith that snakes aren’t a problem.  Do I see snakes?  No.  Might I see a snake.  Maybe, but it’s less likely since the frogs are alive and well – and reproducing steadily.  (Have I beaten this point to a pulp?)

When someone says they don’t believe in God, I think of frogs.  The very existence of our universe, our planet, our resources, the miracle of child-birth, and many, many thousands of things…all those things tell me that God is real.

We don’t see God, but we see evidence of Him.

Hebrews 11:1Source

Everything beautiful we see around us is the evidence of God’s divine creative power.  I’m thankful for that evidence…the certainty.  How about you?

I pray you have a blessed and Spectacular Sunday.  Let’s lift our hearts in praise as we worship our Lord today, our Creator, our one and only true God!  How Great He is!



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