Waterfall Panels – A How-To Video

Waterfall Portion of Curtain Panel

During the last four years, people have asked me about the dining room window treatments they see in many of my tablescape pictures.  I made these before I began blogging, so of course I made no pictures as I made these panels.  With no in-process pictures, how can readers understand how to make these? Another […]

True Confessions: The Day My “Aah…” and “Aha!” Intersected


Why did I wait so long?  The panels hanging on the family room window when we moved here were exactly the right colors, but they needed to go.  They were off-center with the sofa and needed to hang higher on the wall.   But, I put off the project for over eight years!  Why? Within a […]

Dollar Tree Paper Clip Balloon Shade TRICK

Dollar Tree Paper Clips

While visiting Dollar Tree recently, I noticed these cute paper clips. They also have stars, which I wound up getting, too. My wheels started turning as I thought of the empire balloon valances I was making for my friend. Remember the treatments with Butterfly Pleats?  Here’s the treatment before collecting the ring “columns” together on […]

How to Make Butterfly Pleats

Making Butterfly Pleats

If you read my Magnolias on Pink and Gold tablescape post, you saw this fabric used as a table-cloth before starting this project for my friend’s grand-daughter’s bedroom. I hope to get pictures of the treatments after they are hung in the room.  I can’t guarantee that, though. This special friend wanted a set of […]

Curtain Header Buckram Strips in 3 Simple Steps

Two-Finger Euro Pleats

I don’t know about you, but I’ve suddenly realized that it’s nearly impossible to purchase four-inch buckram by the yard.  A couple of years ago, I ran across a partial roll on clearance at Wal-Mart for pennies per yard.  I bought all on the roll and wondered why such a thing would be on deep […]

How to Choose a Machine for Home Decor Sewing

Choose Your Sewing Machine Wisely

HOW DO YOU CHOOSE A MACHINE WISELY? That has been a popular question this week.  I’ve been planning to make a video on exactly what you need for sewing home decor.  Later. Through my Hometalk post on my 3-Step DIY on Covering Outdoor Cushions and my contact page email, the questions keep coming up NOW.  […]

Curtain Fabric Calculator Phone App – Queen Tested and Approved

Curtain Fabric Calculator Phone App - Queen Tested and Approved

I was thinking of running ads on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for a reputable expert to design my new app idea.  Don’t you know how much a phone app to calculate our decorator fabric yardage would be so helpful? I was going to be the star who thought it all up and hired a developer […]

Romantic Room with Rod Pocket Panels

Romantic Rod Pocket Panels

Happy Friday, everyone! While I still have a few more small touches for the guest room, here’s the look so far.  I’d planned to re-cover the Euro pillows, but I think this look is more true to the time period.  So, I don’t know…maybe I’ll leave the bedding as is. Then again, maybe I’ll get […]

Today is THE DAY Community Groups Begin

Be A Panel Queen Sewing Community

Happy New Year!  How will your today  be different from your yesterday? When discussing New Year’s Eve with our kids on Wednesday, HH and I tried to explain that, to us, it’s just another day.  Their strong reply? No, it isn’t!!!! Ha…we really know how to push their buttons.  (And, they are right in some […]

Tomorrow, Your Home Decor SOMEDAY Begins

Home Decor Project Communities

Happy New Year’s Eve! Can you believe we’re at the end of 2015?  It feels like it went so fast! Did the posts about prioritizing and organizing/scheduling your time in 2016 help?  Did you calendar time for home sewing projects you need to do?  I’ve found that when things get on my calendar, they get […]

Most Popular Posts in 2015


The WordPress blogging and website platform is a wonderful thing.  Along with many other benefits, they provide a report at the end of each year with some interesting statistics about each site. Most visitors to my blog were from the U.S., of course, but Canada and the UK were a close second.  In total, people […]

Plan Your Someday!

Your Someday

I have big news for you today – something fun in our future.  I’m very excited about it all, and I hope you will be, too. Do you have projects you’d like to complete someday?  Do you put off sewing projects, only to find someday  never comes? For your home decor sewing projects, your someday […]

How to Compute Drapery Pleats

Goblet Pleats

Do you get confused when trying to compute your drapery pleats?  Between the spacing for each pleat and the spacing between, it can get pretty confusing sometimes. And, I don’t know anyone who can explain it as well as HomeDecGal, who is a whiz at window treatments.  Actually, her name is Susan Woodcock, and she’s […]

How to Attach Buckram Seamlessly

Attach Buckram Seamlessly @ CurtainQueenCreates.com

Last year, I signed up for the Sewing Custom Curtains and Draperies* class at Craftsy.  Even if you’ve been making window treatments for a long time, there’s always something new you can learn. Susan Woodcock, the class instructor, is very neat with her sewing, is very organized, and is calming in her delivery.  I enjoy […]

Hold Those Drapery Panel Returns Securely – the easy way!

Managing Panel Edges

Want to see an easy way to secure panel returns? We want to keep our drapery panel returns at a nice, crisp angle from the wall.  My goal is to always find the most efficient and economical way of accomplishing a task, and with minimal supplies. This is the returned edge of the 5″ pleated […]

5-Inch Drapery Pleats for Tall Ceilings

Goblet Pleat Panels

I read in one of my window fashions design books that it’s a good idea to use five-inch pleats (over the usual four-inch) when you have a ceiling height that’s over eight feet.  I took the opportunity to try it with these new pleated drapery panels in our family room. I don’t think anyone will […]

Sew Easy Cartridge Pleats – A Tutorial

Cartridge Pleats

Are you familiar with window treatments made with Cartridge pleat detailing? They normally have a very contemporary look. Being more of a traditionalist, I’ve never been that wild about them…until I saw a picture of cartridge pleat panels with a wide fringe. This white cotton trim was only $6.99/yard at Hob Lob – a bargain […]

Lined Drapery Panel Tutorial

My plan all along since starting my blog was to provide tutorials for different types of window treatments, including lined and unlined panels.  But, so far, I’ve only demonstrated unlined panels.  I know!  I’m so slow, ADD, or whatever! No more waiting… Here (finally) is the tutorial for lined panels.  Ta-da! The only lined draperies […]

Have I Got A Deal For You!?!

Craftsy Class

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you’re relaxing and enjoying family time today.   I didn’t want to interrupt special times, but I have something of value to share with you – something that is time-sensitive, too. If you’re like me, you avoid any form of shopping in public during this entire weekend.  {If you’re not like me, […]

Easy French Cafe Curtain – Annie Sloan Inspired

French Cafe Curtain

I must confess, I’ve been hiding a secret…a café curtain I made all the way back in February.  Please forgive me for not sharing until now. I was on a quest for a little more privacy because we have so many surprise visitors who come to  an occasional FedEx man visiting The Land of Making […]

Horizontal Pleat (Hobbled) Valance Tutorial

Hobbled Valance

Did you have a nice weekend?  I hope it was wonderful! I spent time out on the porch, fluffing freshly washed cushions for my newly painted metal chairs.  I’ll be sharing more porch decor projects soon, so stay tuned. I promised you this tutorial a couple of weeks ago when I posted about the New […]

New Bedroom Draperies – Phase Three (Horizontal Pleat Valance)

Horizontal Pleat Valance

You may remember that I’ve (slowly but surely) been working on our master bedroom draperies and shades.  Here is Phase One – The Panels, and Phase Two – The Hobbled Shades. I finished our bedroom window treatments by making this door valance – the final window in the room (and the master bath area). It […]

See How THEY Make Roman Shades

Kitchen Door Roman Shade

Everyone does things differently.  There are a thousand different ways to make window treatments. I certainly don’t have everything all figured out, but I have a way of doing things.  It may not always be the right way according to everyone else, but it makes sense to me. Recently, I found this tutorial video from […]

“Stringing” Any Roman Shade – Tutorial

How to String Roman Shades

Last week, I began my shade tutorials with The Sew-Simple Roman Shade.   After following that post with “Ringing” a Standard Roman Shade and Hobbling the Hobbled Shade – a Tutorial, we now have this one last tutorial to finish our shades and get them hung. The next step after attaching rings to your shade, which […]

Hobbling the Hobbled Shade – a Tutorial

Attaching Ring Tape for a Hobbled Shade

I hope you enjoyed a little break from sewing posts with the Chevron tablescape yesterday.  One more shade post to go (after this one), so please hang with me a little longer.  I realize all my readers aren’t as addicted to sewing as I am seamstresses, so I try to spread the sewing posts apart. […]

“Ringing” a Standard Roman Shade

Standard Shade Ring Markings

In my last post about Roman shades, I covered the steps for The Sew-Simple Roman Shade.  That post provides the basic construction of any shade. After two three attempts to write a “ringing and stringing post” for Roman shades, I decided to break it down.  You get bogged down with over a thousand words to […]

New Bedroom Draperies – Phase Two (Hobbled Shades)

Hobbled Shades Tutorial @ CurtainQueenCreates.com

I’ve always loved hobbled shades.  Since the old way of making them was too labor intensive for my interest, I only looked longingly at pictures and didn’t try to make them. When I found the cotton bloom fabric last year, I knew Roman shades were needed for our bedroom.  Since that time, I’ve found products […]

Covering a Board for Window Treatment Mount

Board Collage

I mentioned last week that I’m working on a sewing project.  It’s not time for a big reveal yet, but I’ve decided to share some individual steps with you along the way. As I work on window treatments, I continually wonder about things. I wonder what you would like to learn… how much detail you […]

Computing Yardage with Pattern Repeat

Computing Yardage with Fabric Repeat

On Tuesday, I shared the requested information for matching fabric patterns when sewing seams.  Computing yardage for fabric with a pattern repeat is another topic a few readers have asked me to provide. In an attempt to be clear, I’ll explain the formula in detail and define some terms.  At the end of this post, […]

DIY Plumber’s Pipe Valance – Tutorial

Flanged Attached

Recently, you saw the curtain panels in our youth building at church that I hung on plumber’s pipe.  Today, I’d like to show you the valance that coordinates with the panels. Please excuse my blurry cell phone picture, y’all.  I’m not very steady with my phone, obviously! Since this triple window is very long, I […]

Panels Hung on Plumber’s Pipe Rods

Teen Hangout

Did y’all have a happy New Year’s Day?  I hope so!  Did you eat black-eyed peas and cabbage? Since I was driving from my parents’ house all afternoon and wasn’t home to prepare, we didn’t have a big New Year’s dinner last night.  HH made breakfast – omelets, bacon, and biscuits!  I’m not one to […]

Hanging Plumber’s Pipe Curtain Rods

Youth Building Pipe Rods

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  It wasn’t my original plan to publish a post today.  Since I discovered an entirely new way to publish a post at the wrong time, I decided it must be the right time.  I’m sorry for confusing you last night.  Here is the post again, y’all, and […]

Home Jewelry

Door from Hallway

Did you have a fun weekend? I apologize for not sharing the barn party pictures yesterday, but the Muscadine Cobbler couldn’t wait, y’all.  The barn party was planned as the topic for today, but we had something else going on this weekend…and I was torn.  Jewelry today, or barn party today?  As you can see, […]

Window Treatment Style and 2014 Color Forecast

Maybe you thought I’d lost my mind. Maybe I did, temporarily. I knew I had seen the drapery style somewhere – the style of my New Bedroom Draperies – Phase One.  (This post appears to be a lot of words and few pictures, y’all, but keep reading – there’s a nice surprise later.) When the […]

Drapery Rod Installation – You CAN Do It Alone!

Half Rod in Place

How many times have you needed a second pair of hands for a task involving tools?  When it comes to hanging window treatments, especially long, double-window rods, you might think it impossible without help.  You’ve got the two long rods that fit together, and sometimes an extender that fits inside the two end rods.  That’s […]

Drapery Length – Tips to “Get It Right”

Pant Leg Length Drapes

I knew it would happen, and it finally did!  Last night, while writing this post (to be published maybe next week), I accidentally clicked the “publish” tab.  No pictures.  Just a few words.  Nothing complete.  I changed it to a private post quickly, so you may have gotten nothing when you clicked to continue reading […]