Easy DIY – Padded Hangers for Linen Storage

DIY Padded Hangers for Table Linens

PAM (Painter Artist Mom) shared a few extras from her stash of padded hangers HBD (Handy Builder Dad) made for her. His creation is the perfect solution to my disarray in hanging table-cloths.  This was my storage closet before. It’s very easy and quick to make these padded hangers with pipe insulation. You want the […]

Sewing Spaces Refreshed and Minimized

New Sewing Space

Welcome to February, the month of love!  I have something to share with you today that I’m loving right now – my project studio with painted desks for a refreshed feel. This was the arrangement of my sewing desks before the new year changes.  I moved one desk to another room, and scooted the shelf […]

True Confessions: How THIS Time Organizer Changed My Life – Free For You Today


I made a big mistake when I started blogging.  Rather than treating it as a full-time job (which it soon became), I continued my usual commitments and worked blogging time around my life.  You probably know how that didn’t work! Soon, my time in the yard lessened, I cleaned house only when absolutely necessary, reading […]

How to Best Maximize Your Bird House Power

How to Best Maximize Your Bird House Power

After publishing my post last Wednesday, I Pinned this picture of my friend’s ladder to my ladder board.  The next time I need to do something with a ladder, this is it (or something similar)! And you know what happens the minute you stick even your toe  inside Pinterest.  You never come out!  (Please tell […]

Organize Your 2016 Plan: Schedule Without Stress!

DIY Your 2016 Calendar for a Life Without Stress

In yesterday’s post, I covered the first step for your 2016 plan – setting priorities.  For the second step, we talked about five points to write out as a way of getting clarity for commitments you’ll set for 2016 (thanks to Michael Hyatt at MichaelHyatt.com). Today, we’ll cover how to plan through  the process – […]

Your 2016 Plan? Prioritize First

2016 Calendar

Did you have a merry Christmas weekend?  We had storms, rain, tornadoes, and hot, humid weather – and more today.  Heat is typical here at Christmas, but tornadoes are not! What was first on your list the day after Christmas?  Did you immediately think of the new year ahead?  Are you making new year’s resolutions?  […]

How Organizing Your Freezer Refreshes Your Entire Life

Organized Refrigerator/Freezer

Several weeks ago, we came home from a trip, and our refrigerator’s freezer unit was filled with powdery ice crystals. HH went to work to investigate, which involved unloading everything into coolers.  After he made repairs, everything was dumped back into the freezer.  Ugh!  What a massive pile of mish-mash. On closer inspection, I found […]

Practicality Rules in Our Family Room Arrangement. What Rules in Yours?

Game Table Addition

Did you glean some furniture arranging tips from yesterday’s post?  After pondering things overnight, did you wake up and move furniture this morning?  Just wondering…since that’s what happened with me after reading the two links I shared. Our family room wall configuration is just plain odd.  There are three entrances into the room and three […]

Working the Puzzle of Furniture Arrangement

Family Room "Before"

Did you enjoy your Easter weekend?  For us, it was a weekend filled with spiritual blessings.  I hope it was for you, too! Now that it’s Spring, and we’re venturing out of our “winter hideouts”, let’s take a moment to look back to our indoor surroundings.  As we dig in the dirt and sweep our […]

Tips to Tackle Tasks in a Timely Way

Tips to Tackle Tasks in a Timely Way

People often ask me how I get it all  done.  That question stuns me because I never feel it’s all done.  I definitely don’t get as much accomplished as I used to, before my Fall season of life. Are you efficiency-challenged?  Are you task-oriented but seem to twirl your way from one incomplete project to […]

7 Senses Satisfied Through Decor

Oversized Antique Scissors on Display

These sense-able tips apply to any room – and should be considered when decorating throughout our homes.   A particularly tough room to decorate is a work space.  Why shouldn’t it also be an enjoyable space? After moving the necessary furnishings for creative work into my project studio, I turned my attention to things that increase […]

Cover a Bulletin Board in 3 Easy Steps

Bulletin Board Supplies

It’s really easy to give your plain old bulletin/white board a new look.  Choose a fabric you love, gather a few supplies, and let’s get started. Supplies you’ll need: Fabric Rope Trim with Flange Scissors Hot Glue Tape Measure Staple Gun Step 1:  The Painting and Measuring I started with an old board from Spunky […]

6 Essentials of a Functional Project Studio

"Pause the Pinning and Paint" Cabinet Door Sign @ CurtainQueenCreates.com

aka Woman Cave! Have you ever been confined to a smaller space than you needed for doing projects?  Were you in a window-less, stuck-off-in-the-distance, out-of-the-way, cave-like room? It was 18 months ago (in Craft Cave Revived) that I organized this small space as my project room.  My sewing space.  I’d planned to use it for […]

Laundry Room Essentials – Vintage Inspired

Vintage Laundry Room Wall

Welcome back to my laundry room!  Like you, it’s the place that captures much of my time.  Why not make it fun to be in that place that requires so many hours of your life? You saw the wallpaper wall in my previous post about my laundry room decision. The cabinet wall looks quite different […]

Old Apple Crate – Restore and Re-purpose!

Apple Crate Restored

It’s so nice to be home!  If you missed yesterday’s post about handling road snakes, you might not know we were gone for ten days.   As wonderful as it is to get out and see our beautiful country, it’s always great to come home, unpack, and resume a “normal” schedule again. I’ll share more […]

Graham Cracker Pie Crust + Pre-Packaging Tips for Quick Pies

Pie Crust Mix

I stole this idea from Painter Artist Mom (PAM).  She explained recently how she prepares and packages the crumbs and sugar ahead of time for making graham cracker crusts quickly and easily. Aren’t moms the best?  PAM is loaded with helpful information!  When making PAM’s Lemon Ice Box Pie over the weekend, I decided to […]

Landscape (and Garden) Journaling 101

Landscape and Garden Journaling 101

Yesterday, when I shared my DIY Gardening Notebook with you, there was another notebook sitting right beside it in my cabinet. What?  You didn’t notice it? Of all my gardening and landscaping resources, this is the most important one. The little blue (no flair) notebook. Of all my gardening tools in the tool rack, this […]

DIY Gardening Notebook

DIY Gardening Info Notebook

With our little warm spell this weekend, I started a little outside clean-up.  Our porch rockers need painting, so I sanded them to get them ready for primer and paint.  Their original finish lasted over seven years.  I’m thankful for every year I didn’t have to paint rocking chairs, since it’s not my favorite job. […]

DIY Old Shutter Magazine Rack

Rotten Shutter in Barn

Are you a magazine stacker?  Through the years, I’ve stashed many in baskets and pots, on coffee tables, and anywhere else I can imagine.  Recently, I found a new way to keep current magazines in clear view without taking table space or bulging my baskets. Several months ago, a friend gave me two old and […]

Your After-Christmas Shopping Plan

After Christmas Shopping Plan

Have you finished your Christmas shopping?  Are you sick of shopping – and thinking of shopping, even? Do you shop the sales after Christmas each year?  We are often out of town, so I seldom have the opportunity to scavenge the Christmas clearance shelves.  (Although, clearance shopping is one of my favorite things to do!) […]

DIY Spice Cabinet Side Rails

Roll-out Spice Cabinet

I realize this post has nothing to do with Christmas.  With Christmas only eight days away, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen.  Have you? I really need to ask you this.  Do you have a spice cabinet like this one?  Or, have you seen one like it? I don’t know why […]

Medicine Cabinet Transformed

ASCP Painted Cabinet, French Linen @CurtainQueenCreates.com

Do you remember last month, when I was trying to decide on toile wallpaper for the laundry room (Help!  Opinions, Please?)?  I posted this picture (among others) that day.   I haven’t yet completely decided about the wallpaper, but I had wonderful ideas from some of you.  My hesitation to forge ahead with the wallpaper […]

CQ’s Helpful Tips

Many items that we use every day (and sometimes throw away) can be used for new purposes.  I’m no Helloise with Helpful Hints, but I have a few ideas to share – some favorites around my house. For months, I’d thrown these jewels in the trash.  Useful little plastic packages these are – free with […]

Craft Cave – Blank Wall Update

Surely you remember it.  A few weeks back, before Corner Office With View – Added Storage , before all the lamp updates from Lamp Week, before I talked about Ribbon Storage  and The Upside-Down Bookshelf. It was the Craft Cave.  Craft Cave Revived, y’all. Remember how I shared one final challenge with you at the […]

Corner Office With View – Added Storage

Not exactly the high-rise executive office with a spectacular view.  But it is a corner…with a horse pasture view. This little corner niche between the kitchen and family room was designed to be a sewing area, I think.  Mennonites built our home, and they always plan for an exclusive area for sewing.  Much of their […]

Ribbon Storage

The ribbon keeper idea isn’t mine.  Yes, I’m a copy-cat!  Since copying is the highest form of flattery, there are many others I’m complimenting here.  Found this several times in my internet search of organization ideas, and I shared it two days ago in Craft Cave Revived. The shelf was plain.  Unfinished, even.  So was […]

The Upside-Down Bookshelf

In moving the green antique bookshelf across to the opposite wall in my Craft Cave Revived post, I discovered something a little embarrassing. I’d hung it upside-down.  Do you have directional issues with shelving that has a curvy part at one end?  Never can decide about the curvy part, which I’ll call the “skirt” since […]

Craft Cave Revived

Did you miss the event going on late this afternoon?  Something happening to draw crowds for cheering, celebrating, high-fiving? Huh? What? Oh, you must be thinking about the Super Bowl! That’s not the big event, y’all.  Not the one I attended.  Crowds gathered around my Craft Cave, in awe. And there was cheering, clapping, and […]

Mod Podged Hat Box

I bought a “raw” hat box at Micheal’s a long, long time ago.  Had a coupon to burn. It sat in the Craft Cave.  Years, y’all!  Moved it with me from Georgia six years ago!  Empty.  Plain.  And brown. To keep this box for the big move proves I saw potential in it all along.  […]

Fabric, Anyone?

What did you do on Saturday?  Did you work on a project, or did you do something fun? You could say I did both.  Isn’t it fun to sort through things and discover items you forgot you had?  It’s like Christmas all over again. During a recent discussion of this computer cabinet we no longer […]

Bedroom Painted – Check

Fun Son's Painted Room

Woo-hoo!  I’m doing the happy dance, y’all.  So excited to have this painting project checked off my to-do list! Just in time, too, because Fun Son just came home from college for the weekend.  He was very surprised!  And he likes it very much.  (Bet he wishes he hadn’t discouraged me from this improvement all […]

The Day for Paint

I ventured from my cross painting class, changed it up a bit (usually disaster, y’all), and my brush did a little wandering.  Not in circles this time as in the last painting.  Visit Painted Crosses Tutorial to see how to paint the “loop” crosses. This one may not be as good, but it was fun, […]

Bow Keepers Made From Old Drawers

This little bow keeper had some very humble beginnings.  Remember my favorite salvage place? Pretty humble, huh?  That’s because this warehouse space is used to sell donated “rehab stuff” to raise money for The Learning Center (school for young children).   No need for fancy signage – rehab-ers don’t need a sign, ’cause they can sniff […]

Organize Your Sock Drawer

My former sock drawer looked like a mass of mess, y’all!  Does yours?  Or is it just me?  I had a mass collection of socks, and the ones on the bottom, I hadn’t seen in years.  It took a while every morning to find what I needed in all that mess! A few months ago, […]