Unexpected (and a Little Embarrassing) Thanksgiving Inspiration

Three French Hens - A Tablescape

It happened months ago.  I received an email from someone I didn’t know. She was from TinyPrints.  She wanted my permission to use one of my pictures in my Three French Hens post for something she planned to publish on-line.  When I saw the picture she was using, I laughed. Ha!  Why would anyone want […]

What’s Blooming Wednesday #48 – How to Energize Your Fence!


If you were here for last week’s What’s Blooming Wednesday, you remember this gorgeous English garden tucked inside the inner fence in my friend’s back yard. Today, we’re venturing outside this gate – to the outer fence. Some of you noticed that bright yellow window frame right away.   Isn’t it awesome? Don’t you love that […]

What’s Blooming Wednesday #47 – How to Dress Your Yard in English Garden

English Garden

I’m very excited to share this post with you today because I’m always so inspired when I visit these friends.  They live nearby, and they don’t live in a land of making do.  They have what I call a regular  yard. Do you know what I mean by regular?  It’s a yard that may be […]

What’s Blooming Wednesday #44 at Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

Andrew Jackson's Hermetage Plantation

We quickly bounded up the highway to Nashville last week for a couple of days with our two kids (who are in college).  With all our schedules for work, school, and blogging, we fit as much fun as possible into our time of under 40 hours. And. It. Was. Great. (!) Our first stop was […]

What’s Blooming Wednesday #39 – Pond Therapy

White, Frilly Blooms of the Fringe Tree

In Monday’s post (The Drunk Drawer – It’s Genius), you saw only a little corner of the kitchen in the small country home we visited with my parents.  It’s a perfect example of how sometimes our home may not be grand, but there are always  gems in the mix that you can truly l-o-v-e to […]

A Fellow Reader’s Bedroom Sewing Success

Master Bedroom Shams and Spread

I’ve not published a post that included pictures of a reader’s sewing project before today.  But why not, right? Thanks, Christene, for sharing your success with us! Christene found this great fabric on clearance at Boca Bargoons, a decorator fabric shop in Orlando.  Don’t you love that texture? This was Christene’s first time to make […]

What’s Blooming Wednesday #35

Red Bud Tree

Finally…the first What’s Blooming Wednesday for 2016. Yes, I have yellow (Sunbrella Sunflower) blooming on the back porch now, too.  The glider’s puffy cushions were much more difficult to re-cover than the front porch cushions. The basket on the wall is new.  I visited a garden center recently that had several of these baskets filled […]

What’s Blooming Wednesday #24 – in Hemingway’s Key West Yard

African Tulip Tree Bloom

Did you notice the tropical greenery in yesterday’s post on Ernest Hemingway’s Key West House? The palms blowing in the wind droop down over everything, cascading into your eyesight.  As I sat on a bench in the side yard, the rustling palm branches were very soothing as they filtered sounds from the street.  It didn’t […]

Ernest Hemingway’s Key West House

Ernest Hemingway House

Last week, HH and I took a motorcycle trip through Florida, all the way to Key West.  It was a 2,323-mile trip with great weather, wonderful (mostly) temperatures, and great fun with friends.   Oh, and the food!  The flowers!  (The sore tush! 😉 ) We (including our friends) agreed that our tour of the Hemingway […]

Imagine Dining at Oak Alley Plantation

Dining Room Fan

As I wrote Our Tour of Oak Alley for Tuesday, the post became too long to share in one piece.  After breaking the post apart, I included the sugarcane farming information in yesterday’s What’s Blooming Wednesday #20.  Today we see the dining details I saved for this post. With my phone battery nearly depleted before […]

Our Tour of Oak Alley

Oak Alley Plantation

Since the weather is perfect for motorcycle touring right now, HH and I took a long weekend to head farther south. Along our way to Vicksburg, we saw cotton fields so full, they looked like waste-deep snow.  It must be a high cotton year, y’all. The following day, we continued our ride into Southern Louisiana.  […]

The Amazing Yard of Mr. and Mrs. Garden Party – Part 2

Baby Bed Bench and Table

Thanks, everyone, for your fun and kind comments yesterday.  Mr. and Mrs. Garden Party will be happy to know how much you like their yard of inspiration. Mrs. Garden Party is on Pinterest, so she may have seen her own decor scrolling through her feed.  I hope those Pins made her feel appreciated for her […]

The Amazing Yard of Mr. and Mrs. Garden Party – Part 1

Grill and Seating

Happy Monday!  I know you’re happy to finally see this post, and I must apologize for not getting it published last week.  Sometimes life happens. In The Land of Making Do, farm life happens.  Chores.  The best news is that one major project of every year – spraying water seal on all our fences – […]