White-Cheeked Gibbon Video at the Nashville Zoo

Nashville Zoo

I know what you may be thinking…that the video is probably of our nutty kids acting like grown monkeys.  Close.  But not it. Yes, our two fun and sometimes monkey-like kids were with us at the Nashville Zoo, but we didn’t video them.  We caught the real monkeys in action!  We’ll get to that later. […]

What’s Blooming Wednesday #44 at Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

Andrew Jackson's Hermetage Plantation

We quickly bounded up the highway to Nashville last week for a couple of days with our two kids (who are in college).  With all our schedules for work, school, and blogging, we fit as much fun as possible into our time of under 40 hours. And. It. Was. Great. (!) Our first stop was […]

What’s Blooming Wednesday #39 – Pond Therapy

White, Frilly Blooms of the Fringe Tree

In Monday’s post (The Drunk Drawer – It’s Genius), you saw only a little corner of the kitchen in the small country home we visited with my parents.  It’s a perfect example of how sometimes our home may not be grand, but there are always  gems in the mix that you can truly l-o-v-e to […]

What’s Blooming Wednesday #37 – A French Cottage Cutting Garden

French Country Cottage Cutting Garden

Last year, our girls trip was so relaxing and enjoyable that we wanted a do-over for this year’s trip. You definitely feel the French influences of Louisiana’s heritage in the style of this finely refurbished farmhouse-style cottage. There are seven of us packed into this three bedroom cottage each year.  It’s been updated with all […]

Come Along for PAM’s Kitchen and Dining Tour

Subway Tile

Don’t put things off!  When you know you’ll need before  pictures, take them right away.  Immediately.  (Do as I say, not as I do…because I’m a terrible example to follow.) April of 2014, I visited PAM (Painter Artist Mom) and HBD (Handy Builder Dad).  PAM was looking at granite pieces for their kitchen counter top.  […]

Fresh for Christmas – Why Not?

Everyday Living Christmas Arrangement

I’ve come across a couple of fresh outdoor arrangements to share with you this week.  I am very intrigued by it all.  Do you make fresh arrangements for your Christmas outdoor decorations? Just look at this fresh arrangement that Butch Richardson (at Everyday Living) makes at their home (his and Pam’s) every year on their […]

What’s Blooming Wednesday #32 – Mr. & Mrs. GP’s New Potting Sink

Dirt Trough

Do you remember Mr. and Mrs. Garden Party and their amazing back yard (part 1 and part 2)?  I could hardly wait for today to arrive so I can show you what they’ve done!  This summer, they added a garden feature you’re going to love – just as fabulous as all the others in their […]

What’s Blooming Wednesday #26 – at Cane River Cottage

Purple Coneflower

The final weekend of May, I spent time at Cane River Cottage in Natchitoches, Louisiana, with several high school friends.  I mentioned our electronically challenged long weekend in my post about Using Chartreuse in Table Decor.  Do you remember? The seven of us do a long weekend trip together every year.  We all bring different […]

Our Visit to the Key West Butterfly Conservatory

Key West Conservatory Butterfly

I’d never experienced butterflies in quite the way we did in Key West last month.  Yes, we have plenty of butterflies in The Land of Making Do,  but none so colorful and plentiful. The Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory has the prettiest blue butterflies, and many other colors, too.  The blue variety was the […]

What’s Blooming Wednesday #24 – in Hemingway’s Key West Yard

African Tulip Tree Bloom

Did you notice the tropical greenery in yesterday’s post on Ernest Hemingway’s Key West House? The palms blowing in the wind droop down over everything, cascading into your eyesight.  As I sat on a bench in the side yard, the rustling palm branches were very soothing as they filtered sounds from the street.  It didn’t […]

Ernest Hemingway’s Key West House

Ernest Hemingway House

Last week, HH and I took a motorcycle trip through Florida, all the way to Key West.  It was a 2,323-mile trip with great weather, wonderful (mostly) temperatures, and great fun with friends.   Oh, and the food!  The flowers!  (The sore tush! 😉 ) We (including our friends) agreed that our tour of the Hemingway […]

Our Tour of Oak Alley

Oak Alley Plantation

Since the weather is perfect for motorcycle touring right now, HH and I took a long weekend to head farther south. Along our way to Vicksburg, we saw cotton fields so full, they looked like waste-deep snow.  It must be a high cotton year, y’all. The following day, we continued our ride into Southern Louisiana.  […]