No More Tightening Loose Pot Handles!

Loose Pot Screw

This seems so basic, I’m almost embarrassed to blog about it.  I went years without doing something to solve my problem.  So, in the event that you’ve had this same issue, I’m offering the solution I finally found. Do the handles on your cookware get loose?  Mine do.  Recently, I decided it was time to […]

DIY Custom Vintage Tray Clock

Vintage Tray Clock

Back in the day…(do your kids say that?)…our grandmothers and our great aunts… got together at the county home extension service… and they made decorative aluminum trays. They stamped flowers and leaves into the aluminum.  I wish I knew how to do that.  Don’t you? And they ruffled the edges. They kept their hand-made trays […]

Hometalk – An Invitation

I’d like to introduce you to Hometalk, although many of you need no introduction.  Hometalk is the largest home and garden knowledge hub on the web. It’s fueled by the firsthand experience & advice of hundreds of thousands of home enthusiasts and professionals. On my first visit, I was hooked and began clipping ideas immediately.  There […]

Spring Table Remix

Dough Bowl Bird Nest

Yesterday morning I “de-Easter-fied” my decor.  I’m not the only one, am I? It’s Spring, and the eggs were so fun, and all the bunnies were a real kick.  The baskets needed to get out of the way, after all.  And, let’s talk about hiding the candy! In keeping with a Spring theme, I kept […]

Bunny Ear Napkins – Tutorial

Beginning Fold

Hippity-hoppity…. I promised to show you how to fold dinner napkins into bunny ears, so today is the day.  If you want to see these napkins on the Easter tablescape, visit Bunny Feet On The Table. When decorating my Easter table, I brought out these fancy-ish napkins.  These were plain white napkins I bought on […]

Bunny Feet On The Table

Easter Table 2013

Does the thought of feet on the table seem gross to you? A rocking chair, too…on the table? Sometimes you want a little surprise.  You want to think outside the box – or, maybe basket, in this case. Shocking, I know…feet on the table.  But, these are cute, clean feet.  Bugs Bunny-ish, even. What’s wrong […]

Fabric Easter Eggs

Fabrics are fun and create excitement.  The colors, patterns, and combinations can be thrilling!  What better way to “color” Easter eggs than with fabric?   No messy dyes, and the combination of colorful and textured swatches are similar to a delicious assortment of food on a plate. To make these fabric egg designs, visit your […]

Easter/Spring Door Decor

Spring/Easter Door Collage

Have you been waiting?  Patiently waiting?  I’ve heard no complaints, but I thought you were a little weary of the panels this and panels that, panels, panels, and more panels.  Aren’t you even sick of that word? Sewing season for me is during times of extreme cold and extreme heat.  I had such plans!  Bedroom […]

Goblet Pleat Panels

Shaping Goblets

Whew!  It’s been a week, these last three days!  Have you ever had that happen? Like…when you return home from eight days out of town for Spring Break…and everything is…well, broken!?  I didn’t need that kind of brake break!  Our computers were all wacky, and it took forever to connect, and it would “time out” […]

Pinch-Pleat Drapery Panels – Tutorial

Pinch Pleat Drapery Panels

I’m hoping you have reviewed the first three steps in panel construction, which includes  Panel Hem, Step One in Drapery Panel Construction, Panel Side Hems, Step Two in Drapery Panel Construction, and the addition of buckram at the top of the treatment in Easy Clip Panels – Tutorial, which is also step three in panel […]

Panel Side Hems, Step Two In Drapery Panel Construction – Tutorial

Final Side Hem Fold

So, you’ve completed your panel bottom hem, Step 1 of Drapery Panel Construction.  Here we are at Step 2 of panel construction – the side hems. With panel fabric laying reverse-side-up, turn edge at 1-1/4″ and press.  I leave my selvage attached, which will be hidden, to give me extra “useable” fabric. At the bottom […]

Inside-Out Plants

Or, is it Ouside-In? Do you “winter” some outside plants inside? My bleeding heart is in bloom, cheering up my master bath.  Love those petite white flowers with the pop of red! But it needs to go back outside – and this year, into the ground! All my plants are bursting out of their pots.  […]

Mod Podge Kitchen Stool

Kitchen Stool DIY

Remember my kitchen stool? The one that I dodged making a project subject?  I posted about her in January, about throwing my grandmother’s retro cloth over it and calling it done in Topped That Sewing Project.   (My original plan was to sew a decorative pillow for her seat.) I originally found her at an antique mall […]

Vintage Life + Love = Memories

Vintage Cookie Jar

She was there, always there, with her bright red bow.  Growing up, she sat on my grandmother’s refrigerator.  Fragile, but she escaped being broken…miraculously. Eventually, she followed me to my home – and a new set of challenges – with rowdy, careless, energetic kids, one of which was an accident waiting to happen. We had […]

Vintage Water Pump

Several years ago, I was in an antique shop somewhere in North Mississippi.  Sorry to be vague, but I don’t remember exactly where I was “antiquing” that day. A bright red water pump caught my eye.  It didn’t hold my eye, though, at $125. For the next few weeks, the vision of that red water […]

Fabulous Fabric Finds

What was I thinking? I mean, where are my manners? I apologize.  Deeply! Can I blame my over 50-ness, once again?           ADD?    ODD? Or mental-pause? How about CRS disease?  (Can’t Remember Stuff, y’all.) My mom really did raise me better than that.  I promise. So, I’m here to correct the previous (and unintentional) omissions of […]

The London Shade

I have a confession to make.  Yes, before we get started discussing this London Shade. It’s a secret (so don’t tell, OK?). Can you keep a secret?  Of course you can, but will you? First, a question:  Do you ever look at pictures and try to figure it out?  How it was made…the tiny details…all […]

The Queen Ann Valance

Earlier this week, it occurred to me that I should share pattern information for the few window treatments in my home that I made using a pattern.  Most were “copycatted” from pictures in magazines and books.  No purchased pattern. When I started sewing window treatments, I had a couple of really good books on sewing […]

The Empire Valance

How many assembly-required items have you brought home from a store, started assembling, and the instructions were obviously not written by someone from America?  Oh, it’s written in the English language, but it’s obvious whoever wrote the instructions doesn’t know our meaning and use of the language. A common Southern term is, “He ain’t from […]

Craft Cave – Blank Wall Update

Surely you remember it.  A few weeks back, before Corner Office With View – Added Storage , before all the lamp updates from Lamp Week, before I talked about Ribbon Storage  and The Upside-Down Bookshelf. It was the Craft Cave.  Craft Cave Revived, y’all. Remember how I shared one final challenge with you at the […]

Window Treatment Tour

People have said I should add a home tour on my blog.  (I finally added a tour of our barn – to show ideas of things to include when building a barn, but it’s not a “show barn”.) Just couldn’t get past the idea that a home tour would seem sort of showy. Like we […]

Corner Office With View – Added Storage

Not exactly the high-rise executive office with a spectacular view.  But it is a corner…with a horse pasture view. This little corner niche between the kitchen and family room was designed to be a sewing area, I think.  Mennonites built our home, and they always plan for an exclusive area for sewing.  Much of their […]

Monogrammed Lampshade

Happy Friday!  And welcome to the final day of Lamp Week. Sort of sad to close out this fun week, y’all! Don’t you love monograms?  This desk lamp in Spunky Daughter’s room needed an update. Five years ago, when we decorated her “teen room”, I painted polka-dots on this shade and added the ribbon trim.  […]

Wicker Lamp Knock-Off

Wicker Lamp Knock-Off

Welcome back to Lamp Week here on my blog.  And, Happy Valentine’s Day! See the books beside the lamp pictured above?  I included a little red there for “heart day”.  Did that just for you. 🙂 After viewing wicker lamps on Pottery Barn’s website and a rattan lamp at Lamps Plus, I was challenged to […]

Brass Lamp Transformation

Welcome to my kitchen!  And welcome back to Lamp Week! I love lamps, y’all, and I’m excited about the updates going on around here this week. After checking out websites like Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs, seeing all their beautiful lamps, I was heavily coveting some of those.  Yes, I know better.  Dangerous game we […]

Easy Lamp Reno

Thrifted Sweater Shade

Lamp Week continues…Let there be light! I’m very happy you’re here today.  Welcome back! Yesterday in Update #2, we saw the left side lamp in Bedside Lamp Update.  Today, we are going across the bed for Update #3.  Don’t get hung up in pillows and fall asleep, y’all. The room is all aglow with three […]

Bedside Lamp Update

The second lamp of Lamp Week is in the same room as Retro Floor Lamp Got A Sweater.   The nostalgia room, our guest room. Formerly brass, it’s now a soft satin nickel finish.  A touch lamp. Wasn’t sure it would work after painting.  (Our lamp subject today is the one pictured on the left.)  After taping, […]

Retro Floor Lamp Got a Sweater

Welcome to Lamp Week!  I’m so glad you’ve joined me today.  I hope you’ll be back often this week to catch each lamp update.  So much fun, y’all! I want to show you a lamp that lives upstairs in the little-used guest room.  I call it the nostalgia room. Do you remember the birdcage?  The […]

Ballard Designs Knock-Off Boot Tray

Most of you may already know. For those of you who don’t, I’ll say it again. We live in the middle of nowhere.  The Land of Making Do.  Farmland.  Dirt road.  Here’s our February equation. Flatland + Rainy season = MUD For the first time in my life, I live in a house with a […]

Ribbon Storage

The ribbon keeper idea isn’t mine.  Yes, I’m a copy-cat!  Since copying is the highest form of flattery, there are many others I’m complimenting here.  Found this several times in my internet search of organization ideas, and I shared it two days ago in Craft Cave Revived. The shelf was plain.  Unfinished, even.  So was […]

The Upside-Down Bookshelf

In moving the green antique bookshelf across to the opposite wall in my Craft Cave Revived post, I discovered something a little embarrassing. I’d hung it upside-down.  Do you have directional issues with shelving that has a curvy part at one end?  Never can decide about the curvy part, which I’ll call the “skirt” since […]

Craft Cave Revived

Did you miss the event going on late this afternoon?  Something happening to draw crowds for cheering, celebrating, high-fiving? Huh? What? Oh, you must be thinking about the Super Bowl! That’s not the big event, y’all.  Not the one I attended.  Crowds gathered around my Craft Cave, in awe. And there was cheering, clapping, and […]

Manic Over Textiles

White Cotton Sheen

I was just wondering.  What gets your heart rate up?  Do you have times when you are excited about life, thrilled to be wherever you are, and just plain joyful? And, then there’s the time you walk into a fabric store…and giddiness sets in. You suddenly become someone you don’t recognize – animated…arms flailing…wanting to […]

Tour Our Barn With Me

Just a quick post here.  It’s a little rainy outside today.  But warm. Great day for a Barn Tour.  So, come with me, OK? Pull on your boots.  (I’m so excited!  Don’t get many visitors way out here.) Ready? Let’s go.

Cinnamon Scented Pine Cones

Do you struggle with motivation to decorate with things from nature in Winter?  Does it seem futile to bring sticks inside rather than beautiful, fragrant, colorful flowers? After spending a good many years of my life in areas rich with pines, I now find myself in the limestone belt.  Similar to the West.  No pine […]

Fabric, Anyone?

What did you do on Saturday?  Did you work on a project, or did you do something fun? You could say I did both.  Isn’t it fun to sort through things and discover items you forgot you had?  It’s like Christmas all over again. During a recent discussion of this computer cabinet we no longer […]

Retro Bird-Cage Refreshed

My great-aunt was a great aunt, y’all.  Bernice.  We called her Aunt Mecy.  Memories are sweet of her long red fingernails, her crazy driving at 90 miles an hour, and she could talk just as fast! In her high-heeled house slippers (her regulars when at home), Aunt Mecy led me upstairs into her attic one […]

Bedroom Painted – Check

Fun Son's Painted Room

Woo-hoo!  I’m doing the happy dance, y’all.  So excited to have this painting project checked off my to-do list! Just in time, too, because Fun Son just came home from college for the weekend.  He was very surprised!  And he likes it very much.  (Bet he wishes he hadn’t discouraged me from this improvement all […]

The Day for Paint

I ventured from my cross painting class, changed it up a bit (usually disaster, y’all), and my brush did a little wandering.  Not in circles this time as in the last painting.  Visit Painted Crosses Tutorial to see how to paint the “loop” crosses. This one may not be as good, but it was fun, […]