Add Spring From Inside to Out

Spring Birds Vignette

I visited Shannon at Belle Bleu Interiors last week to see her easy spring vignette, her spring foyer, and her creative decorating idea.  Such lovely spring changes!  And, you’ll be tickled by the bunny in her foyer. Shannon inspired me to make some changes to my foyer table, which is my great-grandmother’s vintage sewing machine.. […]

When You Hear the Word LOVE, Who Comes to Mind?

JOY Room

Happy Valentine’s Day! I have a different sort of tablescape post for you this week.  Our church hosts a meal and a little entertainment for our JOY (Just Older Youth) group at church each month.  It gives the older crowd a reason to gather with their friends for food, fellowship, and fun. At last week’s […]

What Happens When Struck with Wanderlust in Dallas

Wanderlust in Dallas

We had a family wedding in Dallas last Saturday.  HH and I left on Thursday to spend as much time as possible with family members we haven’t seen in a very long time. What’s better than spending three evenings in a row with family you’ve missed so very much?  Nothing.  But, two full days of […]

Easy Iron Cleaning 101 – The Pressing News

Easy Iron Cleaning 101 @

It’s called a soleplate.  That’s right.  It’s the part that gets dirty over time from using spray starch or other pressing products. And sometimes… You press over what you think is fabric…but the material gives you a surprise all its own. Remember these former cushions?  They were brand new in October when I found the […]

Hoover Air Product Review Update – Is it a Lasting Love?

Removing Washable Filter

It’s been a little over a year since I bought my Hoover WindTunnel Air Steerable Upright Vacuum UH72400.  When I published the review post, I had no idea how it would perform in the long run. Would the maintenance and cleaning by too hard and tedious? I’m here to say, it’s still a top-notch performer! […]

How Organizing Your Freezer Refreshes Your Entire Life

Organized Refrigerator/Freezer

Several weeks ago, we came home from a trip, and our refrigerator’s freezer unit was filled with powdery ice crystals. HH went to work to investigate, which involved unloading everything into coolers.  After he made repairs, everything was dumped back into the freezer.  Ugh!  What a massive pile of mish-mash. On closer inspection, I found […]

Practicality Rules in Our Family Room Arrangement. What Rules in Yours?

Game Table Addition

Did you glean some furniture arranging tips from yesterday’s post?  After pondering things overnight, did you wake up and move furniture this morning?  Just wondering…since that’s what happened with me after reading the two links I shared. Our family room wall configuration is just plain odd.  There are three entrances into the room and three […]

Working the Puzzle of Furniture Arrangement

Family Room "Before"

Did you enjoy your Easter weekend?  For us, it was a weekend filled with spiritual blessings.  I hope it was for you, too! Now that it’s Spring, and we’re venturing out of our “winter hideouts”, let’s take a moment to look back to our indoor surroundings.  As we dig in the dirt and sweep our […]

I Love My New Hoover Air!

Since my review of Jann Newton’s Craftsy class, I guess maybe I’m in product review mode.  I’ll not receive payment from Hoover for sharing my opinion of their product, but if you follow my link to Amazon and purchase this vacuum, I’ll receive a small commission for the sale. There.  Now that the formalities of […]

Consider It Joy

Consider it Joy

During this week of Thanksgiving, many of us will gather with family members – sometimes those we don’t see real often.  Is that a stressful time for you? Do you have family members who don’t share your beliefs?  Are you teased by them from time to time? Are you a target for poking fun, jeering, […]

Weather Prediction and Preserving Horse/Osage Apples – Phase 2

Fall Leaves Picture

Are you enjoying the cooler weather?  My cousin’s husband shared his pictures from their area around Nashville. Do you remember my cousin, Gracious Hollye, with the beautiful leaded glass antique door they designed for their butler’s pantry? GH’s husband, Guitar Gary, has many talents and interests – music (duh – guitar), building (their new home, […]

Summer’s End Birds? Nothing to Shake a Stick At!

Summer's End Bird Table

I’m joining Cuisine Kathleen’s Farewell to Summer table challenge today. Before preparing last week’s HOT! Summer Table in the Cool Shade, I set this table in the early morning (because I’m Amish an early riser who hates to sweat glisten).  When I downloaded the pictures, horrors!  Obviously, taking pictures in the shade of our house […]

Summer Tables in Review

Lemon Slice Calibrachoa

This is my second year of setting tablescapes.  I decided to write this review as a way for you (and me!) to back up and see a few of them. This is a collection of tables I’ve set throughout the year, not only during summer, but tablescapes that would work perfectly right now, smack-dab in […]

Summer Junkin’ – Excursions and Inspirations

Rooster Napkin Rings

While visiting an Atlanta area Pottery Barn early this summer, I considered blowing my entire travel budget on these melamine dishes.  With rope edged detailing and uneven texture, they look so much like pottery! The napkins were beautiful, too.  I used a lot of restraint! New is always nice, but antiques (or junk) give you […]

5-Step Wallpaper DIY

Smoothing Wallpaper

I promised this wallpaper tutorial when I published the Laundry Room Decision and Reveal last month.  Wallpaper is not that popular anymore.  But…some readers like wallpaper and there are some beautiful custom papers out there, too. You probably noticed I didn’t rush in getting the tutorial published (no one was begging for it right away), […]

Why We Cut the Cord

Why We Cut the Cord.

Save $ Without Compromising Entertainment! Do you love it when a friend calls you with some scuttlebutt?  Personally, I love to get in on a deal.  When someone finds something wonderful, I want to know about it…when they found it, where they found it, how they found it…all the details, because I want to find […]

Money-Saving Hand Soap Hack

Hand Soap Hack

Yesterday, you saw my fancy unusual paper towel holder in our “new” vintage laundry room.  One observant reader noticed something that was different since the laundry room transformation pictures were originally posted.  Maybe you noticed it, too. Is there an item above that you also see in this picture? Yep, that’s it. HH found the […]

3-Ingredient DIY Laundry Soap

Home-made Laundry Soap

When I shared my Vintage Laundry Essentials, you saw the canning kettle sitting on our washing machine.  I realize many of you may be making your own laundry soap, but is it easy? A few years ago, I started making the home-made laundry soap as a test – to see if our clothes would be […]

Viking Cooking School After-Party: The Shopping!

Post Viking Cooking School Shopping

Cooking in the Viking cooking class put me in the mood for something new for the kitchen.  (Exactly as they’d hoped, I’m sure.)  The cookware we used in class was high quality and nice!  Too expensive, though – and I truly have no NEED for new cookware. The gadgets were a nice quality, too, but […]

Shoot Healthy Frozen Treats from a Dessert Bullet

Instruction Booklet

Yes, you heard me right.   It’s called a Dessert Bullet. I visited Painter Artist Mom (PAM) and Handy Builder Dad (HBD) for a couple of days last week – a little pre-Mother’s Day visit.  PAM has added a Dessert Bullet to her arsenal of kitchen gadgets. I thought I should share the 411 with you […]

Early Bird Tablescape

Early Birds

I couldn’t do it.  I just couldn’t mention worms in the title of a tablescape.  To be polite, I left out that part. I’m participating in Cuisine Kathleen’s Birds~Nests~Eggs Table challenge. Are you an early bird?  An early riser? I confess – I am.  I don’t like worms, so I’ll stick with watching birds get […]

“Deer Sledding in the Snow” Winter Table

Center Collection

With our cold weather this week, I’m in the mood for snow.  We don’t have snow outside, though.  Just cold temperatures!  My table reflects my mood, and it’s obvious with the sled, snow-covered pine cones, and the deer prancing on the snow-type table runner.  What fun it was to create a snow scene in my […]

Panels Hung on Plumber’s Pipe Rods

Teen Hangout

Did y’all have a happy New Year’s Day?  I hope so!  Did you eat black-eyed peas and cabbage? Since I was driving from my parents’ house all afternoon and wasn’t home to prepare, we didn’t have a big New Year’s dinner last night.  HH made breakfast – omelets, bacon, and biscuits!  I’m not one to […]

The Perfect Last-Minute Christmas Gift

Craftsy Sale

Craftsy has had a sale going on for a few days, and I found out this morning they are extending it through Christmas day.  Can you imagine that someone would still be needing a gift on Christmas day? Considering some of my family members, maybe it’s not so far-fetched.  One member of my family in […]

Your After-Christmas Shopping Plan

After Christmas Shopping Plan

Have you finished your Christmas shopping?  Are you sick of shopping – and thinking of shopping, even? Do you shop the sales after Christmas each year?  We are often out of town, so I seldom have the opportunity to scavenge the Christmas clearance shelves.  (Although, clearance shopping is one of my favorite things to do!) […]

DIY Spice Cabinet Side Rails

Roll-out Spice Cabinet

I realize this post has nothing to do with Christmas.  With Christmas only eight days away, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen.  Have you? I really need to ask you this.  Do you have a spice cabinet like this one?  Or, have you seen one like it? I don’t know why […]

How to Make Your Door Swing

Floor Pin Hinge

Do you have a need for a swinging door in your home? We recently added one.  The door project began with an antique door that needed a lot of work.  Read here about the Antique Door Transformation:  Mouse Hole Eliminated. You’ll need a smooth cased opening for the swinging door installation, not the cased opening […]

Antique Door Restoration: Mouse-Hole Eliminated

Door Painted with Primer

Did you have an exciting weekend? I hope you enjoyed yours as much as I did mine.  If you missed yesterday’s post, please click HERE for an important message from one of my favorite people. I played catch-up this weekend – catching up on writing the details of the antique swinging door HH and I […]

Window Treatment Style and 2014 Color Forecast

Maybe you thought I’d lost my mind. Maybe I did, temporarily. I knew I had seen the drapery style somewhere – the style of my New Bedroom Draperies – Phase One.  (This post appears to be a lot of words and few pictures, y’all, but keep reading – there’s a nice surprise later.) When the […]

Drapery Length – Tips to “Get It Right”

Pant Leg Length Drapes

I knew it would happen, and it finally did!  Last night, while writing this post (to be published maybe next week), I accidentally clicked the “publish” tab.  No pictures.  Just a few words.  Nothing complete.  I changed it to a private post quickly, so you may have gotten nothing when you clicked to continue reading […]

Hydrangea Love!

Hometalk Hydrangea Love Board

  I’ve been very excited about this graphic! Do you love all those beautiful hydrangea blooms as much as I do? I created a new board at Hometalk called “Hydrangea Love”.   My Hydrangea Love clips are all dressed up in this graphic (thank you, Hometalk!), so you can easily Clip the graphic to your Hometalk […]