Don’t Miss This Black Friday Deal

Black Friday Deal

I have a surprise for you today.   In general, this Friday I’m offering a course for free with the purchase of another.  So, take advantage of this deal for yourself or as a gift for a friend or family member.  There’s no limited number of deals available and no waiting in line while fearful of […]

What Happens When Struck with Wanderlust in Dallas

Wanderlust in Dallas

We had a family wedding in Dallas last Saturday.  HH and I left on Thursday to spend as much time as possible with family members we haven’t seen in a very long time. What’s better than spending three evenings in a row with family you’ve missed so very much?  Nothing.  But, two full days of […]

Just for You, My Review – Singer 44S (White) and 4423 (Grey)

Singer Model 44S

Since publishing my post about choosing the right machine for sewing home decor, several of you have been asking for this review of the Singer 4423 model.  I’m happy to finally have this review completed for you…but it’s with a twist. As I stated in the post about home decor sewing machine choices, for sewing […]

Book Print Origami Heart Bookmark

Book Print Origami Heart Bookmark

Do you love projects made with book print?  When I stumbled upon these origami hearts made of book print paper on-line, I was super excited.  I couldn’t resist including them in my Avid Reader Valentine Table post. While I do recommend using book pages for these heart bookmarks, I don’t recommend destroying special books. Either […]

Quick Gift – Make a Tea Towel Christmas Pillow Cover


I hadn’t planned to publish a post today.  I’m sure you know by now that if I don’t publish a post by 10 a.m., there will probably be no post…except occasionally. Just a little while ago, as I was preparing tomorrow’s post about our Leg Lamp Dirty Santa Excitement over the weekend, I received an […]

Our Christmas Story Tablescape

Our Christmas Story Tablescape

Do you have a favorite family Christmas story?  It’s ironic that our family’s story involves the movie A Christmas Story. Several years ago, PAM and HBD (Painter Artist Mom and Handy Builder Dad) started a new tradition at Christmas.  At our family gathering, everyone brings a gift to include in the draw pile for a […]

Birthday Fun Give-Away – What’s Your Age?

Fun Birthday Give-Away

A sleek and sophisticated woman I worked with while I was in college once told me this: A woman who will tell her age will tell you everything. Or, was it “anything”?  I can’t remember.  But anyway, the point is…she thought it was in poor taste to share your age. Me?  I’m not sleek or […]

Interested in My Cutlery Napkins?

Silverware Napkin Pocket

Last week, I published Table Trapped in Her Web, a tablescape full of spidery, webbie creepiness.  Did you see it? A reader asked how I made the cutlery napkins.  They are actually tea towels. I’ve received other comments on these napkins that I’ve used for Hoot Owls at Dusk Tablescape… and Summer’s End Birds? Nothing […]

What’s Blooming Wednesday #16

Sunflowers and Zinnias

THE BLOOMS OF FRIENDSHIP There’s not much of anything new blooming in The Land of Making Do.  Today’s What’s Blooming Wednesday is with a twist.  A beautiful twist. Do you have friends that do special things to cheer you up?  I hope you do.  Since I am blessed so, I wish that for you, too. While […]

DIY Cabinet Door Sign – Life is Best at the Lake

Life is Best at the Lake

Do you have any old cabinet doors hanging around?  It’s very easy to turn them into signs. I removed the hinges from an old stained cabinet door, then painted it black.  It was a good opportunity to use a can of old paint that needed emptying.  Then I painted the door (and handle) with Annie […]

Viking Cooking School After-Party: The Shopping!

Post Viking Cooking School Shopping

Cooking in the Viking cooking class put me in the mood for something new for the kitchen.  (Exactly as they’d hoped, I’m sure.)  The cookware we used in class was high quality and nice!  Too expensive, though – and I truly have no NEED for new cookware. The gadgets were a nice quality, too, but […]

Shoot Healthy Frozen Treats from a Dessert Bullet

Instruction Booklet

Yes, you heard me right.   It’s called a Dessert Bullet. I visited Painter Artist Mom (PAM) and Handy Builder Dad (HBD) for a couple of days last week – a little pre-Mother’s Day visit.  PAM has added a Dessert Bullet to her arsenal of kitchen gadgets. I thought I should share the 411 with you […]

Whipping Up a Ruffled Tea Towel – Toile de Jouy!

DIY Tea Towel Complete

How do you feel about toile de Jouy? We mostly refer to it simply as “toile”. Miriam Webster describes toile de Jouy as: :  an 18th century French scenic pattern usually printed on cotton, linen, or silk in one color on a light background; broadly :  a similar printed fabric. I had one year of […]

The Perfect Last-Minute Christmas Gift

Craftsy Sale

Craftsy has had a sale going on for a few days, and I found out this morning they are extending it through Christmas day.  Can you imagine that someone would still be needing a gift on Christmas day? Considering some of my family members, maybe it’s not so far-fetched.  One member of my family in […]

Your After-Christmas Shopping Plan

After Christmas Shopping Plan

Have you finished your Christmas shopping?  Are you sick of shopping – and thinking of shopping, even? Do you shop the sales after Christmas each year?  We are often out of town, so I seldom have the opportunity to scavenge the Christmas clearance shelves.  (Although, clearance shopping is one of my favorite things to do!) […]

Succulent Garden – Cracked Pitcher Revival

Cracked Tea Pitcher

If you need an idea for a last-minute Mother’s Day gift, how about this? For this tabletop succulent planting, you’ll need your favorite iced tea pitcher.   I should say, formerly your favorite. It needs to have a very important feature – something that makes it useless for your family’s favorite  Real Sweet Tea.  A crack. […]

Pom-Pom Baby Pillow – Pom-Pom Tutorial

Winter months are for working on long-awaited sewing projects, like baby gifts.  After making some fleece baby blankets, I found a little pink felt in my craft stash,  perfect for baby pillows.  The yarn was left over from making a blanket and was perfect for pom-poms.  These were made by looping the yarn around three […]

Soft and Easy Baby Blanket

Do you get in the mood for some hand sewing in the winter when it’s cold outside?  Maybe even with snow on the ground?  (If so, I’m a little envious!)  You can sit by your window and see the beauty outside while cozily perched in your warm home, adding some hand-sewn elements to your projects.  […]

Bow Keepers Made From Old Drawers

This little bow keeper had some very humble beginnings.  Remember my favorite salvage place? Pretty humble, huh?  That’s because this warehouse space is used to sell donated “rehab stuff” to raise money for The Learning Center (school for young children).   No need for fancy signage – rehab-ers don’t need a sign, ’cause they can sniff […]

Charming Bookmarks

I keep magazine articles and pictures in a file for inspiration.  This Fall, I pulled out this idea for charmed bookmarks featured in May, 2011, Country Living Magazine.  I decided to make some for Christmas gifts. I gathered the supplies.  The ends of each ribbon are clamped with a v-shaped bracket with “teeth” to grab […]

Scented Bath Salts

Do you plan ahead for your stocking stuffers?  Or, are you like me?  Last-minute dash on Christmas Eve.  This year is different.  I’m thinking ahead,  making something for my daughter’s stocking – and for mine, for a change.  Something girly, something pampering and fragrant! These would make nice hostess gifts, too.  I made two different […]

Sharing Some Mount Salem Soap

In late November, I was introduced to a woman who makes (and sells) gentle, fragrance-free soaps.  Being a staunch DIY-er, I normally would research making something similar of my own (and previously have but am intimidated by it, y’all!). Due to the recommendations of others, I decided to try a few Mount Salem Soap selections.  […]

Real Concord Grape Juice

Do you love grape juice?  I do, too.  It brings vivid memories from childhood of drinking that deep purple goodness while eating peanut butter on saltines with my girl friend next door.  Her basement was outfitted with a full childhood paradise.  In her complete child sized kitchen, we “baked” our peanut butter and crackers.  We […]

Initialed Tissue Holder

Do you carry tissues in your purse?  I do, and the package is always torn at the enclosure much sooner than finishing the tissues.  I’ve made some purse-sized tissue holders that will last through many packages of tissues. Recently, while rummaging through the remnant stash at Hobby Lobby, I got a little carried away.  I […]

Southern Style Pecan Fudge

Southern Pecan Fudge

Are you cooking at home this year for Thanksgiving?  If so, you may need a quick pan of sweetness to add to your desert table.  If you’re not cooking, somebody else is, and you need to take them a treat. If you will be putting your feet under someone else’s table this year, don’t forget […]

Ornaments from 1970’s Light Fixtures

Letters on Glass Sections

A couple of months ago, I was poking around my favorite “junking place”.  Along with a few other items, I bought two used light fixtures, old brass ones with the beveled “panes” connected together to form a ceiling fixture.  See them stuck down in this old drawer?  I paid a dollar for each one. After […]

Personalized Gift Candle

Seven or eight Christmases ago, a friend and I made personalized candles for many people on our Christmas gift lists.  They were a big hit, and many still have their candles, but the candles are burned down to almost nothing.  Recently, I had a request from two recipients that they wanted a new candle this […]

Initialed Purse

Quick Gift Idea! I was in Hancock Fabrics last week, loading up on yarn for more of the scarves (also a great gift idea) I blogged about last week.  If you missed it, click Fun Scarf in an Hour to check it out. Back to my story, I was near the check-out line at Hancock’s […]