Thankful for My Mississippi – A Tablescape

My Mississippi

I’m especially thankful to be in my home state this year with family. We lived in Georgia for sixteen years.  Life there was wonderful, but it was great to come home to Mississippi. Home…to our home state…our Mississippi. Patricia Neely-Dorsey says it best in her poem, Meet My Mississippi. History…tradition…folklore… While my table doesn’t contain […]

Unexpected (and a Little Embarrassing) Thanksgiving Inspiration

Three French Hens - A Tablescape

It happened months ago.  I received an email from someone I didn’t know. She was from TinyPrints.  She wanted my permission to use one of my pictures in my Three French Hens post for something she planned to publish on-line.  When I saw the picture she was using, I laughed. Ha!  Why would anyone want […]

Halloween Table of Webbing and White

Halloween Table of Webbing and White

Have you been waiting for a little Halloween tablescape inspiration?  What took me so long? Truth is, I love fall.  It’s my favorite season.  But with no small children around, Halloween isn’t at the forefront of my mind during fall. Only apples, leaves, and pumpkins I hear, Except when a goulash mood appears. It’s been […]

How to Transform a Candle Holder With an Old Black Slip

Old Black Slip DIY

You’ve seen this biscuit jar filled with lemons used many times before, usually as a pillar candle holder. The lid was broken years ago by a child who was prone to such things.  (But, all forgiven of course.) With Halloween quickly approaching, a transformation was in store for this biscuit jar.  It involves an old […]

How to Make FALL PILLOWS from Thrift Store Shirts

Fall Pillows from Thrifted Shirts and Sweaters

If you were around the last two years, you saw fall home decor made from thrift store sweaters.  Click the images below for posts you’d like to review.     This includes front-button shirts, too. Several years ago, I pulled HH’s pin-point dress shirt from the stack that was headed for donation.  I made a […]

Power Up Your Pumpkins With Gray

Plate Stack

Not only was I surprised at the number of dish sets stashed in my kitchen, I was also a little shocked that until today, I’d posted 130 different tablescapes.  No wonder I’ve bought so many dish sets!  When I started publishing tablescape posts, I only had three sets.  You know the ones…complete with dinners, salads, […]

How to Relish in the Day When Fall Falls…

Fall Porch Decor

We were all waiting for it…and, then when it happened, it happened suddenly.  Haha!  Does that sound like something eerie is about to happen? Maybe you did like me this year and went along with our southern temps, dragging ourselves into fall.  Thankfully, cool finally happened! HH and I were in Atlanta for the first […]

Launch Your Fall Decorating With a Quick Lunch on the Porch

Fall Porch Dining for Two

Has the late summer heat stalled your fall decorating? I’m coming clean with my admission of guilt here. Heat can be so oppressive, can’t it? Let’s not do that anymore. I’m calling time, blowing the whistle, ending the pretense that leaves aren’t falling somewhere other than in my tablescapes. Shall we begin thinking fall and […]

How to Squash Your Fall Tablescape – with Butternut!

Butternut Squash Tablescape

Nothing says fall like butternut squash, so table it. And, fall is always special in the country! by Patricia Neely-Dorsey Yes, the colors of fall…red, yellow, orange, and gold. Along with squash and leaves, squirrels scurry all around.  Squirrel S&P’s nibble acorns. Davy the Squirrel stands ready for pecan-cracking action… …except our pecan trees have […]

Only Good Apples on THIS Family Tree Tablescape

Table Top View

I hope you had a fun, restful, and blessed Labor Day weekend! What do you think of when pondering your family tree? Thank you, Patricia Neely-Dorsey! Last week, as I thought ahead to our Labor Day weekend family reunion in Tennessee, the right elements magically appeared for this family tree tablescape.  (It had  to be […]

How to Set a Bountiful Tablescape Harvest

Place Setting

If you have a cloth or remnant of fabric with seasonally correct coloring for summer, why not use it during early to mid summer? There’s a simple answer to that question…unless the print has pumpkins, squash, and otherwise fall-ish items included.  In that case, it’s only appropriate for lat summer/early fall. Today’s table looks summery […]

What’s Blooming Wednesday #34 – Plus a Master Gardeners Event

Base of Bird Cage Arrangement

We had a few flowers blooming until one night last week when we had a hard freeze.  You’ll see that some flowers uncharacteristically grew from seed during fall rather than spring. The Cleome didn’t grow in this area as usual this past spring and summer.  A few weeks ago, even with cool night temperatures, the […]

Giving Thanks on Brown and White

Thanksgiving of Brown and White

I never was a brown person, so I didn’t wear brown shoes or purse.  I always wore black shoes, and sometimes navy. Until this scarf.  The thing that zings  me is the sharp contrast of rich dark chocolate and pure white! After buying this scarf, my collecting of a few pieces of brown clothing ensued.  […]

De-Stressed Thanksgiving Dining

Place Setting

Do you get stressed out when having people over? Are you intimidated by all the table decor hoopla? While next week’s tablescape will include everything turkey and Thanksgiving, for today, I wanted to share a simple and casual style of dining for the occasion. Simple settings can set a calming mood. Who doesn’t need that […]

Pumpkin and Wheat Shock Table Decor for Fall

The Edges

Does cool weather in fall make you want to put out a plaid tablecloth? Fall tones of gold and orange, brown, burgundy, and green bring such warmth to a table. Hearty soup or pasta bowls remind us that something warm and delicious is about to fill us. Rough textures contrast smooth, shiny dishes. Napkins wrapped […]

Acorns Away! Tablescape

Squirrel and Acorn Place Setting

After excitedly setting this table featuring new plates I found this summer, I visited my Nuts About Squirrels tablescape post from last year.  Yikes!  It’s so similar. While I’ve used the same table-cloth with acorns on it… and the same squirrel plates…even the same napkins angled like bushy squirrel tails… and rattan chargers resembling tree […]

Book Print Acorns DIY

Book Print Acorns

Did you enjoy the acorn pillow I shared with you yesterday?  Acorns are so big this year, I have a feeling the craze might blend over into Christmas season – like the Tartan Plaid Craze from last year.  What fun that was! I’ve seen all types of acorns this year.  Have you noticed all the […]

Acorn Pillow DIY

Acorn Pillow DIY

I’m so excited to finally reveal today’s acorn pillow.  I designed the sweater pillow cover for two guest post tutorials over at PillowCubes, my favorite pillow insert source. I love how this little coloring book acorn turned out, and with the family quote and the tassel stem, I can get past the orange color among […]

Navy, White, and Green (Apple) Tablescape – Surprised?

Victorian S&P's

When I see blue and green together, my heart does a happy dance.  After my Green Apples Aloft tablescape two weeks ago, I couldn’t resist paring green apples with navy and white. I’m sure you’re not all that surprised!  It’s unconventional, I know (wink). Last week’s blue for fall (Leaves Fall-ing on the Table) was […]

Leaves Fall-ing on the Table

Fall Leaves Poem

Welcome, October!  We’re happy to greet you, aren’t we folks? Leaves in fall are one of my favorite things.  The colors are so beautiful.  Here in North Mississippi, we get only a little coloring eventually, although they’re usually blown away quickly by strong winds and rain. Thank you, Patricia Neely-Dorsey, for another thought-provoking poem – […]

Green Apples Aloft – A Fall Tablescape

Green Apple on White

Welcome to Fall!  I’m thrilled  it’s finally officially here!  Are you? Y’all, I love the simplicity of black and white.  Do you?  I set a similar table two years ago during fall in Basic Black and White but without a pop of color like today’s table setting. After pairing these black plates with the new […]

Summer to Fall Table of Transition

Candle Collection

A tablescape of late summer flowers combined with early fall vegetables gathers all the season’s goodness in our mid-September South. The pastel tablecloth is filled with pumpkins, gourds, and green leafy fall flower blooms. I combined our most-used stems of charcoal and green from Dollar Tree. Black dinner plates called out to me to bring […]

Thanksgiving Dining on Tartan

Thanksgiving Dining

Do clearance items sometimes get you moving towards a decorating theme? I bought this tablecloth on clearance a while back.  With tones of brown and a deep maroon, it will work for many occasions.  I decided to set a simple Thanksgiving table of mostly brown and white with highlights of orange and maroon, brought together […]

What To Do With All Those Ripened Pumpkins and Squash

Pumpkins/Squash Recipe Round-Up

Did you buy many baking pumpkins and squash this season?  I did.  Now that the season is drawing to a close and everything is ripening fully, it’s time to use them.  They’re very easy to roast, so never throw them away, even if you don’t live in a Land of Making Do (wink). When I […]

Turkeys Marching Tablescape

Leaf Plate Close-up

I hope you don’t mind, but I have another tablescape for you today.  With Thanksgiving marching towards us, I’m getting my turkeys in line for some marching of their own. Did you notice the red turkey in this picture from my Roasted Acorn Squash Soup post the other day? PAM (Painter Artist Mom) gave Tom […]

Seeds, Pods and Pheasant Feathers – a Table of Texture

Place Setting

On a stroll through the yard to gather horse apples last month, our Magnolia seed pods caught my eye and prompted this Fall tablescape that would be completely appropriate for Thanksgiving. During Fall, we enjoy many things in our landscape – luscious things that transform before our very eyes. As beautiful as Magnolia blossoms are […]

Nuts About Squirrels – A Tablescape

Squirrel and Napkin

When we moved to The Land of Making Do, there were no squirrels scampering through the yard or fields.  I often wondered, Where are the squirrels? I suppose you expect me to say we worked hard to attract them…and now have them everywhere.  Nope. While we were successful with attracting more birds, we still see […]

Table Trapped In Her Web

Web Tablescape

She weaves her web with fervor. She traps without a murmur. It’s sticky, full of ick. Eat here, and you may get sick. Webs gather her prey. “Full of danger,” you might say. This is no nursery rhyme spider… Sitting down beside her. With her family gathered around, no? Including the albino. She trains her […]

DIY Shirt Sleeve Pumpkins

DIY Shirt Sleeve Pumpkins

Many of us have made pillows from a man’s dress shirt,  a sweater or sweat shirt, or even a thrifted jacket.  But, do we just throw away the sleeves? I say no!  Don’t waste those valuable sleeves.  They make the best pumpkins! The orange pumpkin is from a sweater I bought at a Salvation Army […]