Easy DIY – Padded Hangers for Linen Storage

DIY Padded Hangers for Table Linens

PAM (Painter Artist Mom) shared a few extras from her stash of padded hangers HBD (Handy Builder Dad) made for her. His creation is the perfect solution to my disarray in hanging table-cloths.  This was my storage closet before. It’s very easy and quick to make these padded hangers with pipe insulation. You want the […]

Add Spring From Inside to Out

Spring Birds Vignette

I visited Shannon at Belle Bleu Interiors last week to see her easy spring vignette, her spring foyer, and her creative decorating idea.  Such lovely spring changes!  And, you’ll be tickled by the bunny in her foyer. Shannon inspired me to make some changes to my foyer table, which is my great-grandmother’s vintage sewing machine.. […]

How to Sew a Professional Finish – Better Than Store-Bought!

Nine by Nine Table-Cloth

Granted, I buy table-cloths on clearance.  They always are finished around the edges in the same way, no matter where I purchase them.  I should qualify that…anywhere in my  realm of shopping. If you shop at exclusive, high-end stores, there might be better table-cloth edging quality there. 😉 A friend recently asked me to sew […]

How to Add Vintage-y Texture to Your Dresser

Papered Drawer Sides

Did you have a happy Valentine’s Day?  We took a Valentine detour yesterday.  Today, let’s give this refurbished dresser some texture and detailing. The design on the paintable wall paper drew my attention right away.  (Click picture for ordering details.) The minute I saw the vintage detail, I knew exactly where I wanted it for […]

Dresser DIY Sneak Peek on Facebook Live Video

Kitchen With New Dresser DIY

It was mid January when my dresser idea struck.  That was before I wrote the post about How to Dress a Dresser. I didn’t mention a word to you about my plan because I was still dragging the lovely boot around.  I wasn’t sure my idea would actually happen.  You’ll soon read how we got […]

Considerations Before Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets with Chalk Paint

Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets with Chalk Paint

While painting the two desks for my project studio during the last couple of weeks, I had lots of time to think.  What did I think about?  Well, I thought  a lot about…mostly painting.  Surprised?  Haha! Someone told me a while back that they plan to paint their kitchen cabinets with chalk paint. You could’ve […]

Sewing Spaces Refreshed and Minimized

New Sewing Space

Welcome to February, the month of love!  I have something to share with you today that I’m loving right now – my project studio with painted desks for a refreshed feel. This was the arrangement of my sewing desks before the new year changes.  I moved one desk to another room, and scooted the shelf […]

Trial Confessions of Minwax Paste Finishing Wax

Minwax Paste Wax Product Review

Earlier, when I explained how I moved the Red Chairs Out! New Antique Chairs In, I mentioned that Spunky Daughter and some friends visited. While HH and SD’s friends enjoyed farm life adventures, SD painted a desk she’d brought from her apartment. This is the same chalk paint substitute we used for the Thumb Tack […]

How to Dress a Dresser

Dresser, Before

Mom 2, our neighbor in my teens who remains in my life as a “bonus mom”, often used the term of cleaning house as raking out. In January each year, I re-arrange, organize, discard things unwanted, and in general, rake out. It’s a time to re-think the function of things, re-assess spaces.  Since Fun Son […]

Farm Table of Red, Black, and White

Farm Table of Red, White, and Black

Rather than a full-on Valentine table, I set a table heavy on red that also includes black and white. It could be quickly transformed to a Valentine-themed tablescape with the addition of chocolate treats. Open lids to view (and taste) Hershey™ Valentine Peanut M-n-M’s and Cupids.  I posted this on Instagram yesterday.  🙂 I had […]

Easiest DIY: Painting Canning Jars

Chalk Painted Canning Jars

Have you seen the painted canning jars on Pinterest?  Have you painted some?  Have you wanted to? Enough questions!  I’ve wanted to paint canning jars since the first time I saw one on Pinterest.  After detailing my canning jars with keys two weeks ago, I decided to change their look.  Burlap and keys aren’t permanently […]

Red Chairs Out! New Antique Chairs In!

New Arrangement

I had a revelation recently.  After moving arm chairs into the kitchen, we were enjoying the larger seating.  Until… Spunky Daughter visited with three of her friends. What a pain to move those big chairs as we added more around our table-made-larger-with-added-leaves.  I was a bit embarrassed for the inconvenience to guests as they scooted […]

Trash to Treasure Chest – The Before and After

Trash to Treasure Chest

People leave the most remarkable things at the street for trash pick-up! I was following PAM (Painter Artist Mom) along a street a couple of months ago.  She stopped suddenly, got out of her car, and came to my car window. I wondered what was going on… PAM asked if I wanted the chest that […]

How to Easily Frame a Winter Wreath

Frame a Winter Wreath

I love square wreaths!  Do you?  Have you bought one?  I’ve stood in HobLob’s wreath section eyeing the square wreaths several times.  But, I’ve never found one that screamed “just right”! The size I’ve seen looks a little small for our front door with the large, clear window.  I believe I’ve found a way to […]

Vintage Travel Trailer Door Decor DIY – Wanderlust and Merry Christmas!

Vintage Travel Trailer Door Decor

I mentioned recently when discussing Choosing A Christmas Decor Theme how I’ve been on a vintage travel trailer kick for much of 2016. In September, I went to a friend’s decorator shop in Oxford (Mississippi) that has a lot of painted door decorations made from wood.  I asked if whoever cuts their wood could possibly […]

Choosing a Christmas Decor Theme

Banister Garland

Until recently, I would have said to choose a theme that speaks to you – or one that has been speaking to you for months on end.   I’ve had a thing for vintage travel trailers this year, so that’s the theme I’ve had in mind. Are you obsessed with a certain theme for your Christmas […]

Head Slap!

White Christmas Dreaming

Have you started your Christmas decorating?  Please don’t tell me you’ve finished.  I barely got started and have a long way to go. I was determined to have Thanksgiving with no hint of Christmas.  You know…to be intentional and live in the moment of Thanksgiving until all family went home and left us alone (last […]

What’s Blooming Wednesday #52 – Why You Shouldn’t Fear the Ugly

Moonbeam vine seeds

I know all about the ugly.  You probably know it, too.  It’s that in-between stage of landscaping.  Today, I’m sharing all my ugly with you. Don’t we love to see other people’s ugly?  It helps us feel like our own ugly is doing pretty good! Last week, I shared what HH has been working on […]

Halloween Table of Webbing and White

Halloween Table of Webbing and White

Have you been waiting for a little Halloween tablescape inspiration?  What took me so long? Truth is, I love fall.  It’s my favorite season.  But with no small children around, Halloween isn’t at the forefront of my mind during fall. Only apples, leaves, and pumpkins I hear, Except when a goulash mood appears. It’s been […]

How to Transform a Candle Holder With an Old Black Slip

Old Black Slip DIY

You’ve seen this biscuit jar filled with lemons used many times before, usually as a pillar candle holder. The lid was broken years ago by a child who was prone to such things.  (But, all forgiven of course.) With Halloween quickly approaching, a transformation was in store for this biscuit jar.  It involves an old […]

What’s Blooming Wednesday #51 – How to Wake Up to the Loveliest Sound of Rain

Garden Mister

It’s true.  Yesterday morning, I woke up to the sound of the loveliest light misty rain.  Have you ever heard  misty rain?  I didn’t think so.  I’ll explain as we move through today’s pictures of what’s barely  blooming here in The Land of Making Do.  Hah! Did you notice my lack of What’s Blooming Wednesday […]

How to Relish in the Day When Fall Falls…

Fall Porch Decor

We were all waiting for it…and, then when it happened, it happened suddenly.  Haha!  Does that sound like something eerie is about to happen? Maybe you did like me this year and went along with our southern temps, dragging ourselves into fall.  Thankfully, cool finally happened! HH and I were in Atlanta for the first […]

True Confessions: The Day My “Aah…” and “Aha!” Intersected


Why did I wait so long?  The panels hanging on the family room window when we moved here were exactly the right colors, but they needed to go.  They were off-center with the sofa and needed to hang higher on the wall.   But, I put off the project for over eight years!  Why? Within a […]

True Confessions: How THIS Time Organizer Changed My Life – Free For You Today


I made a big mistake when I started blogging.  Rather than treating it as a full-time job (which it soon became), I continued my usual commitments and worked blogging time around my life.  You probably know how that didn’t work! Soon, my time in the yard lessened, I cleaned house only when absolutely necessary, reading […]

How Visiting a Show Home Brought a Resulting Decorating Angst


On one of our quick trips to visit my parents this summer, Painter Artist Mom (PAM) and I took a short opportunity to peruse a local decorator fabric shop that I love.  The store name is Swatches, but there’s way more in that store than swatches. Formerly, they had a front wall filled with five-dollar-per-yard […]