Bunnies at Breakfast

Bunnies at Breakfast

Happy first day of spring!  I don’t normally publish tablescape posts on Mondays, but this table needs to be shared today on this first day of spring. Meet me in the breakfast room to welcome spring… You’ll find plenty of bunnies here. Bunny plates from Tuesday Morning or T. J. Maxx last year. Bunny oat […]

Add Spring From Inside to Out

Spring Birds Vignette

I visited Shannon at Belle Bleu Interiors last week to see her easy spring vignette, her spring foyer, and her creative decorating idea.  Such lovely spring changes!  And, you’ll be tickled by the bunny in her foyer. Shannon inspired me to make some changes to my foyer table, which is my great-grandmother’s vintage sewing machine.. […]

Birds of a Feather Eat Together

Birds of a Feather Tablescape

Just like birds, we gather most often with those of like kind. I looked out our kitchen window one morning last week to see (it seemed) a hundred robins flying all around our yard between the house and barn.  They were landing, pecking, nibbling, and playing with one another.  Joyfully, excitedly, and almost frantically.  A […]

How to Sew a Professional Finish – Better Than Store-Bought!

Nine by Nine Table-Cloth

Granted, I buy table-cloths on clearance.  They always are finished around the edges in the same way, no matter where I purchase them.  I should qualify that…anywhere in my  realm of shopping. If you shop at exclusive, high-end stores, there might be better table-cloth edging quality there. 😉 A friend recently asked me to sew […]

Shamrocks Usher Spring Blooms to the Table

Matching Blooms

It all began with thoughts of green and white.  I’m not Irish, but I had St. Patty’s Day in mind for this table.  Shamrocks from Dollar Tree are all you need! Since we enjoyed spring on many February days, I decided St. Patrick’s Day needs acknowledgement early, too. This particular day was warm but dark […]

How to Add Vintage-y Texture to Your Dresser

Papered Drawer Sides

Did you have a happy Valentine’s Day?  We took a Valentine detour yesterday.  Today, let’s give this refurbished dresser some texture and detailing. The design on the paintable wall paper drew my attention right away.  (Click picture for ordering details.) The minute I saw the vintage detail, I knew exactly where I wanted it for […]

Dresser DIY Sneak Peek on Facebook Live Video

Kitchen With New Dresser DIY

It was mid January when my dresser idea struck.  That was before I wrote the post about How to Dress a Dresser. I didn’t mention a word to you about my plan because I was still dragging the lovely boot around.  I wasn’t sure my idea would actually happen.  You’ll soon read how we got […]

Powder Pink Roses for The Sweet Life Tablescape

Powder Pink Butter Mints

What color of roses do you like best?  Is the traditional blood-red of Valentine’s for you?  Powder pink is my favorite rose.  And, I never told anyone. Valentine’s is for red!  Who was I to go against tradition?  So, I didn’t.  Until last week. I’m not one to buy roses, but Kroger had a sign […]

Sewing Spaces Refreshed and Minimized

New Sewing Space

Welcome to February, the month of love!  I have something to share with you today that I’m loving right now – my project studio with painted desks for a refreshed feel. This was the arrangement of my sewing desks before the new year changes.  I moved one desk to another room, and scooted the shelf […]

How to Dress a Dresser

Dresser, Before

Mom 2, our neighbor in my teens who remains in my life as a “bonus mom”, often used the term of cleaning house as raking out. In January each year, I re-arrange, organize, discard things unwanted, and in general, rake out. It’s a time to re-think the function of things, re-assess spaces.  Since Fun Son […]

Easiest DIY: Painting Canning Jars

Chalk Painted Canning Jars

Have you seen the painted canning jars on Pinterest?  Have you painted some?  Have you wanted to? Enough questions!  I’ve wanted to paint canning jars since the first time I saw one on Pinterest.  After detailing my canning jars with keys two weeks ago, I decided to change their look.  Burlap and keys aren’t permanently […]

Red Chairs Out! New Antique Chairs In!

New Arrangement

I had a revelation recently.  After moving arm chairs into the kitchen, we were enjoying the larger seating.  Until… Spunky Daughter visited with three of her friends. What a pain to move those big chairs as we added more around our table-made-larger-with-added-leaves.  I was a bit embarrassed for the inconvenience to guests as they scooted […]

Dinner on the Train Tablescape

Dinner on the Train Tablescape

At this table, I imagine couples on a train having dinner.  Or at least a snack.  Complete with chocolate.  Of course. Don’t you think mid-twentieth century dinner on a train was served on fine china with cups and saucers, dessert plates, crystal stemware, and true silverware? The travel case set the theme as I gathered […]

Trash to Treasure Chest – The Before and After

Trash to Treasure Chest

People leave the most remarkable things at the street for trash pick-up! I was following PAM (Painter Artist Mom) along a street a couple of months ago.  She stopped suddenly, got out of her car, and came to my car window. I wondered what was going on… PAM asked if I wanted the chest that […]

How to Easily Frame a Winter Wreath

Frame a Winter Wreath

I love square wreaths!  Do you?  Have you bought one?  I’ve stood in HobLob’s wreath section eyeing the square wreaths several times.  But, I’ve never found one that screamed “just right”! The size I’ve seen looks a little small for our front door with the large, clear window.  I believe I’ve found a way to […]

Why I’m Designating January as CHOCOLATE MONTH

Chocolate Understands

National Chocolate Day isn’t until sometime in October.  Who did that? Don’t they know we need the month of January to gather and practice our recipes for Valentine’s Day?  Who doesn’t plan chocolate molten for dessert on Valentines Day…or a healthy chocolate syrup for strawberry dipping…or my grandmother’s Mississippi Mud Slide?  At the very least, […]

Four Major Areas That Pack a Punch at Christmas

O Christmas Tree

We’ve had our pre-lit Martha Stewart Christmas tree for thirteen years.  The tree has been wonderful all these years…just remove three sections from the box, snap them together, plug in the light sections, and you’re good to go. Not so this year.  It must be the unlucky thirteen! I put our tree together the Monday […]

Travel Trailers in Snow at Christmas – A Tablescape

Travel Trailers in Snow at Christmas

Are you laughing?  You knew it was coming, right? You had to know because you know I don’t waste a thing.  🙂 I collected a few vintage travel trailer ornaments at Hob Lob when Christmas decorations first hit the shelves. They’re decorated and ready for Christmas. Now you see the reason I made the trees […]

An Old Tyme Christmas Table

Olde Time Christmas Decor

I’ve heard that people back in the day used whatever they had on hand to decorate for Christmas.  Like popcorn for garland, dried fruit, nuts, pine cones, kitchen gadgets, sewing notions, rope twine…and things made with their hands.  Each gift was a labor of love. For my old tyme Christmas table, I pulled out everything […]

Vintage Travel Trailer Door Decor DIY – Wanderlust and Merry Christmas!

Vintage Travel Trailer Door Decor

I mentioned recently when discussing Choosing A Christmas Decor Theme how I’ve been on a vintage travel trailer kick for much of 2016. In September, I went to a friend’s decorator shop in Oxford (Mississippi) that has a lot of painted door decorations made from wood.  I asked if whoever cuts their wood could possibly […]

Choosing a Christmas Decor Theme

Banister Garland

Until recently, I would have said to choose a theme that speaks to you – or one that has been speaking to you for months on end.   I’ve had a thing for vintage travel trailers this year, so that’s the theme I’ve had in mind. Are you obsessed with a certain theme for your Christmas […]

Head Slap!

White Christmas Dreaming

Have you started your Christmas decorating?  Please don’t tell me you’ve finished.  I barely got started and have a long way to go. I was determined to have Thanksgiving with no hint of Christmas.  You know…to be intentional and live in the moment of Thanksgiving until all family went home and left us alone (last […]

What Happens When Struck with Wanderlust in Dallas

Wanderlust in Dallas

We had a family wedding in Dallas last Saturday.  HH and I left on Thursday to spend as much time as possible with family members we haven’t seen in a very long time. What’s better than spending three evenings in a row with family you’ve missed so very much?  Nothing.  But, two full days of […]

True Confessions: The Day My “Aah…” and “Aha!” Intersected


Why did I wait so long?  The panels hanging on the family room window when we moved here were exactly the right colors, but they needed to go.  They were off-center with the sofa and needed to hang higher on the wall.   But, I put off the project for over eight years!  Why? Within a […]

How Visiting a Show Home Brought a Resulting Decorating Angst


On one of our quick trips to visit my parents this summer, Painter Artist Mom (PAM) and I took a short opportunity to peruse a local decorator fabric shop that I love.  The store name is Swatches, but there’s way more in that store than swatches. Formerly, they had a front wall filled with five-dollar-per-yard […]

Reward Yourself with a Sturdy Coat Rack Made From an Old Cabinet Door

Old Cabinet Door Coat Rack

Last year in August when we moved our two into an apartment together for college, Spunky Daughter requested a coat rack in the front hallway by the door.  And, y’all know first-hand how I can delay…stall…ponder…and delay some more while finding inspiration that fit the order (SD’s style/wants).  She loves anything with a rustic or […]

The “Sure We Can!” Summer Table

Sure We Can!

Just before my Georgia friends arrived two weekends ago, I began setting a tablescape with the vision of Spunky Daughter’s Moss Embossed Flower Pots in mind.  The problem was…I didn’t finish the pots before my friends got here. We ate at the partially set table, and you know what?  My friends didn’t have their feelings […]