The Joy of Water Bath Canning – a Tutorial

Water Bath Canning

Last week, I canned Pear Relish and shared the recipe with you.  Today, you’ll see the specifics of how I achieve a proper seal to my jars. You can find loads of information about canning in books, on internet sites, from grandma’s notes on recipes…and on and on.  If you’re just beginning to learn the […]

Pear Relish

Canning the Pears

Have you ever eaten pear relish? “What is pear relish eaten with?” you may be asking. Um, well…I like it on ham or turkey sandwiches, hot dogs, and anything involving mayo and mustard.  Yes, hamburgers…it’s very good on hamburgers. Some people eat it with home-grown field peas…black-eyed peas…crowder peas…and green beans.  This chow-type relish is […]

Real Concord Grape Juice

Do you love grape juice?  I do, too.  It brings vivid memories from childhood of drinking that deep purple goodness while eating peanut butter on saltines with my girl friend next door.  Her basement was outfitted with a full childhood paradise.  In her complete child sized kitchen, we “baked” our peanut butter and crackers.  We […]