Recognizing the Voice

John 10:10

Do you have negative thoughts about yourself?  Is your first reaction to a compliment one that dispels or minimizes it?  There’s a reason. The reason is not what you think.  The reason is NOT that those whispering thoughts are the truth.  And, the reason is discussed in scripture. Not everyone struggles with this.  HH says […]

Why I’m Designating January as CHOCOLATE MONTH

Chocolate Understands

National Chocolate Day isn’t until sometime in October.  Who did that? Don’t they know we need the month of January to gather and practice our recipes for Valentine’s Day?  Who doesn’t plan chocolate molten for dessert on Valentines Day…or a healthy chocolate syrup for strawberry dipping…or my grandmother’s Mississippi Mud Slide?  At the very least, […]

The Connection Between St. Nick and the Christmas Carol, Silent Night

Silent Night

We all know the song Silent Night  refers to the night Jesus was born.  What an awesome, glorious night! I was doing a little research when I made a shocking discovery. St. Nicholas is connected to this popular Christmas carol.  What?  That’s right.  I’ll explain. It was Christmas Eve.  The organ was broken, which ruined […]

What’s Your Plan for 2017?

Personalized Journal

Early in the week, as I contemplate my Sunday post ahead, my thoughts and Bible reflections take me down a certain path.  Often, God guides me in a different direction as the week progresses.  That’s what happened this week.  It all started with a very special gift. An e-mail friend, who is also a reader, […]


How was your Thanksgiving week?  Did the fun end all too soon for you? Was your focus fully on the blessings of the week?  Or, did the process of preparing everything take priority over enjoying it? Please tell me I’m not the only one who struggles with that!  Concentration while preparing doesn’t come easy when […]

The Elephant in the Room

Romans 15:13

I know Veteran’s Day is over, but I published Friday’s post without mentioning the fact that I appreciate all that our service men and women do for our freedoms. If you are a veteran or a veteran’s spouse, parent, or child, you have seen the sacrifice they make (or made) first-hand. And, you sacrifice(d)as well.  […]

What’s the Secret to a Safe Haven Home?

Romans 15:13

A friend reminded me recently that not everyone lives with peace in their home.  Sometimes relationships are strained and can even be abusive at times.  Let’s face it.  None of us is perfect, and when left to our own devices, we can make the lives of others in our household miserable. So, how do we […]

He Delivers

When God takes longer than you expect to answer your prayers, do you doubt Him?  Or, do you relax, understanding that God works in His own timing? He answers prayers in ways we sometimes don’t quite understand.  And, hear this:  He gives us far better than what we asked.  (At least, that’s been my experience.) […]

How to Relish in the Day When Fall Falls…

Fall Porch Decor

We were all waiting for it…and, then when it happened, it happened suddenly.  Haha!  Does that sound like something eerie is about to happen? Maybe you did like me this year and went along with our southern temps, dragging ourselves into fall.  Thankfully, cool finally happened! HH and I were in Atlanta for the first […]

Thankfully, HE IS…So We Don’t Have To Be

Are you tired?  Do you feel like you constantly struggle through life? Patricia Neely-Dorsey Where do you go to find answers?  The Lord answers all questions. Because He is. Contemporary Christian music is my favorite music to listen to while driving, and Mark Schultz is a gifted artist I listen to often.  Some of his […]

God’s Most Important Promise


The most important thing God promises is our salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.  We have eternal life – life with Him after we pass to our continued existence in Heaven. And, we have Him with us right now, as well! I cannot imagine life without Him.  Can you? Yes, Jesus is alive! Let’s praise […]

Only Good Apples on THIS Family Tree Tablescape

Table Top View

I hope you had a fun, restful, and blessed Labor Day weekend! What do you think of when pondering your family tree? Thank you, Patricia Neely-Dorsey! Last week, as I thought ahead to our Labor Day weekend family reunion in Tennessee, the right elements magically appeared for this family tree tablescape.  (It had  to be […]

What’s Blooming Wednesday #50 – Fruit Harvest!


It was mid-afternoon yesterday when I checked on our plantings.  No rain ahead for many days, and with the intense heat, our plants need watering. We’ve been so blessed to have no fly problems at all this summer…until now. Butterflies are everywhere, too.  Things are overgrown, huge, and full. I love Cockscomb, but they can […]

Behind Your Strong, Godly Man…


Yep.  It’s you.  The supportive, Godly woman behind your strong, Godly man…is you.  For the sake of your marriage, it better  be you. We don’t support our man because he deserves it at every moment in time (but he very likely does deserve it).  Even if we feel he never deserves it, we should support […]

What’s Blooming Wednesday #49 – New Planters for Fragrance

Moonbeam Vine

Do you water your potted plants every day during summer? For the first time in nine years, I decided to only water my pots every other day.  We learned with our horses that the more you do for them, the more you have  to do for them.  The same goes for potted plants, I’ve discovered. […]

The “Sure We Can!” Summer Table

Sure We Can!

Just before my Georgia friends arrived two weekends ago, I began setting a tablescape with the vision of Spunky Daughter’s Moss Embossed Flower Pots in mind.  The problem was…I didn’t finish the pots before my friends got here. We ate at the partially set table, and you know what?  My friends didn’t have their feelings […]

Whose Words Do You Believe?


A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine from another faith was chastising The Holy Bible, all while lamenting over her life being in such a mess.  “Why me?”…”What did I ever do to deserve this?  I’m a good person!”…”Why do Christians get to have everything they want when they don’t always deserve it?”…”If […]

You Are Beautiful

1 Timothy 2:10

You may not think so, but you are beautiful.  All women are beautiful. Do you sometimes doubt it?  Does Satan whisper in your ear that you’re not good enough…not talented enough…not smart enough…not pretty enough…not strong enough…? Yes, you are beautiful.  You display a packaging of what’s inside and out.  As the inside shines the […]