Bunnies at Breakfast

Bunnies at Breakfast

Happy first day of spring!  I don’t normally publish tablescape posts on Mondays, but this table needs to be shared today on this first day of spring. Meet me in the breakfast room to welcome spring… You’ll find plenty of bunnies here. Bunny plates from Tuesday Morning or T. J. Maxx last year. Bunny oat […]

Birds of a Feather Eat Together

Birds of a Feather Tablescape

Just like birds, we gather most often with those of like kind. I looked out our kitchen window one morning last week to see (it seemed) a hundred robins flying all around our yard between the house and barn.  They were landing, pecking, nibbling, and playing with one another.  Joyfully, excitedly, and almost frantically.  A […]

White-Cheeked Gibbon Video at the Nashville Zoo

Nashville Zoo

I know what you may be thinking…that the video is probably of our nutty kids acting like grown monkeys.  Close.  But not it. Yes, our two fun and sometimes monkey-like kids were with us at the Nashville Zoo, but we didn’t video them.  We caught the real monkeys in action!  We’ll get to that later. […]

Tips to Eliminate the “Oh, Deer!”


A reader and friend who lives at the other end of my state (Mississippi) emailed me before Easter.  She asked me to write a post about what to plant that the deer won’t eat.  They have eaten everything in her yard down to a nub.  Oh, deer  is right! Why didn’t I think of writing […]

Pet Cone Alternative DIY

Pet Cone Alternative DIY

Happy Friday!  I thought maybe a pet DIY and update would be nice for a weekend kick-off – something light to help you if you have a dog. I’d swear (but I try not to), the very day I told you about Our Best Renovation Yet – Winston, that was the day of total jinx.  […]

Our Best Renovation Yet – Winston

Renovation Winston

There’s something I’ve wanted to tell you about for a while now.  HH and I have a new furry friend.  A blessing. Have you ever had a gift drop out of the sky…something so perfect that you know it’s part of God’s perfect plan? Meet Winston.  Just look at that face! It was the Saturday […]

What’s Blooming Wednesday #31 – The Music of Fall

Mrs. Corn Spider

There’s not much new around here as far as blooms go.  You’ll see there’s plenty going on critter-wise, though. The red cockscomb still show off bright coloring.  They dance in the breeze as if in anticipation of cooler days.  Are you dancing with excitement over the coming cool, crisp days?  I am! Mrs. Corn Spider […]

Birds Chillin’ Table for Two

Tin Bird

It’s way too hot outside, so we avoid eating on porches these days.  No more alfresco dining for us, at least until cooler weather arrives. You’ve seen this room a lot this week.  I decided this would be the perfect spot for our meal last night – before spreading pieces to that puzzle I mentioned […]

Our Visit to the Key West Butterfly Conservatory

Key West Conservatory Butterfly

I’d never experienced butterflies in quite the way we did in Key West last month.  Yes, we have plenty of butterflies in The Land of Making Do,  but none so colorful and plentiful. The Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory has the prettiest blue butterflies, and many other colors, too.  The blue variety was the […]

Rise and Shine! (A Farm House Breakfast Tablescape)

Rise and Shine!

Good morning!  I just realized a few minutes ago that I’ve published 600 posts.  Wow, that happened quickly!  Here we go for #601.  🙂 In honor of National Farm House Breakfast Week, I’ve set a totally Southern farm/country table.  Come on in and pull up a chair! The minute I spread some tea towels, the […]

Nuts About Squirrels – A Tablescape

Squirrel and Napkin

When we moved to The Land of Making Do, there were no squirrels scampering through the yard or fields.  I often wondered, Where are the squirrels? I suppose you expect me to say we worked hard to attract them…and now have them everywhere.  Nope. While we were successful with attracting more birds, we still see […]

Highlights From The Blue Grass State

Morning Work-Out

I don’t talk much about college sports.  OK, maybe I’ve never talked about that with you before. But…when you marry into a family heavy with graduates from a certain school that becomes ranked #1 in football (and Fun Son attends), it eventually must be mentioned.  This rare thing in our household, this excitement, inspired a […]

Our Pets – Large and Small

Zep, The Paint Saddle Horse

Last Friday, I gave y’all a little update of things going on here.  Many of you seemed to enjoy that, so I thought I’d give you a full “critter” report.  With enjoyable weather, we’re spending more time outside with our horses and dogs.  Even the inside dog, Izzy, and I took a bucket to the […]

5 AM Panic!

Horses Behind Gate

Welcome to another Spectacular Sunday!  I’m so glad you’re here.  I hope you’ve had a blessed week. This week here in The Land of Making Do has been interesting.  Nothing special going on, really…just working along on a couple of projects.  But, I have a little story to share with you. I was supposed to […]

What’s Blooming Wednesday #7

Purple Phlox

It’s been a little cooler here this week, so I’ve been out trimming the iris leaves.  I think they needed it just a little, don’t you? Every year, I’m tempted to cut all the leaves when I cut back the bloom stalks after the blooms fade.  I’ve read that you should wait until after June […]

Tour Our Barn With Me

Just a quick post here.  It’s a little rainy outside today.  But warm. Great day for a Barn Tour.  So, come with me, OK? Pull on your boots.  (I’m so excited!  Don’t get many visitors way out here.) Ready? Let’s go.

Riding Lessons

I came inside a few minutes ago from the barn.  Once again, got hay in my hair, mud on my boots – and jeans – and smell like a horse.  Ready for the big jet tub with the Scented Bath Salts I’ve been saving from the batch I made at Christmas – my stocking stuffer, […]