News Flash: Chateau Grey is Green!

Sanding Stool

While I had the kitchen torn apart covered in newsprint transforming the French country plate shelf and porch ladder, I included my little red (and dirty) kitchen step-stool. I decided to paint the legs of the stool in Annie Sloan Chateau Grey.  Grey and red would be nice together, right? We should always test a […]

A Vintage Tray Scape

Vintage Tray Scape

Last week’s Peek Into Spring Tea tablescape was a completely different direction than my original plan.  Somewhere in my parents’ home, I’d seen a white wicker bed tray.  How I wanted to set up a Valentine tray for Painter Artist Mom as she convalesced from surgery! When I questioned PAM about the tray, she didn’t […]

Flowers are for Love Birds (and Valentines) – A Tablescape

Bluebirds Under Cloche

No, it’s not spring yet, but we have blue birds nesting in lots of places.  I love their color, don’t you? I’ve separated these DIY blue birds under cabinet knob cloche domes to keep them from mating.  😉 Love is in the air… This flowery tablecloth is a big push hint for some flower delivery […]

New Paint for French Country Plate Shelf

Annie Sloan Color Arles with Dark Wax

She’s got style, she’s got grace… After baring my soul paint failures to you last week, here’s the big ta-da.  Yay, it’s finished! The paint color road was a long one.  But in the end, the shelf turned out exactly like my vision (after nearly tossing in the towel). Remember how I decided to sleep […]

ADHD with Painting Excursions in My Kitchen

Shelf Paint Change #2

WHAT COLOR WILL IT BE? In my Rise and Shine! tablescape post this week, I mentioned painting my plate shelf and an ADHD realization.  Since I’ve had such fun with your comments to the ADHD accusation symptoms, I thought sharing the layer upon layer of paint progression of color changes with said shelf might be […]

Initial It with Pom-Poms – A Really Cheap How-To, Y’all

Pom-Pom Initial

Sunday night while watching a movie (until far too late in the night), I took the opportunity to make a pile of pom-poms.  Did you know one skein of yarn will make twelve large pom-poms? If needed, check out this old but handy-dandy Pom-Pom Tutorial. I’d planned to make a heart wreath for Valentine’s, but […]

Colorful Mason Jar Floating Candles

Canning Jar Floating Candles

In the Fireside Table for Two tablescape post yesterday, I used an antique sewing cabinet drawer in the centerpiece. I’ve pondered  different ideas of what to do with my great-grandmother’s sewing cabinet. It sits in the nostalgia room upstairs, serving no purpose.  The machine is still intact…everything in fairly good working order. It was passed […]

This Country Christmas

Coffee Filter Wreath Decor

Are you crazy busy this week? Over the past two months, I’ve been out of town eight times – anywhere from three days to a week at a time. Do you ever feel like a fish swimming upstream?  While barely maintaining my regular responsibilities, accomplishing anything extra – like Christmas decorating – has been a […]

Joining the Tartan Plaid Craze

Tartan Plaid Fabric

Have you noticed an explosion of Tartan plaids around Blogland and Pinterest recently?  Tartans are a classic, so they never are considered “out”.  But, with the recent “in”, it may only seem  they were out for a while. In the midst of preparing my Thanksgiving Dining on Tartan tablescape this week, my Tartan meter was […]

How to Make Clay Pottery Look Like Antique Bisque

How to Make Ordinary Clay Pottery Look Like Antique Bisque

Did you have a good weekend?  It was cold and rainy here yesterday, making it a perfect afternoon to stay inside after church. Fun Son was here, and we watched a couple of home movies from when the kids were little.  Do you ever do that?  That is a fun way to spend time with […]

Bathroom #2 Updates for Impact

Bathroom #2 Updates

Earlier this year, we tiled this bathroom floor (DIY Ceramic Tile).  I delayed making other changes until I had a true vision for the bathroom. I love red, but the red shower curtain just wasn’t working for me anymore. After considering painting the cabinets black, I decided the room would be too dark with the […]

Interested in My Cutlery Napkins?

Silverware Napkin Pocket

Last week, I published Table Trapped in Her Web, a tablescape full of spidery, webbie creepiness.  Did you see it? A reader asked how I made the cutlery napkins.  They are actually tea towels. I’ve received other comments on these napkins that I’ve used for Hoot Owls at Dusk Tablescape… and Summer’s End Birds? Nothing […]

Cover a Bulletin Board in 3 Easy Steps

Bulletin Board Supplies

It’s really easy to give your plain old bulletin/white board a new look.  Choose a fabric you love, gather a few supplies, and let’s get started. Supplies you’ll need: Fabric Rope Trim with Flange Scissors Hot Glue Tape Measure Staple Gun Step 1:  The Painting and Measuring I started with an old board from Spunky […]

Adding Antique Ironing Board Details

Emblem with Hook

Happy Friday, everyone!  There are many things going on here in The Land of Making Do, so I’ll give you a peek at the harvest going on outside our door.  Don’t you love Fall? The sounds of combines roaring in the background are a constant reminder that I must dust the furniture t-o-d-a-y.  It cannot […]

Choosing a Bed Skirt Style

How to Choose a Bed Skirt Style

One of my dearest friends from the old Georgia neighborhood asked me to make a bed skirt and two shams for the bedroom of her youngest daughter (and fourth child). To give you a little background, my friend’s third child (another daughter) and Spunky Daughter are the same age.  I rocked her baby girl right […]

Make a Ruffled Shower Curtain

Ruffled Shower Curtain

Do you remember the shower curtain from my post  Bathroom Changes for Major Impact? I added the ruffle because I didn’t have enough fabric for the full length.  (I’m in The Land of Making Do, remember?) The finished measurement for a standard shower curtain is 72″ long by 72″ wide.  For this ruffled curtain, cut […]

Late Summer Dining for Two

Pink Plates

Are you in “Fall mode” yet? HH bailed hay yesterday with a heat index of 100+, so it definitely doesn’t feel like Fall. Tomorrow…cool weather should arrive.  So, in anticipation of a meal on the porch in the evening when it’s cool, I’ve set a table for the two of us.  HH needs a little […]

Bathroom Changes for Major Impact

Hanging Towel Holder

Well, I’ve done it again.  I didn’t get before pictures.  Sometimes I get so excited about a project, I just forge ahead, full steam! After the room was complete, I slid this curtain over the rod to give you an idea of the before.  Imagine light green walls and this shower curtain below.  That was […]

Kitchen Stool Redoux – Yes, Again!

Kitchen Stool Project Complete

Have you ever completed a project and immediately been dissatisfied with it? My kitchen stool is such.  I wasn’t completely happy with the white label on the black seat of my Mod Podge Kitchen Stool.  It bothered  me.  The look wasn’t exactly what I was going for.  At all. Sometimes, we grow into liking something […]

Summer’s End Birds? Nothing to Shake a Stick At!

Summer's End Bird Table

I’m joining Cuisine Kathleen’s Farewell to Summer table challenge today. Before preparing last week’s HOT! Summer Table in the Cool Shade, I set this table in the early morning (because I’m Amish an early riser who hates to sweat glisten).  When I downloaded the pictures, horrors!  Obviously, taking pictures in the shade of our house […]

HOT! Summer Table in the Cool Shade


Things are really heating up here in the south.  We have temps in the upper 90’s this week, and with our humidity factored in, our heat indexes are above 100°! Naturally, we are scrambling for shade where we can find it. Let’s move quickly, shall we, before the sun creeps across our table? This summer, […]

Summer Junkin’ – Excursions and Inspirations

Rooster Napkin Rings

While visiting an Atlanta area Pottery Barn early this summer, I considered blowing my entire travel budget on these melamine dishes.  With rope edged detailing and uneven texture, they look so much like pottery! The napkins were beautiful, too.  I used a lot of restraint! New is always nice, but antiques (or junk) give you […]

Clothes Pin Paper Towel Holder

Clothes Pin Paper Towel Holder

Earlier this year, I bought this wooden clothes pin container at Hob Lob on clearance.  Couldn’t you find a use for this box-like decorative item for a grand $3 price? I didn’t hate the color blue, but it didn’t match anything in my laundry room.  With the recent vintage look, the blue needed to go. […]

Antique Ironing Board – Grimy to Great (and Green)

Antique Ironing Board in ASCP Antibes Green

My antique ironing board didn’t look very good when I bought it.  The cotton batting from under the pad stuck to the board.  Yuk!  (Most people wouldn’t buy a board like this.) I wasn’t sure how hard it would be to remove the stuck-on fibers, but it was easier than expected.  After misting with a […]

Laundry Room Essentials – Vintage Inspired

Vintage Laundry Room Wall

Welcome back to my laundry room!  Like you, it’s the place that captures much of my time.  Why not make it fun to be in that place that requires so many hours of your life? You saw the wallpaper wall in my previous post about my laundry room decision. The cabinet wall looks quite different […]

Laundry Room Decision – Wallpaper Reveal!

Accent Wall Decor

Finally, the day has arrived…the day you’ve been waiting for…for over a year. The original post about my laundry room decision was in May of 2013.  Aren’t I amazing?  Don’t I knock your socks off with my fast-moving and decisive decorating changes? Help!  Opinions, Please? Many of you offered wonderful (and varied) advice about the […]

Re-Upholster a Footstool

Re-Upholstered Footstool

You may have noticed this footstool in the pictures from making new window treatments and shams for the master bedroom. Since the bed is tall, I use this footstool every day.  I am short – especially compared to HH and our offspring. Here is the newly covered footstool in the master.  Notice it matches the […]

Old Apple Crate – Restore and Re-purpose!

Apple Crate Restored

It’s so nice to be home!  If you missed yesterday’s post about handling road snakes, you might not know we were gone for ten days.   As wonderful as it is to get out and see our beautiful country, it’s always great to come home, unpack, and resume a “normal” schedule again. I’ll share more […]

DIY Cabinet Door Sign – Life is Best at the Lake

Life is Best at the Lake

Do you have any old cabinet doors hanging around?  It’s very easy to turn them into signs. I removed the hinges from an old stained cabinet door, then painted it black.  It was a good opportunity to use a can of old paint that needed emptying.  Then I painted the door (and handle) with Annie […]

Viking Cooking School After-Party: The Shopping!

Post Viking Cooking School Shopping

Cooking in the Viking cooking class put me in the mood for something new for the kitchen.  (Exactly as they’d hoped, I’m sure.)  The cookware we used in class was high quality and nice!  Too expensive, though – and I truly have no NEED for new cookware. The gadgets were a nice quality, too, but […]

22 Easy Ways to Make a Custom Clock

DIY Clock Pinnable

I have something quick (but exciting) to share with you today.  Do you know about Hometalk?  It’s a very good resource for home project ideas and how-to instructions. My DIY Custom Vintage Tray Clock project is one of the posts I shared at Hometalk.  Liz, who is Community Manager at Hometalk, contacted me earlier this […]

July 4th Quilt Comfort – a Tablescape

Plate Stack

To me, there’s nothing more comfy than a well-used quilt. The basis of our 4th of July table began with this wedding ring quilt made by HH’s late grandmother.  (Why do we say that about people who have passed?  Late.  I think God would say she was right on time, not late at all.) It’s […]

The Amazing Yard of Mr. and Mrs. Garden Party – Part 2

Baby Bed Bench and Table

Thanks, everyone, for your fun and kind comments yesterday.  Mr. and Mrs. Garden Party will be happy to know how much you like their yard of inspiration. Mrs. Garden Party is on Pinterest, so she may have seen her own decor scrolling through her feed.  I hope those Pins made her feel appreciated for her […]

The Amazing Yard of Mr. and Mrs. Garden Party – Part 1

Grill and Seating

Happy Monday!  I know you’re happy to finally see this post, and I must apologize for not getting it published last week.  Sometimes life happens. In The Land of Making Do, farm life happens.  Chores.  The best news is that one major project of every year – spraying water seal on all our fences – […]

Whipping Up a Ruffled Tea Towel – Toile de Jouy!

DIY Tea Towel Complete

How do you feel about toile de Jouy? We mostly refer to it simply as “toile”. Miriam Webster describes toile de Jouy as: :  an 18th century French scenic pattern usually printed on cotton, linen, or silk in one color on a light background; broadly :  a similar printed fabric. I had one year of […]

Pillow Shams With a “No-Flop” Flange – Tutorial

Pillow Shams with Flange

You saw these new shams yesterday when I gave you the first peek.  They are the easiest shams you can make, in my opinion. For a flange that doesn’t flop forward, you need to add something that gives the sham some body or stiffening.  I used an 8-ounce poly quilt batting that was left over […]

Making the Master Pillow Shams

New Pillow Shams with Flange

It’s a bright, sunny Monday morning here in The Land of Making Do – a beautiful beginning to our week before Mother’s Day. I mentioned recently that I’d finally found fabric for our master bedroom pillow shams to coordinate with the room.  If you’ve been following along, you’ve seen the three phases of window treatments […]

DIY Belt-Covered Footstool

DIY Belt Seat Footstool

Hurray!  It’s May! After our tornado-filled skies on Monday, we’ve had sunset evenings filled with color and beauty directed by God’s artistic hand.  With the devastation of tornado destruction around us, we pray for each family who lost their home.  Many people are helping neighbors, and it gives us a glimpse of what we are […]

2 Easy Ways to Sew Table Linens

Sewing Edge

Table cloths and napkins are very easy to sew.  A specialty fabric that matches your table decor or theme adds a custom look that says “Wow”. For example, I made these napkins for added wow on my Chevron (Finished) Tablescape. I’d like to show you two simple ways you can sew the edges of table […]