Farm Table of Red, Black, and White

Farm Table of Red, White, and Black

Rather than a full-on Valentine table, I set a table heavy on red that also includes black and white. It could be quickly transformed to a Valentine-themed tablescape with the addition of chocolate treats. Open lids to view (and taste) Hershey™ Valentine Peanut M-n-M’s and Cupids.  I posted this on Instagram yesterday.  🙂 I had […]

Red Chairs Out! New Antique Chairs In!

New Arrangement

I had a revelation recently.  After moving arm chairs into the kitchen, we were enjoying the larger seating.  Until… Spunky Daughter visited with three of her friends. What a pain to move those big chairs as we added more around our table-made-larger-with-added-leaves.  I was a bit embarrassed for the inconvenience to guests as they scooted […]

How to Easily Frame a Winter Wreath

Frame a Winter Wreath

I love square wreaths!  Do you?  Have you bought one?  I’ve stood in HobLob’s wreath section eyeing the square wreaths several times.  But, I’ve never found one that screamed “just right”! The size I’ve seen looks a little small for our front door with the large, clear window.  I believe I’ve found a way to […]

Four Major Areas That Pack a Punch at Christmas

O Christmas Tree

We’ve had our pre-lit Martha Stewart Christmas tree for thirteen years.  The tree has been wonderful all these years…just remove three sections from the box, snap them together, plug in the light sections, and you’re good to go. Not so this year.  It must be the unlucky thirteen! I put our tree together the Monday […]

Choosing a Christmas Decor Theme

Banister Garland

Until recently, I would have said to choose a theme that speaks to you – or one that has been speaking to you for months on end.   I’ve had a thing for vintage travel trailers this year, so that’s the theme I’ve had in mind. Are you obsessed with a certain theme for your Christmas […]

Don’t Miss This Black Friday Deal

Black Friday Deal

I have a surprise for you today.   In general, this Friday I’m offering a course for free with the purchase of another.  So, take advantage of this deal for yourself or as a gift for a friend or family member.  There’s no limited number of deals available and no waiting in line while fearful of […]

How to Set a Bountiful Tablescape Harvest

Place Setting

If you have a cloth or remnant of fabric with seasonally correct coloring for summer, why not use it during early to mid summer? There’s a simple answer to that question…unless the print has pumpkins, squash, and otherwise fall-ish items included.  In that case, it’s only appropriate for lat summer/early fall. Today’s table looks summery […]

How Visiting a Show Home Brought a Resulting Decorating Angst


On one of our quick trips to visit my parents this summer, Painter Artist Mom (PAM) and I took a short opportunity to peruse a local decorator fabric shop that I love.  The store name is Swatches, but there’s way more in that store than swatches. Formerly, they had a front wall filled with five-dollar-per-yard […]

Reward Yourself with a Sturdy Coat Rack Made From an Old Cabinet Door

Old Cabinet Door Coat Rack

Last year in August when we moved our two into an apartment together for college, Spunky Daughter requested a coat rack in the front hallway by the door.  And, y’all know first-hand how I can delay…stall…ponder…and delay some more while finding inspiration that fit the order (SD’s style/wants).  She loves anything with a rustic or […]

Breakfast Room Table of Elegance

The Elegant Plate Stack

Continuing from last week’s Bunnies in Wonderland tablescape in PAM’s breakfast room, our second table was one of elegant linens and place settings. When PAM pulled out this table-cloth, I swooned.  It was a private, silent swoon.  I don’t think she knew.  HBD bought PAM this table-cloth and matching napkins years ago at a local […]

Bird Box DIY – No Artistry Required

Painted Box Technique

What can you do with a wooden box when you aren’t an artistic painter? The bird scene on this box might look like it was artistically painted, but it wasn’t…it’s an illusion. PAM (Painter Artist Mom) has the painting artistry gene in our family.  With a little help from our friends – paint, wax, stencil, […]

Transitional Wreath – Christmas Through Winter

Buffalo Print Ice Skates

Yesterday, we discussed How NOT to pay $100 For Garland.  Spending very little on greenery allows us to have money for seasonal items to use as embellishments for wreaths (and ladders!). You know how I love versatility, right?  When making our front door Christmas wreath this year, I purposely chose things that are wintry in […]

Porch Light Fixture DIY

Bug Repel Light Fixture

Porch season might be over for you if you live north of the Mason-Dixon line (wink).  My recent porch changes (Warming Up a Back Porch for Fall and Winter) prepared us for using our porch in these cooler evenings and mornings. I couldn’t wait to share this light DIY with you in case you’re still […]

DIY Necktie Lamp Shade

DIY Necktie Lamp Shade

Have you noticed men’s necktie projects on Pinterest? While I shrunk the monstrous red lamp this summer, I was mulling over different shade possibilities.  When I remembered a shade frame PAM (Painter Artist Mom) had given me, this necktie shade idea came to mind.  I collected old neckties from HH (those corporate years of wearing […]

How to Clean Decorative Throw Pillows

Clean Plaid Pillows

Here’s the link for the free e-book, Why Jesus is the Best Friend You Could Ever Have.  Enjoy! Here are my newly sewn plaid pillows with the inserts I ordered recently.  Don’t they look much better?  The inserts are nice and soft.  . They sit up straight now, and they are clean and fresh […]

How to Change a Lamp Base

Transform Your Lamp

Remember when I mentioned painting this old lamp that I temporarily moved into the family room? That was my plan until I realized it’s the same size vase as this one Mom 2 gave me from her blue and white collection.  Although it looks like a vase, it has a hole in the bottom center […]

Wiring A Lamp Socket 101

Easily Wire a Lamp

On Monday, I shared with you this chunky lamp transformation.  Today we’ll start from scratch and wire the lamp socket. Since I’d pulled the old wires and guts out last year, I started with a clean slate from a packaged socket kit from Lowe’s. To begin, run the wires through the hole that’s through the […]

Tassel-Button Pillow and a Charles Faudree Classic

Tassel-Button Pillow

I could hardly wait to show you the pillow I found at an antique mall last weekend.  It’s not old at all, and I couldn’t resist the twelve dollar price. The center button is actually a short, fat tassel – so fun and unique, and the colors are a perfect blend with the other family […]

Tablescape of Sunflowers

Place Setting

I didn’t plant sunflowers this year.  Last year, they didn’t do so well in our high winds and storms. Since I’ve given up on the real thing, I thought sunflower plates were a good substitute.  Hey!  They’re wind-proof!  🙂 They were on clearance at Hobby Lobby late last fall.  I found the gold chargers there, […]

French Flair Cutting Board

French Emblem Cutting Board

I had a sudden realization while setting the table for yesterday’s post (Highlights of Green Tablescape). I’d skipped telling you about transforming this cutting board into something fun, with a French flair.  It was such an easy project, too! Pinkie promise, I didn’t hide it from you.  There was no ill intent…just slipped my 50+ […]

Never Polish Your Brass Again – Paint It!

ASCP ainted Brass Table

I grew up polishing brass items my grandparents brought home from Pakistan.  My grandfather worked there for a few years, and they came home with many souvenirs. Painter Artist Mom (PAM) and Handy Builder Dad (HBD) were graced with this brass coffee table, among other things. The base is hand-carved wood – wood so hard […]

Easy Upholstery Removal

New Ottomon Upholstery

Last year, when I re-upholstered a footstool, the worst part was removing old staples.  If you’re removing old upholstery where someone was oh, too happy  with their staple gun, it’s pure torture!  In fact, you might remember I opted to upholster over the old fabric layer. Mom 2 gave me a fireside warming bench a […]

I Hadn’t Thought to Decorate Our Staircase Before!

Staircase Landing Decoration

Remember earlier this week when I showed you the wooden boxes I stacked to hide an electrical outlet (Practicality Rules in Our Family Room Arrangement)? I mentioned I no longer need the boxes to hide the outlet because new drapery panels will cover it soon. Also, since moving our chairs across the room, our lamps […]

Bedroom Redo in Nature, Navy and White

Leaf Pattern Fabric

I’ve been working on this upstairs bedroom, creating a theme that started by hanging a large Manzanita branch over the bed.  Painter Artist Mom gave it to me last year.  For the longest time, I struggled with what to do with it.  Due to its size, it needed a special spot. The idea to hang […]

Eggs Breaking Open for Sweet Tweets

Eggs and Chicks Easter Table

Things are looking like spring! We have eggs! Plenty of eggs. In insulators. In teacups. Eggs balanced on plate stacks. Eggs surrounding the candelabra. A few hatchlings breaking through. Chicks, I believe. Baby chicks nestled in flower pots. Welcome to the world, sweet fuzzy ones. Listen…the sound of sweet-tweets. Tomorrow, we officially welcome spring. Easter’s […]

Vintage Scarf Button DIY

Vintage Scarf Button

We’re venturing into uncharted waters today, friends.  I’ve not discussed anything fashion-related with you before.  Please don’t be afraid (or “afeared”, as I like to say).  This post is just a tip-toe into a new use for vintage buttons.  And, it’s going to be fun! A friend and I shopped a few weeks ago and […]

Finding the Gold

Pot of Gold

I’m not a big St. Patrick’s Day person.  Are you? I like to give ideas for tablescapes at those times when you don’t have event- or holiday-specific decor.  St. Patrick’s Day tables don’t require loads of green, shamrocks, and gold pots a-plenty. Most of us have gotten away from brass fixtures and gold accessories.  I […]