Bunny Ear Napkins – Tutorial


I promised to show you how to fold dinner napkins into bunny ears, so today is the day.  If you want to see these napkins on the Easter tablescape, visit Bunny Feet On The Table.

Bunny Ear Napkin Fold - Tutorial

When decorating my Easter table, I brought out these fancy-ish napkins.  These were plain white napkins I bought on the clearance shelf at Pottery Barn several years ago.  It’s hard to pass up clearance sales, y’all.  Yesterday, I talked about basic white China.  The same is true for napkins.  You can’t beat basic white dinner napkins in the versatility department.  I had them monogrammed in a relatively neutral color.

Easter bunnies and chicken eggs are way too casual for fancy napkins.  I needed something whimsical, so I started experimenting.  After playing with one of the napkins a bit, I soon had some ears.  Yes, what a surprise to me, too!  And, my favorite part – no ironing! 🙂

Begin by folding the napkin in half, then half again, forming a square.  After folding mine, it measured 9″ x 9″.  I wanted my monogram to be near the face area, so I flipped it over to the reverse side, positioned it as a triangle, monogram under the bottom corner.

Fold up the bottom corner 2-1/2″.

Beginning FoldThen, fold down the top corner 4-1/2″.

Top FoldHolding the folded corners, flip napkin over to the front side.

Front Side

Pick up a side corner and fold over toward the opposite side, about 4-1/2″.  Press flat with your hand real well.

Side Corner Fold

Fold about half of it back the other way again,

Ear Fold

and fold the other side just as you did the first one.

Folding Second Ear

Mash, mash, mash.  Lift the tips of the ears up while holding the lower part of the napkin in place, the part with the monogram.  We don’t want visible lines, just a gentle rolling.  If you iron them, they’ll have hard edges and lines.

Final Fold

If the ears try to flop out again,  mash them more, then lift and roll again.  The fibers in the napkin just need to be trained a little more.

Here’s what they look like from the back side.  Most of my napkins look pretty much like this one.

View from Behind

But one had a mind of its own and really stood up there.  I pulled the flaps out a bit from the back side of the fold on this one.  See how that part sort of sticks out?

Bunny Perky Ears

So, don’t stress about making them all exactly the same or perfect.  They’re whimsical, remember?  Play with it, and have fun.  If one wants to be a wild hare (sorry, had to say it, y’all), let it.  That one just might turn out to be your favorite.

I can see a bunny-face cupcake placed over my monogram.  Won’t that be cute?  (I wonder if Spunky Daughter is in the mood for baking.)

Bunny Ear Napkin

I hear something again.  Listen…do you hear it, too?


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