Berry-Top Brownie Bites

Do you ever need something easy to take to a gathering?  These brownie bites are very easy to make, and they look like you went to more trouble than making plain ol’ brownies.

Brownie Bites for a Crowd

If you prefer a raspberry or blueberry on top rather than a strawberry piece, go for it.  A pineapple chuck?  There are lots of possibilities.

I’ve known people who bought mini brownies like these at the grocery bakery department.  They swiped them with Betty Crocker™ frosting, topped them with a strawberry slice, and their dish was ready to take to the party.

Brownie Bites Ingredients

With strawberries or raspberries, the red color is pretty for lots of occasions…Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Memorial or Labor Day, July 4th, just to name a few.

For the brownies, stir together a mix or your own home-made recipe and bake in mini-muffin tins.  Cool and spread with frosting.  Top with a fruit piece.  The taste of fruit on top is perfect with the brownie and frosting.

Brownie Bites Kicked Up a Notch

These are dangerous at our house!  If I can make them and scoot right on out the door with a plate of these, all the better.

Do you like to have quick ideas for taking a dish or dessert to a gathering?  Will this become one of your go-to desserts?




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      I used the same temperature as the brownie package directions, but I cooked them for less time – about 12-14 minutes. Just check them every couple of minutes after you pass the ten minute point. I hope that helps. 🙂

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      Oh, I’m sorry to temp you! I know you must think our kitchen is full of nothing but sweets right now. But we really have nothing, other than a few Oreos. I made all these desserts over the past month. I was saving them for Valentine’s. 🙂