Book Print Origami Heart Bookmark

Do you love projects made with book print?  When I stumbled upon these origami hearts made of book print paper on-line, I was super excited.  I couldn’t resist including them in my Avid Reader Valentine Table post.

Avid Reader Poem and Heart Bookmark

While I do recommend using book pages for these heart bookmarks, I don’t recommend destroying special books.

Either use an old book you care nothing about or copy an old book page.

This book from 2002, not all that old, jumped out at me because this is the month of love.  😉  I started reading it to refresh my memory, and it’s no wonder I kept it.  It has many good things to put into practice.  I’ll either tell you a little about it tomorrow when we Meet on Periscope (tomorrow morning at 9 Central) or write about it for next Sunday.  (I’ve written this Sunday’s post already.)

Love List

I checked my stash for light pink paper but only found lavender, which is fine for a Valentine’s treat, right?

I copied my pages on both sides of the lavender sheets.  This sheet below was a fail after the first try, so I folded it to demonstrate how I easily cut a square to 4 inches.

Book Page Copied onto Lavender Paper

This video shows how to fold your square into the heart bookmark.  You may need to pause the video now and then to catch up with the folding.  The video is very clear and pretty easy to follow, though.  (I love hearing the baby noises in the background.)

That isn’t so hard at all, is it?  I always thought of origami as being difficult and tedious.

These would make fun little gifts for friends who enjoy reading.  Does someone special come to mind?


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  1. Robin says

    I’m making one for my daughter…and my older friend at church. And maybe a few (or a TON) more now that I am thinking about it. I just so happen to have lavender paper too! LOL

    • says

      Thanks, Jenna. Once again, I copied what I found someone else do. Just like I’ll be copying you with my heart wreath. Ha! I love to share, too!

    • says

      No problem…completely understand. I got behind reading your posts the last two weeks, too. I’m glad I had a few minutes today to catch up with everyone briefly. 😉

  2. teresa says

    That is adorable. I noticed it in yesterday’s post and was hoping you’d post something about it. Thank you.