Bedroom Painted – Check

Woo-hoo!  I’m doing the happy dance, y’all.  So excited to have this painting project checked off my to-do list!

Fun Son's Painted Room

Just in time, too, because Fun Son just came home from college for the weekend.  He was very surprised!  And he likes it very much.  (Bet he wishes he hadn’t discouraged me from this improvement all six years we’ve lived here!)

Bedroom Before Painting

Remember this?  Remember when I came clean about “the unclean” earlier this week?  When FS left for school last Sunday, it looked even worse than this picture, y’all.  Spunky Daughter and I had begun de-deering

Deer Border

and all the furniture was piled in the middle of the room.  She began a little cleaning out, and I was motivated to move ahead with the painting.  The paint matching attempt was a huge “didn’t”, but I like the color in spite of the mismatch.  Just a little darker than before, and it feels so nice and clean.

Wall Border Removed

Got the window treatments put back up, then worked to get the room back in order.  Reorganized.  Only hung one picture on the walls.  FS took most of his wall decor to the dorm, so I’ll be adding some artwork later.

Fun Son's Desk

The white bed spread is temporary.  Waiting for “the thing” and just haven’t discovered it.  Are the rooms in your home always a work in progress?  Or, is it just me?  It’s never perfect, but I keep my eyes open for little improvements along the way.

I hesitated to reveal pictures of our home.  As HH has always reminded me, “We live here.  It’s not a shrine.”  He keeps me grounded and helps me avoid an over-focus on “things”.

Our home suits us, but it is not a Pottery Barn Showroom kind of place.  We make memories here.  We love one another here.  This is our refuge.  Our safe haven.

Having our home neat and tidy helps keep my head clear.  “A place for everything, and everything in its place.”  Love that, and I believe that.  I think God wants me to strive for order.

Are you constantly battling clutter?

After you see this next picture, you’re going to wonder about my sanity.  Admittedly, my head isn’t clear lately, so my next project begins tomorrow.  Look at the Craft Cave as it is right now.  This minute.  This mess is mine!  (See where FS gets the tendency, y’all?)

Craft Cave Clutter

Craft Cave Clutter.  This teeny little room is crammed full almost to the ceiling. Now that I think about it, the whole bedroom repaint thing this week began in this room.  See what inspiration can come from clutter?

I was digging through fabric and came across the old curtains from FS’s old bedroom.  Pulled them out, reworked them and hung them in his bedroom.  Then I just couldn’t stop.

I’m hoping that will happen in the Craft Cave.  Tomorrow.  Total organization, minus fresh paint.  I’m feeling it.  It’s gonna happen.  I think I can, I think I can…