Be a Corded Pillow Queen

The first group of Panel Queens are completing their projects today after sewing a little each day since Monday.  It’s been a huge encouragement for me to know that as I sew, others are “with” me.

I’m excited to say that tomorrow I should hang my new panels.  I’m even more excited that others will be hanging their new panels over the weekend, too.  And next week, there will be more of you sewing panels together.  What a thrill to cheer you on as groups sew each week!

We women love doing things together, don’t we?

I’ve started another new community group – for you pillow queens out there.  🙂


As you know, there are lots of styles of pillows. I believe a basic that people will always want in their collection is the corded pillow.


We’ll begin with making a corded pillow – a pillow with fabric-covered cording around the edge.


Since making pillows isn’t all that complicated, I didn’t split the process into five days of the week – like with the group Making a Set of Panels in Five Days.

When you sign up for the encouragement by email, you’ll immediately receive the first post, followed by another post each day on the following two days.

One day, we’ll cover the cording.  The next day, we’ll put it all together.

As with the Panel Community, I’ve set up a private Facebook group for cheering each other forward through the project.  The group is also for asking questions (of me and others) along the way in case you hit a snag.

I hope you’ll enjoy this community group!  Maybe it’ll prompt us to complete more projects for fabrics stacked in a pile at our homes.  😉  (Please  tell me I’m not the only one!)


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  1. Ellen says

    Just what I’ve been waiting for!!
    Thanks. Please keep me signed up on email. I have not gotten any since early January. Thx

    • says

      Oh! I don’t know how that happened, Ellen. So sorry. I’ll head over and add you to the list again. Please let me know if you don’t get tomorrow’s post. 🙂

    • says

      You were still on the email list when I checked just now. Maybe your email provider sees my posts as spam since they are sometimes labeled as “bulk”. Put me in your contact list so your provider will allow the emails to come to you. Thanks!