Avid Reader Valentine Table

Do you enjoy reading?  Do you like turning pages of a real book?  Or, do you prefer eBooks?

Love List

Do you see books and reading as representative of something else?

Desirous Reader Valentine Table

Patricia Neely-Dorsey’s poem in her book, Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia,  inspires us to read  our mate.

Avid Reader

Isn’t that perfect for Valentine’s?  Her words make me feel comforted as I can easily relate to them.  You, too?

A Valentine table of books, things old and comfortable, and things relating to hearts immediately came to mind.

Desirous Reader Valentine Table

You’ll notice several books on the table – books that help our marriage and others placed randomly in a stack.  My Bible, God’s greatest love story, is to the right of the plate stack.  I read Patricia’s poem from God’s perspective:

how He feels about us,

how He desires our relationship to be,

how He wants us to avidly read His Book

and get lost in His story, the greatest love story of all.

Avid Reader Poem Tablescape

Love List  by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrot is one I’ve had for years – and a goody.  Patricia’s poetry books are on the table for today’s poem she’s sharing.

"Love List" by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrot

This wedding band quilt, made by HH’s late grandmother, is a special keepsake and useful for many things  You may remember it hanging from the baby bed rail quilt rack in the Romantic Room with Rod Pocket Panels, the guest room I’m working on right now.

Wedding Band Quilt Table Cloth

With several colors in the quilt, I decided to stick with traditional pink, red, and white.  You may think it’s shameful, but paper napkins are appropriate for this casual and comfy table for two.  HH and I are comfortable with paper.  😉

Valentine Place Setting

I mimicked the quilt’s wedding bands by keeping with rounds mostly, but the bamboo place mat is a total detour in style and shape.

This antique cookie cutter brings more antiquity  to the table.

Antique Heart Cookie Cutter

These mugs I found at TJ Maxx a couple of years ago are among my favorites.  I love the hint of a heart scroll.  Dollar Tree summer stock red cups serve well for cool beverages.

Hearts Galore

We had warm temps these last several days – and tornadoes in the area again yesterday, so I had cool drinks on my mind.  Things were rockin’ and rollin’ and rainin’ all day as I set this table.  There might  have been a little candy nibblin’, too.

Valentine Candy Hearts

I’d like to thank Patricia Neely-Dorsey for sharing her poetry with us today – and in last week’s PERFECT Perspective in a Tablescape.

After yesterday’s post about Meeting Me on Periscope this Friday, I was so tempted to go ahead an try my first video.  The Love List  has so many good points to share!

I’m excited to see that several of you logged on and followed me yesterday.  There’s still time for others to join, so feel free to share with your friends.  It looks like we’re ready to go for Friday at 9 AM.  Woo-hoo!

Be sure to check out how to make the Book Print Origami Heart Bookmarks.  Aren’t they fun?


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I’m sharing this table at Tablescape Thursday.