How to Easily Frame a Winter Wreath

Frame a Winter Wreath

I love square wreaths!  Do you?  Have you bought one?  I’ve stood in HobLob’s wreath section eyeing the square wreaths several times.  But, I’ve never found one that screamed “just right”! The size I’ve seen looks a little small for our front door with the large, clear window.  I believe I’ve found a way to […]

Chocolate Almond Phylo Cups

Topped with Toasted Slivered Almonds

Pre-cooked frozen Phylo shells are so quick and easy to pull out of the freezer, fill, and serve.  They’re pricey, though. If you find them on sale, like I did just before Christmas, it’s a great time to stock up and save for later. There are many things you can do with the dainty little […]

Why I’m Designating January as CHOCOLATE MONTH

Chocolate Understands

National Chocolate Day isn’t until sometime in October.  Who did that? Don’t they know we need the month of January to gather and practice our recipes for Valentine’s Day?  Who doesn’t plan chocolate molten for dessert on Valentines Day…or a healthy chocolate syrup for strawberry dipping…or my grandmother’s Mississippi Mud Slide?  At the very least, […]

Orange Slice Fruit(less) Cake

Orange Slice Cake

Do you like fruitcake?  I don’t like purchased fruitcake.  At all.  But, I love home-made versions.  How about you? Mom 2 gave me her Lemon Extract Cake recipe many years ago, and it’s basically home-made fruitcake.  She made a large loaf “fruitcake” for our family every Christmas.  Her regular recipe is delicious with all the […]

White Trash Snack Mix

White Trash Snack Mix

You saw my list of Snacks for Christmas Family Fun Time last week.  I must confess.  I made a little substitution to the list. Rather than the Holiday Peppermint Pretzels, I made this white trash. I’ve found that you can melt a package of white almond bark and stir most anything into it for your […]

The Connection Between St. Nick and the Christmas Carol, Silent Night

Silent Night

We all know the song Silent Night  refers to the night Jesus was born.  What an awesome, glorious night! I was doing a little research when I made a shocking discovery. St. Nicholas is connected to this popular Christmas carol.  What?  That’s right.  I’ll explain. It was Christmas Eve.  The organ was broken, which ruined […]

Snacks for Christmas Family Fun Time

Snack for Christmas Family Fun Time

Do you make loads of snacks for family each Christmas?  Their favorites, at least? As I bake and prepare, I thought I’d share what we’ll be having in the way of snacks this Christmas.  Our regulars are a sure thing. Click pictures when you’d like to see the post and grab the printable recipe. Regular […]

Four Major Areas That Pack a Punch at Christmas

O Christmas Tree

We’ve had our pre-lit Martha Stewart Christmas tree for thirteen years.  The tree has been wonderful all these years…just remove three sections from the box, snap them together, plug in the light sections, and you’re good to go. Not so this year.  It must be the unlucky thirteen! I put our tree together the Monday […]

Travel Trailers in Snow at Christmas – A Tablescape

Travel Trailers in Snow at Christmas

Are you laughing?  You knew it was coming, right? You had to know because you know I don’t waste a thing.  🙂 I collected a few vintage travel trailer ornaments at Hob Lob when Christmas decorations first hit the shelves. They’re decorated and ready for Christmas. Now you see the reason I made the trees […]

What’s Your Plan for 2017?

Personalized Journal

Early in the week, as I contemplate my Sunday post ahead, my thoughts and Bible reflections take me down a certain path.  Often, God guides me in a different direction as the week progresses.  That’s what happened this week.  It all started with a very special gift. An e-mail friend, who is also a reader, […]

An Old Tyme Christmas Table

Olde Time Christmas Decor

I’ve heard that people back in the day used whatever they had on hand to decorate for Christmas.  Like popcorn for garland, dried fruit, nuts, pine cones, kitchen gadgets, sewing notions, rope twine…and things made with their hands.  Each gift was a labor of love. For my old tyme Christmas table, I pulled out everything […]

Vintage Travel Trailer Door Decor DIY – Wanderlust and Merry Christmas!

Vintage Travel Trailer Door Decor

I mentioned recently when discussing Choosing A Christmas Decor Theme how I’ve been on a vintage travel trailer kick for much of 2016. In September, I went to a friend’s decorator shop in Oxford (Mississippi) that has a lot of painted door decorations made from wood.  I asked if whoever cuts their wood could possibly […]

Southern Sweet Potato Casserole

Southern Sweet Potato Casserole

Happy December!  Can you believe it’s here already?  With this recipe today, I’m an entire year behind.  What the what? Yes!  When Thanksgiving rolled around last year, I realized I had no time to share this sweet potato casserole recipe with you before our big turkey day. I’d intended to share it before Christmas last […]

Choosing a Christmas Decor Theme

Banister Garland

Until recently, I would have said to choose a theme that speaks to you – or one that has been speaking to you for months on end.   I’ve had a thing for vintage travel trailers this year, so that’s the theme I’ve had in mind. Are you obsessed with a certain theme for your Christmas […]

It’s An Olde Time Santa Ho!

Santa Ho!

I’m not finished.  Our tree isn’t up yet.  We must remember…it’s not yet December. Christmas decorating is running a little behind schedule at our house.  I’ve been in the project studio working on surprises.  😉 But…in the kitchen, Santa is busily saying “Ho!” It’s sort of an olde time look.  Don’t you think? Santa and […]

Head Slap!

White Christmas Dreaming

Have you started your Christmas decorating?  Please don’t tell me you’ve finished.  I barely got started and have a long way to go. I was determined to have Thanksgiving with no hint of Christmas.  You know…to be intentional and live in the moment of Thanksgiving until all family went home and left us alone (last […]


How was your Thanksgiving week?  Did the fun end all too soon for you? Was your focus fully on the blessings of the week?  Or, did the process of preparing everything take priority over enjoying it? Please tell me I’m not the only one who struggles with that!  Concentration while preparing doesn’t come easy when […]

Our Favorite Black Bean Dip

Serve with Your Favorite Tortilla Chips.

Happy Thanksgiving yesterday!  We’re actually having our Thanksgiving meal today.  The final stragglers are finally making it here this morning. 🙂 Does your neighborhood have a Bunko group?  It seems that most neighborhoods form Bunko groups at some point. Even during apartment life days, I was asked to join a group among the women at […]

Thankful for My Mississippi – A Tablescape

My Mississippi

I’m especially thankful to be in my home state this year with family. We lived in Georgia for sixteen years.  Life there was wonderful, but it was great to come home to Mississippi. Home…to our home state…our Mississippi. Patricia Neely-Dorsey says it best in her poem, Meet My Mississippi. History…tradition…folklore… While my table doesn’t contain […]

Don’t Miss This Black Friday Deal

Black Friday Deal

I have a surprise for you today.   In general, this Friday I’m offering a course for free with the purchase of another.  So, take advantage of this deal for yourself or as a gift for a friend or family member.  There’s no limited number of deals available and no waiting in line while fearful of […]

Unexpected (and a Little Embarrassing) Thanksgiving Inspiration

Three French Hens - A Tablescape

It happened months ago.  I received an email from someone I didn’t know. She was from TinyPrints.  She wanted my permission to use one of my pictures in my Three French Hens post for something she planned to publish on-line.  When I saw the picture she was using, I laughed. Ha!  Why would anyone want […]

What Happens When Struck with Wanderlust in Dallas

Wanderlust in Dallas

We had a family wedding in Dallas last Saturday.  HH and I left on Thursday to spend as much time as possible with family members we haven’t seen in a very long time. What’s better than spending three evenings in a row with family you’ve missed so very much?  Nothing.  But, two full days of […]

Waterfall Panels – A How-To Video

Waterfall Portion of Curtain Panel

During the last four years, people have asked me about the dining room window treatments they see in many of my tablescape pictures.  I made these before I began blogging, so of course I made no pictures as I made these panels.  With no in-process pictures, how can readers understand how to make these? Another […]

The Elephant in the Room

Romans 15:13

I know Veteran’s Day is over, but I published Friday’s post without mentioning the fact that I appreciate all that our service men and women do for our freedoms. If you are a veteran or a veteran’s spouse, parent, or child, you have seen the sacrifice they make (or made) first-hand. And, you sacrifice(d)as well.  […]