My New Fave: Hands-Free “Reading”

I’m certainly not Oprah, but I like to share a favorite thing or two with you on occasion.

Remember when I told how much I Love My New Hoover Air!?  And soon after, I shared my Chalk Paint and Brush Secrets.  I can’t keep the good stuff all to myself!

Before telling you about my new faves, I want you to know there are links in this post, and some may provide a small compensation for me if you follow the link and order the item.  The FTC requires me to tell you that.  Y’all know by now that I’m not in this blogging thing to make a million, but I wouldn’t turn it away (wink).  No pressure.

My through-the-Bible reading is one thing I’m consistent with.  Sometimes I like to hear the passages I read in the morning by audio later in the day.  Or, if it’s an especially hard day, the Psalms are so comforting to hear!  I’ve downloaded the YouVersion app on my phone for that.

The app allows you to choose your preferred translation and a daily reading plan to follow.  You can read on your phone or iPad, or you can listen by audio.  You can easily share verses with friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.   If you’re interested, check out your free phone apps or visit YouVersion.

I love to read, but I have a limited amount of time for fictions books these days.   Mom 2 gave me the new Jan Karon book she’d read, Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good: The New Mitford Novel (A Mitford Novel)*, but I couldn’t seem to get to it.  I’d heard the book is really, really good.  Oh, how I wanted to read the book!

"Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good" BookSomewhere Safe with Somebody Good: The New Mitford Novel (A Mitford Novel)

Last month, I signed up with Audible for a free trial month.  When I logged on to get my Audible Free Trial [Digital Membership]* and entered the Jan Karon book title, it came right up.  Bazillions (slight exaggeration) of books are available on audio.  Who knew?

The way it works is you get an instant credit with your free month, and you can use the credit towards your free audio book download.  I immediately used my credit for the Jan Karon book and looked around at other books while there.  I added several titles to my wish list.

This offer is even better than the one I received – with two free downloads rather than one.

In addition to a free book of your choice each month, you get discounted audiobook prices with your membership.

I purchased a couple more books on audio, one of which was techniques for memorizing scripture.  Well, who doesn’t need help with that?  If you’d rather read books than listen, you can order this quick read about scripture memorization through Amazon*.

I enjoy listening to books while I’m doing mindless tasks like sewing, paining, cleaning, digging in the dirt outside, and even while taking a walk.  It makes everything more enjoyable!

Thanks for letting me share with you today.  I’d love to make your days more enjoyable.

I’m thinking of starting a new Friday thing…not every Friday, but an occasional “Friday Faves”.  What do you think?  Would you like to read about some good things I discover (and some good deals?) now and then?


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*Post contains affiliate links.  See my disclosure.


  1. Lyn says

    Kim, I found audible and was so happy, because when I am traveling for over two hours it is nice to be able to listen to something other than music and I use
    Bible Is and hear the bible. Sometimes it is good to just sit and listen. Thanks for sharing. Lyn

    • says

      I had a different Bible app on audio, but it was King James version. It’s easier to just listen and enjoy instead of trying to listen, translate, and then enjoy. Guess I’m a little lazy. I plan to listen to my books while on motorcycle trips. Since I download to my phone, I don’t need cell service to access them when we’re in the middle of nowhere. Thanks, Lyn! I hope you enjoy your guests this weekend. 🙂