Mommy, Can I? Mommy, Can I? Mommy, Can I?

I know you saw this post briefly Friday night.  I do apologize, and yes, I did it again – clicked publish rather than save draft.  Ugh!  That should teach me to stop writing posts at night when I’m tired.

Anyway, it’s truly a Spectacular Sunday, with cool Fall weather and sunny skies, so here’s the post for real this time. 🙂

Are you a mommy? (Or a daddy?)


When your children ask you the same question over and over, does it drive you crazy?  If you’ve already answered their question, why do they keep asking the same thing?

Don’t they know you aren’t going to change your answer?

My question for you today is, “Do we do that, too?”

Does it seem God is ignoring your questions?

He gave us a book full of helpful instruction.

When your kids ask you what a word means, don’t you tell them to look it up in the dictionary?  I do!

Perhaps God is saying, “You have a question that I answered many centuries ago and ordained it to be written for your reference and study.  Look it up in My dictionary – My word.”


Are we treating God like some magic Jeannie, asking Him to “give me a sign”, “tell me what you want”, etc.?  (And, then we expect the sign or response to be immediate.)

We have become too much of an instant gratification society.  Could it be that we aren’t ready for the answer we seek?  Maybe the timing isn’t His timing yet.  Or…maybe God wants us to put a little work into it, investing our time to find where he already answered the question.  Also, He will help you find the answer in His Word if you ask Him.

For me, the answers stick in my brain a little better after searching and finding God’s answer right there in His word.

Oh, that’s what He said about that situation.  It’s right here in this verse, and I’ve not realized His meaning in this way before.  But, now it’s clear.  OK, Lord, I get it.  Duh!

The aha moments. Can’t you just see Him standing there smiling at our revelation?

I can imagine Him smiling and shaking His head, while saying, “Finally!  Now, can we move on?  It’s time for you to hear what I have next for you…”

Something to ponder on this week…have you been asking the same question over and over?  What are you going to do about it?  Keep asking, or look it up in His dictionary?

Have a Spectacular Sunday, y’all!

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