Painted Mirror in The Blue Room

This guest room at my parents’ home has powder-blue walls.  That’s why I call it The Blue Room, and it’s my favorite room.

Before I painted the lamp shade, I snapped this picture so you could see the difference after making the changes in the room.

Blue Room Before Changes

Along with the yellowing lamp shade, the gold mirror over the bed bothered Painter Artist Mom (PAM).

Antique Gold Mirror

With all the white in the room, she thought the mirror looked out-of-place in the gold finish.

Antique Mirror

I gave it a dry-brushed coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White and paused to see if PAM liked that look before continuing.

Mirror with One Coat of Paint

PAM didn’t think the dry-brush look was quite “it”, so I continued onward with paint coat #2.

ASCP on Antique Mirror

It pays to take baby steps.  You can always add more paint.

After the second coat of paint, I sanded the high spots for detailing and buffed on a thin layer of clear wax.

Annie Sloan Clear Wax

All finished!

Painted Mirror Complete

Everything is nice and clean white, including the lampshade and mirror.

Painted Mirror in Blue Room

I thought you might like a tour of the room.  To the lower right in the picture above is an iron baby bed PAM used for grandchildren.

One great-grand arrived just before Christmas, so the crib might be in service again soon.  From settee to crib with the side rail re-attached.  (Notice the dolls on the bed and nightstand.  That’s a clue of what’s ahead. 😉 )

Crib Setee

PAM lined the crib with several monogrammed linens passed down from my grandmother, her mother.  There are more at the doll-filled wardrobe.

Antique Monogrammed Linens

Yes, PAM has a thing for dolls.

Antique Wardrobe

Maybe you noticed this doll in my painting the lamp shade post.

Gallery Wall

The gallery wall has antique pictures and PAM’s birth announcement and cradle roll from church.   I only said antique…not calling out a number here.

Antique Pictures

That about covers it.  Now you know why the blue room is my favorite.  It’s very calm and serene.

Painted Mirror in the Blue Room

What do you think?  Do you like the mirror painted white, or did you prefer the gold frame in this room?

Is it snowy or icy at your house today?  Oh, I hope you can stay inside where it’s warm!


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  1. says

    Ooh I do love how it looks now. I didn’t think it looked bad before but now it makes a smoother transition for the eyes. This room is wonderful. It makes me think of my Mom who loved dolls and has some displayed in a cabinet and in her bedroom. She would adore this room! Love the color of blue that it is too- perfect! That old crib is exceptional! We restored an old metal bed from my mother’s youth. It was painted red and used by our son. Looking at this makes me want to revive it and paint it white.
    Liz @ Infuse With Liz recently posted…Forsythia in Blue and a Mirror with Two!My Profile

    • says

      Thank you. Mom thinks the gold frame looks better in the pictures than it did in person. It is easier on the eyes now, and as you say, a smoother transition. I think you’d be so pleased with your metal bed painted white. Metal is usually so easy to spray paint out in the yard. Go for it, Liz! 🙂

  2. Libba Criddle says

    You just keep on with those great ideas. As Liz said, I loved the room before, and I probably would not have changed a thing, but I LOVE what you’ve done to it and I’ll bet PAM does too. I love just looking around at things in the room. I had a table, from my grandmother, like the bedside table, but my niece confiscated it. I’m proud she did because it would have probably burned with my other antique pieces. I love the certificates and the way they are displayed. The doll collection is right down my line. I have a few dolls but not nearly as many as your mom does. I’m proud she’s doing so well and I know she was proud to have you help her out during recovery.

    • says

      Thanks, Mrs. Criddle. Painting the mirror was Mom’s idea. It had never bothered me, nor the yellowed lamp shade. It does have a cleaner look now, I must admit. I’m sad y’all lost so much in the fire. Your niece having the table was a good thing at the time. You know how it is…it’s always nice to be home with good ole Mom and Dad. 🙂

  3. Robin says

    The blue room is very pretty.
    I like what you did with the mirror and shade.
    Gold was very IN more than a few times over my lifetime.
    But now I look at GOLD and ….shudder. LOL

    Today in NJ it is just COLD. It snowed twice in a few days but I think it’s all frozen enough that it won’t be BLOWING anymore and making those huge piles in and behind my driveway. My husband said to expect more this coming weekend. UGH. I just hope he doesn’t leave his boots at WORK next Friday like he did this past week. Shoveling in sneakers is not a good thing. LOL

    I have the urge to “chalk paint” seeing all these blogs with that paint. At 1st I was not sold on the idea. But after a while it grew on me. Also…the thought of STRIPPING and RE-staining the china closet is NOT my idea of FUN! So it didn’t take too long for me to see that it would INDEED be a time AND money saver.

    I don’t know if hubby is HIP to the idea….he isn’t one for trends. (I am not always either.) It seems he likes wood as WOOD. hahaha But we shall see….spring is just around the corner and the garage and driveway are just a-waitin-a-project!

    • says

      No, Robin, shoveling snow in sneakers doesn’t sound like a winner to me, either. I hope the snow will be over for y’all soon. Enough is enough, right? I’m with keeping some pieces wood, but a few of the more “needy” ones can use some updating. And, chalk paint is so much easier than stripping! I’m waiting for warmer weather for garage projects, too, Robin. I started one over a month ago, and it turned cold before I finished. Itching to get back to it. Oh, hey, and gold is really coming back, so get ready! 🙂

  4. sue says

    I can definitely see where your decorating talent comes from! What a welcoming room for young and old!! I hope PAM is feeling much better this week!!

    God bless you both!

    • says

      Awe, thank you, Sue! I have to say, Mom is much better at it than I am. She is doing very well, thanks. I hope y’all are enduring this weather OK up there!

  5. Patricia says

    Thank PAM for sharing her guest room with us. You are blessed with such talent and your Mom too. It’s wonderful she is doing so well and I’m glad she shared with us. Love the “new” white mirror and lampshade, beautiful. It’s an ice day in Dallas so we are staying in. Keeping it real in Texas. In Joy!

    • says

      Thank you, Patricia. I wish I had PAM’s artistic talent, but then again, not sure I have the patience for it. When is this weather going to let up? More coming, I hear. It’s book-reading weather, for sure. Take care!

  6. teresa says

    This is a stunning room. I’m in the minority in that i prefer the gold frame, but maybe it’s just the pic. Too much white in a room just seems to make things float away. But I still like it. I think gold frames are classic.