Your After-Christmas Shopping Plan

After Christmas Shopping Plan

Have you finished your Christmas shopping?  Are you sick of shopping – and thinking of shopping, even?

Do you shop the sales after Christmas each year?  We are often out of town, so I seldom have the opportunity to scavenge the Christmas clearance shelves.  (Although, clearance shopping is one of my favorite things to do!)

On the few occasions I’ve participated in after-Christmas bargain-hunting, I’ve scored huge discounts on decor and gifts for the following year(s).  Since we plan to be home this year, I might get to hit the stores the day after Christmas.  (Woohoo!)   This week, I began a list of specific items to find – and the stores to visit.

Have you made your after-Christmas bargain list and checked it twice?  It’s important to be organized and efficient when shopping with crowds, so I’m sharing a plan you can follow. 

Your Post-Christmas Shopping Plan

Step 1:  Make a list of all items of interest this year.

No need for neatness yet.  Just get it down on paper – we’re brainstorming.  Here are a few ideas to help you make your list.

Christmas dishes



table linens (keep table measurements in your phone at all times!)

place mats

tea towels (also can be used as napkins)

greenery and wreaths



decor items


specialty bath products

Christmas cards and note cards

Keep in mind your long-term decorating goals, collections to begin or add to, entertaining supplies, teacher gift needs for next year, hostess gift ideas, etc.

This is the time to consider buying a “dream item” (or two).  I’ve always wanted decorative deer – not too big, not too Christmas-y, but a table-top version that can be used throughout Fall and Winter.  That is on my list this year.  What is your #1 dream item?

I’m sure I’ve left off some things you’ve thought of.  Please share your ideas with me and other readers in the comment section.

Step 2:  Number your list by priority.

Go back over your list and number your items from top priority to least important.  You might even decide to scratch an item or two completely off your list.

Nothing fancy here, either.  If you’re like me, you’ll change your mind, scratch out a few numbers, and change the order.  It’s allowed.

Step 3:  List the stores where you are likely to find your listed items.

If your list is varied, think of large stores where you can find most of the items (such as Kohl’s, Wal-Mart, Penney’s, Sears, or Belk).  If you need to break it down, try to group items into categories and plan to visit the appropriate store per category.

Think of specialty stores you love – places you don’t always shop due to prices higher than your budget normally allows.

As you made your Christmas purchases, were there stores that had things you would love to have yourself and made a mental note to visit again?

Step 4:  Make a readable and organized list – on paper or in your phone.

Remember, you can take a picture of your list with your phone.  Do you hate typing lists into your phone as much as I do?

If you can’t get to the stores, on-line stores are a great resource, too.  Let me back up and say, even if you can get to the stores, check any on-line sources of interest for deals on your listed items – and get store coupons, as well, before hitting the stores.

With list and coupons in hand (or in phone), you’re sure to score many bargains.  And remember…you’re always allowed to adjust your priority list as you shop.  We are women.  We change our minds – and often.  (Sorry, HH, I’m embracing it.)

Having a plan of action is necessary for efficiency and results!  Good luck formulating your plan and successfully executing it. 🙂

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  1. says

    I’m not likely to score any good deals because all that will be left by the time I get to a store are the things no one else wants! The crowds are just too much for me those first couple of days after Christmas, but, Kim, if you see something you think I’d like fee free……

  2. Sheryll & Critters. says

    What a thoughtful and ever so helpful post for us all. Unfortunately, I have absolutely NO money to spend till I get my next SS retirement check next month. I will add that I sincerely miss those Kmart Blue Light Specials. I would buy all the matching 4 pk sets of Libby’s glasses I could and they would last me the entire year. Usually only found one pack of of 4, but once I think I got two 4 pks. Heck they even had the Blue Light Specials at closing time each night back then too.

    • Kim Hood says

      I thought maybe some readers might get a little cash as a Christmas present. So sorry you have to wait for a check, but I’m thankful you get one. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  3. says

    99.9% of the Christmas items in my stash were purchased at an after-Christmas sale over the years! It is just so hard for me to justify paying full-price for things that I know I am only going to use once a year for a short period of time. I get out and scout the things I think I’d like to buy early in the season. I don’t buy anything unless and until it goes on clearance. If I miss out on it because I waited too long (usually holding out til things hit 75% off), then I just figure it wasn’t meant to be! If there are things, however, like replacement dishes that are must-haves, I wait just until those are at 50% off. It’s the only way to go for me!!! 🙂

    I love being organized when it comes to after-Christmas shopping!!!

    • Kim Hood says

      I totally agree, Alycia. You have beautiful things that you’ve collected on clearance. Our motto is “never pay retail” – well, full retail, anyway. If it’s gone later, we weren’t meant to have it. Since you are organized about it, you probably get many more deals before they’re swiped away by others. 🙂 99.9% is awesome, my friend!