Acorns Away! Tablescape

After excitedly setting this table featuring new plates I found this summer, I visited my Nuts About Squirrels tablescape post from last year.  Yikes!  It’s so similar.

Full Table View

While I’ve used the same table-cloth with acorns on it…

Fall Acorn Table Cloth

and the same squirrel plates…even the same napkins angled like bushy squirrel tails…

Squirrel and Acorn Place Setting

and rattan chargers resembling tree bark or squirrel nests, there are several new things to see.

The fall and winter dishes I purchased are the new acorn plates, angled so the acorns are at Chipper The Squirrel’s mouth – like he’s about to eat them.  Ha!

Squirrel Salad Plates

I love the stick border around the edges.  Can’t wait to use these at Christmas time, too.

Red plates are used in the stack this time.  I hoped red dinner plates wouldn’t create a Christmas-y feel.  We’ll have plenty of Christmas tables soon enough, won’t we?

Acorn Salad Plate

If you’re interested in looking for the acorn plates on-line, maybe this will help.  I didn’t have much luck with that – on Ebay or Amazon.

Acorn Plate Manufacturer

Different flatware this time, too.  This set was on clearance at Wal-Mart.  (Yes, the clearance shelf is the FIRST place I visit in every store.)

The Edges

The napkin rings (actually Christmas ornaments) have tiny pine cones – and possibly acorns, if you can find them.

Beaded Pine Cone Napkin Rings

Stems from Dollar Tree repeat the green plate color.

Seated View

Surprisingly, we don’t have many squirrels in The Land of Making Do.  Hawks are plentiful, which may be why bushy-tailed attention-grabbers are scarce.

I often see what is apparently our only lonely squirrel skittering across the top fence rail.

Horse Fencing

Mr. and Mrs. Squirrel S&P munch on acorns collected on a leaf plate.

Squirrel Salt and Peppers

Davy Crackit busily works.  (We help him out by pushing his tail down by hand.)

Nut Cracker Squirrel

Acorns (last year’s HobLob clearance) and votive candles randomly surround the twist platform.

Candles and Acorns

Sparkly acorns rest on candle sticks.

Acorns in Candle Holders

On the elevated plate…Book Print Acorns gather around a candy-corn candle.

DIY Book Print Acorns

Here in The Land of Making Do, we have the tiniest acorns.  That might be another reason for having only one squirrel…not enough food for another.

With these friends gathered on the table, maybe Mr. Only Lonely will stop by for a visit – and not be so lonely.

Do you have many squirrels in your yard?  Do they entertain you?



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  1. Sheryll $ Critters. says

    I love all the last year and the new decorations. It appears that you are having great weather up your way also. Down my way we are happy too. Very windy this past Sunday. The fur babies were so happy to run/play with the cooler day. Happy Hallween.

    • says

      Thank you, Sheryll. We have beautiful weather, except we need rain very badly! We’re in a burn ban because we are so dry. Like with you and your pets, the cooler temps here are wonderful for being outdoors! Happy Halloween to you, too. It’s just around the corner!

  2. Libba says

    We have plenty squirrels, even one albino. I would be happy to share. If my young cat sees one in a tree, he will sit under the tree forever, waiting for it to come down. The squirrel plays tricks with him. He will climb down the tree, almost to the cat, then turn, go back up, and come down in another place. Apparently the cat doesn’t realize that he can climb too. Ha. He just sits and waits, looking at the squirrel. When the squirrel finally decides to take a chance, he will come down on the opposite side of the tree from the cat, then just fly until he can get over the tall wood fence. Sometimes the cat will almost catch him. I’ve wondered what kind of fight I would see if he does someday catch that squirrel. Fun to watch.

    • says

      That is really funny! If reminds me of the old cartoon “Road Runner”. It’s interesting that they play tricks like that. 🙂

  3. says

    So many cute things here Kim. I don’t remember last year’s table so it’s all new to me! The squirrel plate on the angle looking towards the acorn was a cute idea. The dark woven chargers make the perfect backdrop for this setting. That “Davy Crackit” nut cracker made me laugh- the name is cute. I like looking at your yard and seeing the horses.
    Liz@ Infuse With Liz recently posted…Witches, Bats, Pumpkins and Pigs!My Profile

    • says

      Thank you! Liz, the nut cracker name was on the box it came in. One of our horses is named Davy. I hated the name (who EVER heard of a horse named Davy?) and called him Crockett for the longest time. But, since my family didn’t go along with it, Davy it is! So I had a bog laugh at the Davy Crackit name – so close to Davy Crockett the horse! I hope you’re having a great week!

    • says

      Thank you, Valerie. I’m glad you like the table. I hope you find the acorn plates if you decide you’d like some.

  4. says

    Oh my gosh, your table is So cute!! Love all of the squirrels and acorns! I have never seen a squirrel table before and I love it! Love how the napkins look like bushy squirrel tails too!

    • says

      Thanks, Angelina. The squirrel plates from Wal-Mart last year sure have been fun. Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂