As a lifelong do-it-yourself enthusiast and home decor seamstress, I demonstrate techniques and share inspiring ideas to help you create the home you  love to live in – for confidence in your own queendom.

About your queendom:

I know it’s not a word, but kings have a kingdom.  Trust me when I say this: we women have a queendom.  God created women to bring life into the world and into the home.  If you’re like most women, you may feel frustrated with finding the decorating style that speaks to your soul.

You want your family to enjoy the experience of being at home – to look forward to coming home and to feel your home is their safe haven.  You want your guests to feel welcome as they sense the love, personality, and character of your family.  That’s where I come in – helping you discover and implement your family’s own personal style through your decor.

“Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.”  Psalm 37:4


About life in the home we  love:

Our family of four moved from a suburb of Atlanta eight years ago to a new (but not quite complete) home on 80 acres of farmland in rural North Mississippi.  “Why?”   Craving solitude, of course!  We surely found it in The Land of Making Do.  HH (Handsome Husband) vows he’ll never live in a subdivision again.

Word around “town” is that we’re part of the witness protection program.  Why else would this family suddenly move here with no local folks to call their own?  We haven’t told them an answer – still having fun with that one, y’all!

This is our third home to renovate or finish.  I’ve found you never do really finish.  Creating the home we love to live in is a process.  It can and should be a completely enjoyable journey.

The Land of Making Do

My days are filled with digging in the dirt, cooking, cleaning (my least fave that I don’t blog much about), sewing home decor, organizing, updating thrift store treasures and family heirlooms, or reading on a breezy porch.

In the Studio

During years with small children in our Atlanta home, I honed my sewing skills to design window treatments and home decor for the public (and was dubbed Curtain Queen).  From this farm in The Land of Making Do, I share what I learned during that time and lead you in your quest to make your home the homiest haven  for your family.

At the GatePhoto by Bridget Sharp

Our two (now grown) children were a joy to raise and now pretty much fly on their own.  I now have the time to tackle things on my “someday I’d like to”  list, such as writing.  Hence, the blog!

Each day is different from the one before, but they are all designed by God to mold us into what He wants us to be.  Still a work in progress, I try to listen as I seek His will in all I do.  He’s the One, my true King, who whispered the beginnings of my site into my heart three years ago.

No matter where you live…city, farm, rural, suburb, whatever…your home can be the place you long for when you’re away…the place you love to come home to.  The home you love to live in.