A Gift For Your Friends

One of my friends sent me an awesome gift a couple of years ago.

What I received was a stack of 3″ x 5″ index cards with a Bible verse written on each card.  They each have a hole punched through the top left corner.  A key ring type carabiner holds them all together neatly, making it easy to leaf through them and read.

A Gift for Your Friends

The verses my friend wrote were filled with God’s promises.  In my “day of trouble” at the time, my friend knew just what I needed to hear – and read.

Call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify me. (Psalm 50:15)

As I read over the cards each day, the Lord strengthens me.  What a gift!

Over time, I added to the collection of verses, even using different colored cards sometimes.  It would be nice to assign a different color to each type of verse, but I’m way not organized enough for that!  But, maybe you are.  😉

Some cards have two verses because the second verse was necessary for getting the full impact of what God is saying.

Surely you can see that the cards are helpful for praying scripture and scripture memorization, too.

I share this with you today because it’s a tool and an encouragement.  You could make one for yourself and, while you’re at it, write more than one card for each verse.  You’d have extra copies to make duplicate verse “leaflets” for your friends.

It would be neat to give your friends a card stack with these 16 verses about friendship…and then they can add to the verses from there.  Or, you could do like my friend, and write verses that offer promises, give strength, things that build her faith.

So, what do you think?  Is this something you’d like to have – or to give?


P.S.  If my faith is something you don’t understand, this  will help clear things up for you.







  1. Kathleen Ruth says

    This is nice for those that are Jewish or Christian but not very helpful for most people!
    Any sources of encouragement for those of the many other faiths? (Like me, for instance?)

    • says

      As a Christian, all encouragement I can give is the same for all. We all have the same hope through Jesus Christ, who died for all. Those who accept Him as Lord have true hope.

    • says

      You’re welcome, Pam. I wanted to share because the scripture cards have been such a blessing to me, and I wish that same blessing for others. 🙂

  2. robin says

    I like this idea. I am going to give them to more than a few friends.

    I gotta tell ya….this past weekend was AMAZING. I went to an apostolic and prophetic prayer revival. My husband’s good friend LaToya left her FT job with the state and started a ministry…being obedient to God.

    This revival was Fri night, 7pm til about 10pm. Sat eve 4 til about 7:45, and Sunday eve at 4pm but we didn’t leave until after midnight! It got better and better each day with every speaker. We got some great teaching, we worshiped and worshiped, and many people were delivered and healed. Some were kids that were being attacked with the spirit of suicide. These kids have a calling on their life and the devil knows it…so he tries to take them out!

    My husband spoke Sat night about fatherhood. He explains everyone’s role. Most people are never taught this stuff. One lady spoke on marriage, and what she went thru to save hers. Another speaker talked about our prayers not being answered when we have not forgiven and how God dealt with her, and another about a whole lot that REALLY REALLY blessed me.

    We made new friends. People overheard Latoya and her group talking about the events while at breakfast Sat morning at the nearby hotel. So THEY came Sat night. They happened to be preachers visiting from out of state for a conference and man oh man God used the one preacher to do some amazing things!

    I have NO MORE hip pain during the night! When I laid down I felt like I was on my old pillow top mattress and I was at peace. (They don’t make em like that anymore!) I had a lot lifted from me last night thru prayer. I had my breakthrough. I am healed. It may not FEEL like everything is healed, but it has not all yet manifested itself. It will. The devil will try to mess you up with false pain. I have seen it. Rebuke that devil and keep thanking God for your healing.

    The one preacher spoke a word to me….she said “The devil wakes you up at night. You are very frustrated with that and he knows it. ” and a few other things. So she told me I am to read my WORD every time he wakes me up, and I will go back to sleep. I’ve even been woken up by hearing someone call my name. Yeah, creepy, I know. LOL But I know who it was…it was not God. I know his voice. And he would TELL you it was him.

    I read my word a few times last night. I used my phone. I didn’t have to get out of bed, I didn’t have to read much. It’s a good thing, too, cuz I was half awake and my eyes were dry and I couldn’t focus well. LOL But I was obedient. And I will continue to do that.

    We often don’t realize that a lot of the battles we deal with in everyday life are actually SPIRITUAL battles. The adversary wants to keep us off our focus….JESUS….. by throwing all kinds of distractions our way.

    We have to stay in the Word…it’s our sword. There is no reason to be scared of satan. He can’t have you if you belong to Jesus!!!! AMEN!!! When satan attacks….God is allowing it….to mature you….to test you….to get you ready for the next step he has for you. Thank him for it!!! Satan attacks belivers because they are a threat. Remember that!!

    • says

      That’s amazing that you say all this. Our Sunday School class just began Priscilla Shirer’s study “The Armor of God”. Step one is realizing where our battle is faught (spiritually in the heavenly places) and that Christ already won! But prayer is the thing that activates and conquers through the blood of Jesus! Yes, the devil is real and is out to get us. He can’t win us if we’re truly a child of God, but he can bring us down through sickness, relationship problems, loss of job, and on and on. He’s very busy and hits us where it hurts most. He studies us to find our weak points, and there’s where he aims his destruction. I hate Satan! He’s behind all evil in our world. (Sorry…preaching to the choir here.) We need more spiritual movement like you experienced last weekend. 🙂

      • robin says

        It is a shame a lot of people think it’s all some big joke. I am now more determined NOT to let satan mess with me. As my pastor says …if you wanna rebel (as the world loves to do) why not rebel against satan instead?

        Last night I left your blog and felt I had to post a little something on FB about spiritual warfare. Just one sentence. I got there and saw a post from a woman I befriended when ST was in Brownies. I have not seen her since then or even FB’d with her. But ya know how we keep people as friends on there.LOL She said she was praying about something and needed prayers. I knew satan was attacking her family. It was God who sent me to FB to tell HER something to encourage her. And it would also stir something with somebody else(maybe somebod-IES). I made sure to write that I had not spoken to her since Brownies and that hers was the 1st post I saw when I went to FB so that I knew my message was for HER. Oh I pray it stirred a lotta people up as to how God can send a stranger out of the blue to give you an encouraging word! I love love love being used like that!!! (In my head I am jumping around praising God.LOL)

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