How to Capitalize on a Direct Sign to Relax


Spunky Daughter and I spent some time shopping Friday.  T. J. Maxx is usually a dangerous place for me.  (For HH, rather, since he handles the budget.  Wink.) This sign at TJM caught my eye…and set off an explosion of relaxation-mode inspiration. Gee…can’t a girl rest? Who can relax when we need to prepare pillows […]

How to Stand By Your Man

James 5.16b

Last Sunday (Behind Your Strong, Godly Man), we went over our number one role as a wife.  Tammy Wynette’s song Stand By Your Man  rang through my mind throughout that day.  Follow this link to see her performance from the 60’s. Standing by our man means supporting, encouraging, and loving him.  More than anything else, […]

How to Get Longer Life Out of Your Sheets and Towels – A Video Demo

Machine Darn Your Towels

Do you hate it when you see a hole in one of your sheets or towels?  Isn’t it disappointing? There you are, getting good service from something, and suddenly you notice that small hole that tells you the end is near.  Its life is nearly over. Don’t mourn the loss yet!  There’s a way you […]

Behind Your Strong, Godly Man…


Yep.  It’s you.  The supportive, Godly woman behind your strong, Godly man…is you.  For the sake of your marriage, it better  be you. We don’t support our man because he deserves it at every moment in time (but he very likely does deserve it).  Even if we feel he never deserves it, we should support […]

Fun Labor Day Fruit Flag – Not Laborious at All!

Fruit Flag for Labor Day

I realize carving and chopping fruit may seem laborious to you.  So, why do something that calls for so much labor on Labor Day? Because it’s delicious…and fun…and not that much labor at all, really. Remember my watermelon-cutting video post?  You saw how quick that was for getting the watermelon from the rind.  You can […]

Reward Yourself with a Sturdy Coat Rack Made From an Old Cabinet Door

Old Cabinet Door Coat Rack

Last year in August when we moved our two into an apartment together for college, Spunky Daughter requested a coat rack in the front hallway by the door.  And, y’all know first-hand how I can delay…stall…ponder…and delay some more while finding inspiration that fit the order (SD’s style/wants).  She loves anything with a rustic or […]

Banana Pudding Especialle

Banana Pudding Especialle

Do you have a favorite banana pudding recipe?  Until my early 40’s, I never ate the stuff…hated the banana texture when they went to mush inside the pudding.  Do you have texture issues, too? I may be the only one, but now that I make my own banana pudding (and it’s eaten really fast), I […]

What’s Blooming Wednesday #49 – New Planters for Fragrance

Moonbeam Vine

Do you water your potted plants every day during summer? For the first time in nine years, I decided to only water my pots every other day.  We learned with our horses that the more you do for them, the more you have  to do for them.  The same goes for potted plants, I’ve discovered. […]