The “Sure We Can!” Summer Table

Sure We Can!

Just before my Georgia friends arrived two weekends ago, I began setting a tablescape with the vision of Spunky Daughter’s Moss Embossed Flower Pots in mind.  The problem was…I didn’t finish the pots before my friends got here. We ate at the partially set table, and you know what?  My friends didn’t have their feelings […]

How to Moss-Emboss Your Ordinary Clay Planters

Moss-Embossed Clay Pot

Early in spring this year, Spunky Daughter (SD) planted some seeds I shared with her.  She bought clay pots and grew herbs in her bedroom window – the only window at their apartment that gets enough sun. Last month, we transplanted everything into larger planters – along with some flowers SD had bought.  I kept […]

Whose Words Do You Believe?


A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine from another faith was chastising The Holy Bible, all while lamenting over her life being in such a mess.  “Why me?”…”What did I ever do to deserve this?  I’m a good person!”…”Why do Christians get to have everything they want when they don’t always deserve it?”…”If […]

How to Best Maximize Your Bird House Power

How to Best Maximize Your Bird House Power

After publishing my post last Wednesday, I Pinned this picture of my friend’s ladder to my ladder board.  The next time I need to do something with a ladder, this is it (or something similar)! And you know what happens the minute you stick even your toe  inside Pinterest.  You never come out!  (Please tell […]

How to Make Decorative Moss Spheres – 3 Simple Steps

Moss Spheres

A while back, I made a small purchase – a large moss-covered sphere.  It was a decent price, but when I brought it home, I realized… How stupid.  I could make that!! I decided to do just that.  Who needs only one sphere?  Don’t they look better in groupings – or gathered together in a […]

Dairy-Free Ice Dream and Dreamsicle: Peaches and Coconut Cream

Making Healthy Peach Ice-Cream

Have you been dreaming of new concoctions made from the canned coconut milk I whipped last week?  I had one can left in my refrigerator from making the whipped coconut milk recipe. While making real peach home-made ice-cream for our family on July 4th, I decided to treat myself to a healthier version. I mentioned last […]

What’s Blooming Wednesday #48 – How to Energize Your Fence!


If you were here for last week’s What’s Blooming Wednesday, you remember this gorgeous English garden tucked inside the inner fence in my friend’s back yard. Today, we’re venturing outside this gate – to the outer fence. Some of you noticed that bright yellow window frame right away.   Isn’t it awesome? Don’t you love that […]

A New Challenge – Keep Only What You Love

Painting Old Urn in ASCP Pure White

I’ve been reading a decorating book lately.  The author says we should discard anything we don’t absolutely love. This arrangement and urn were teetering on the edge of Mr. Dumpster (or a donation bin).  I’ve never loved it.  I wanted to, and I tried to, but it just never happened. I’m no floral artist, that’s […]

What’s Blooming Wednesday #47 – How to Dress Your Yard in English Garden

English Garden

I’m very excited to share this post with you today because I’m always so inspired when I visit these friends.  They live nearby, and they don’t live in a land of making do.  They have what I call a regular  yard. Do you know what I mean by regular?  It’s a yard that may be […]

How to Farmhouse Style Your July Fourth Table

Plate Stack

Now that it’s so hot outside, we’re eating our meals indoors.  We had a nice long spring of extended cool weather this year, but that’s over now. Over the weekend, I set a table for breakfast with July 4th in mind. What’s on the menu?  You got it.  Biscuits and blueberry syrup.  It’s fun to […]

Dollar Tree Paper Clip Balloon Shade TRICK

Dollar Tree Paper Clips

While visiting Dollar Tree recently, I noticed these cute paper clips. They also have stars, which I wound up getting, too. My wheels started turning as I thought of the empire balloon valances I was making for my friend. Remember the treatments with Butterfly Pleats?  Here’s the treatment before collecting the ring “columns” together on […]

You Are Beautiful

1 Timothy 2:10

You may not think so, but you are beautiful.  All women are beautiful. Do you sometimes doubt it?  Does Satan whisper in your ear that you’re not good enough…not talented enough…not smart enough…not pretty enough…not strong enough…? Yes, you are beautiful.  You display a packaging of what’s inside and out.  As the inside shines the […]