True Confessions: The Dish Room

Dish Storage

Do you dream  of having a dish room? After moving my sewing studio into Spunky Daughters former bedroom, I suddenly had an empty room.  Granted, it’s a small space that’s larger than a big closet but smaller than the smallest bedroom you’ve ever seen in your life. Here’s a peak at the space as it […]

Launch Your Fall Decorating With a Quick Lunch on the Porch

Fall Porch Dining for Two

Has the late summer heat stalled your fall decorating? I’m coming clean with my admission of guilt here. Heat can be so oppressive, can’t it? Let’s not do that anymore. I’m calling time, blowing the whistle, ending the pretense that leaves aren’t falling somewhere other than in my tablescapes. Shall we begin thinking fall and […]

God’s Most Important Promise


The most important thing God promises is our salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.  We have eternal life – life with Him after we pass to our continued existence in Heaven. And, we have Him with us right now, as well! I cannot imagine life without Him.  Can you? Yes, Jesus is alive! Let’s praise […]

Savory Fig and Feta Surprise!


You know how I was nearly stung by a wasp while picking an over-ripe fig a couple of weeks ago?  (I mentioned it in my fruit harvest post.) I’ve been very careful since then.  While figs ripen only a few at a time, I’ve found ways to use just a few each day.  This “recipe” […]

How to Squash Your Fall Tablescape – with Butternut!

Butternut Squash Tablescape

Nothing says fall like butternut squash, so table it. And, fall is always special in the country! by Patricia Neely-Dorsey Yes, the colors of fall…red, yellow, orange, and gold. Along with squash and leaves, squirrels scurry all around.  Squirrel S&P’s nibble acorns. Davy the Squirrel stands ready for pecan-cracking action… …except our pecan trees have […]

Quick and Easy PINEAPPLE Cutting 101

Pineapple Cutting 101

Pineapple has such a rough coating to remove, doesn’t it?  And, once you get the coating off, the fruit is very slippery!  If you don’t create flat surfaces to cut against, it’s nearly impossible to hang onto. Just as with cutting watermelon (see that video here), I’m sure you have a technique you’ve used for […]

Only Good Apples on THIS Family Tree Tablescape

Table Top View

I hope you had a fun, restful, and blessed Labor Day weekend! What do you think of when pondering your family tree? Thank you, Patricia Neely-Dorsey! Last week, as I thought ahead to our Labor Day weekend family reunion in Tennessee, the right elements magically appeared for this family tree tablescape.  (It had  to be […]

What’s Blooming Wednesday #50 – Fruit Harvest!


It was mid-afternoon yesterday when I checked on our plantings.  No rain ahead for many days, and with the intense heat, our plants need watering. We’ve been so blessed to have no fly problems at all this summer…until now. Butterflies are everywhere, too.  Things are overgrown, huge, and full. I love Cockscomb, but they can […]

How to Set a Bountiful Tablescape Harvest

Place Setting

If you have a cloth or remnant of fabric with seasonally correct coloring for summer, why not use it during early to mid summer? There’s a simple answer to that question…unless the print has pumpkins, squash, and otherwise fall-ish items included.  In that case, it’s only appropriate for lat summer/early fall. Today’s table looks summery […]